Still Life At The Penguin Caf

During this first section of dance I will be evaluating the actions, dynamic quality and use of space within in the piece.

Actions consisted of such like turns, jumps and gallops during the part where the section consisted of just ‘Auks’. These signify happy type movements and as most of these were low to the ground it gave an idea of the typical motifs for a penguin to move with. As their arms were either locked holding the waiters tray or in sharp, low penguin arms, this too contrasts well with the idea that the dancers are Auks. A more detailed look at this first section and it is possible to name such movements performed. Examples are the use of simple petit allegro steps, polka gallops and terre a terre, which all are low to the ground that again gives an understanding to the typical penguin movements.

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In the second part of the section for the Great Auk, female dancers come to dance with the male Auks. These women are more fluent with their movements as they are to symbolise a bird, like a peacock. They dance together in a ballroom type style, still close to the floor but with a more elegant feel to it. An example of the elegance is with the swishy, flowing arms and their body ripples. They do use some kicks and lifts though, but do not exceed too far off the ground.

An evaluation of the actions used would suggest great thought into the choreography of the section and as it was the first of the dance the attention does seem to been given to that piece. All the contrasting motifs and movements all come together to form a good understanding on the movement of Auks and how there extinction was created.

Dynamic Quality throughout the first section was a continual one, which was fast and buoyant. This was a chosen style, which contrasted well with the bound and fixed actions of the dancers. The dynamics also added the feel of elegance with the female dancers, making the topic of extinction seem less over powering.

An evaluation for the dynamic quality of the Auk section would be that the choreographer chose well to contrast the music with the movements and to fixate on the elegance of the piece as a whole.

The Use of Space within this section was very symmetrical and repeated its style from being in a personal space to changing to a general type space. In the first part of the section many curved floor patterns were used to contrast with angular body shapes. When the female dancers entered the floor pattern changed to a more linear style to contrast with the elegance and free flowing of the arms.

An evaluation of the use of space in this section would be that to bring forth the full idea of the Auks being invaded by other type animals, which later become humans that create the problem of extinction for the Auks it had to contrast and be used with the other techniques to fulfil this. Overall I believe that the choreographer, David Bintley, fulfilled this idea as a dance and was very successful in the process.


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