Strength Of Social Work Social Work Essay

Harmonizing to Rothman ( 1999 ) , everyone has its ain attitudes or point of views towards something. Our ideas and values are shaped during the clip of babyhood, childhood, adolescence and maturity. These thought may be based on our ain experiences, instruction received or society influences.

It is clear that our past experiences, societal norms, values from the others, features, biass or stereotypes form

Knowing how my past experiences influence my ain values helps me to be more cognizant of my ain ego. Having an uncle who committed self-destruction that made my household, particularly my grandma, sad and suffering, I personally hate people who have the purpose to stop up their lives. However, this hate may do me unable to do the most appropriate determination when a client who has the will to perpetrate suicide seeks aid from me. Furthermore, as suggested by Biestek ( 1961 ) , the relationship between the societal worker and the client has been called the psyche of casework. It may be difficult for me to develop appropriate relationship with the client. It is possible that I will hold uncontrolled emotional engagement and judgmental attitudes towards the client. Without self consciousness and cognizing what experiences form my ideas, I will see trouble in supplying sensitive and adept services to the clients. I may besides unwittingly reject the client and avoid speaking excessively much about decease unconsciously. However, by cognizing what experiences are impacting my values and ideas, Rothman ( 1999 ) suggested that it assists the worker to work with clients, and to command and minimise the influences of personal attitudes and beliefs that may be harmful and damaging toward clients.

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Biass, prejudices and stereotypes may be great barriers on my professional development. It is common that when come to minorities such as cocottes, homophiles or the street slumberers, people may see their behaviours as unethical. It may due to their personal values, cultural, spiritual and other beliefs which people take for granted to follow when confronting these issues. I besides have biass and stereotypes on them and they may be expressed in conversations, acts or behaviors since they are hidden in the subconscious as suggested by Rothman ( 1999 ) . I may unwittingly hold words that harm them and do them defensive or non swear in me. Therefore doing it difficult to develop good relationship with the client and difficult to hold intercession procedures. For illustration, I have been exposed to a strong heterosexual prejudice and may integrate some homophobic reactions such as uncomfortableness or hatred of homosexual people. Without self-awareness and cognition, I may non be able to supply adept services to gay or sapphic clients. If a worker has spiritual belief, he or she may even hold a strong belief that homosexualism is a wickedness. Harmonizing to Sheafor and Morales ( 2007 ) , one of the competencies required for societal work pattern is the capacity to prosecute in ethnic- , gender- and age-sensitive pattern. In order to accomplish this, it is indispensable for a worker to happen ways and methods to divide their personal belief system from their professional values, moralss and functions.

Knowing my strengths and failings besides helps me with my professional development. I am glad and patient to listen to others. At the same clip, I am besides empathic to others & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ experiences and troubles. It makes the clients experience being respected and therefore it is easier to develop a proper client-worker relationship. It is of extreme importance that the client trust you

Reflecting on our ain experiences and developmental phases helps when working with clients. For illustration, I was diffident and non willing to show my attention towards others in my childhood. And I would hold no chance to demo my love to my grandma who died old ages ago. The losingss in my life do me re-think the manner I used to be and endeavor for a alteration, that is, be more outgoing and caring to others. I can therefore pull on my personal experience when working with immature people and steer them in the changing procedure. However, it besides makes me see my restrictions, that is, when working with aged clients. I can associate my experience that is similar to a adolescent & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s, nevertheless, it is impossible for me to hold certain troubles faced by aged clients such as the aging procedure. As suggested by Berman-Rossi ( 2001 ) , a societal worker therefore must develop aging relevant cognition, self awareness, sensitiveness and accomplishment. Knowledge about aging demographics, age-related alterations and developmental undertakings is indispensable.

Although there are restrictions to my service provided, there are ways to minimise the insufficiency.

Increased openness to other ways of thought

My household is a blissful one, sometimes holding some struggles but still harmonious on the whole. I one time thought that it is normal to hold the sort of household like mine, and at least most of the households are likewise. However, it is incorrect as there are diversenesss in household construction. Some households are single-parented, while some may hold immense communicating jobs among household members or holding household members that are drug nuts that greatly affects the household.

Sharing ain feelings and ideas among a group of equals helps to do up one & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s ain point of view towards the population. By listening and sharing, one can cognize more about the equals & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ attitudes on the issue, to analyze their ain attitudes and to interchange sentiments in an overview. One can besides hold a broader position on an issue and

Social workers must face their ain biass and stereotypes about minorities.

Making myself known about losingss in my ain life helps me to understand what past experiences or feelings are impacting my ain values and ideas today.


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