Strengths and Weaknesses of Faith Essay

Analyze the strengths and failings of religion as a footing for cognition in faith and in one country of cognition from the TOK diagram. It is said. “When you have come to the border of all visible radiation that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown. Faith is cognizing One of two things will go on: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to wing. ” For every bit long as adult male has been known to be.

there has been a development of belief systems formed to explicate unknown constructs. explicate emotion and ground. present purpose. and/or promote felicity. Over clip.

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the belief systems have been constructed into organized faiths around the universe. which about 85. 5 % follow. With these belief systems comes the facet of religion. In this twenty-four hours and age. religion has adopted a assortment of significances and intensions ; nevertheless. our apprehension of religion can be defined as a determined and strong belief/trust.

frequently without cogent evidence or grounds.Faith as a whole requires a great sum of emotional and logical cogent evidence assurance ; I will be researching the ways in which religion as a footing of cognition in faith is derived. in add-on to widening this geographic expedition into the function of linguistic communication and sense perceptual experience in religion.

Thus. I will besides be paralleling the function of human scientific disciplines. ( i. e. psychological science and doctrine ) as an country of cognition. As a consequence.

the several failings and strengths of religion will be identified in this analysis. Many modern persons. isolated from the deepness of faith. have come to the false decision that religion is the belief in a certain single or identified entity.

However. they have overlooked the chief foundation of many faiths around the universe. With Christianity. the chief belief is faith in God and the claim that Jesus is the boy of God sent from Heaven to salve those who believe in Him. Hindus and assorted other eastern faiths believe in Dharma. the cosmopolitan truth and harmonic jurisprudence of nature and the inner and outer universe of the psyche and consciousness.

Hebraism is focused on Moses and the Bibles such as the Holy Torah as sent by God.Buddhism believes in the pureness of the consciousness as a way to enlightenment. The word “God” .

itself can be equivocal and flexible. as many believe God to be a human-like Godhead figure. while others believe God to be a province of mental lift within the ego. God in entirety can be concluded as religion in a higher signifier. Faith so is stimulated by two procedures ; follow so religion. and faith so follow.

The first procedure has been the most common throughout history and present twenty-four hours. Most kids are born into the faiths of their household and take their lives following. therefore perchance developing pure religion for that faith as they are learning the different principals and beliefs. and aline their life consequently. If you look to any rural Indian small town. the persons still conduct the same rites they did 100s of old ages ago. they chant the same mantras.

and conduct the same pujas. In effect. faith itself does non go a separate entity. but a wholesome foundation and construction to their lives.

Religion has besides created the societal norms they live by. impacting facets such as matrimony. kids. nutrient. and codification of behavior and therefore has withstood the trial of clip and continues to boom today. One quandary nevertheless in this state of affairs is unsighted religion.

Blind religion can be classified as ignorance. Blind can frequently be effect to raising and parental force. While I was populating in America. I had many friends who attended church every Sunday.

every bit good as went to Christmas mass. and celebrated Easter. However. in church they would be on their cell phones. during Christmas they would look for nowadayss. and Easter would be a infantile hunt for confect hidden by the Easter bunny.

Now. the glory of the heathen rites intertwined is of no debaring from the kernel of Christianity.However. if one questioned these adolescents what faith they follow. they would recite- “Christian. ” In contrast.

if one asked them the history of their faith or the basic instructions of Jesus. most would gaze blankly. As the many distractions in our life addition. we draw less attending to that which has been taught in coevalss before us. nevertheless. disregard to set those feelings in action. and blindly follow the traditions set before us.

However. in ulterior phases of children’s lives. after they have follow their faith for many old ages. it is common that they turn to religion in involvement and necessity. frequently when an emotional event takes topographic point. or a life-changing experience.

In that manner. the impression of blind religion is so destroyed. as the persons reconcile themselves with what they’ve grown up in. The 2nd manner of the formation of religion is faith so follow- saying that one develops a religion for that kingdom of idea and so begins to follow it.In our universe today.

there is knowledge throbing from over corner. With aid of developed engineering and the cyberspace. persons have entree to all sorts of thoughts and celebrated minds who proposed them. Get downing with Socrates vision of the dream universe and existent universe. every bit good as the new agnostic ideals present.

Therefore. people have the capableness of alining their ain personal belief and actions with the faith they most hold true. For illustration.

a adult male named Bill Joy. now highly active in PETA and other carnal rights organisations. rebelled against the faith he grew up following. As a kid. he attended church every bit good as different cantonments that his parents sent him to. Among one of those cantonments. was a agrarian cantonment in which the kids were taught to milk cattles every bit good as putting to death hogs and cattles for meat to be sent to the industries.

Because he was merely exposed to one individual belief. Joy ne’er questioned his milieus.As he grew older nevertheless.

he opened himself to the different thoughts people presented about animate being inhuman treatment and the scientific discipline behind the emotion of animate beings. In hearing and larning this new information. his journey began on the way of eastern idea and finally is presently following the Hindu faith whole-heartedly. In this regard.

blind religion is therefore avoided. However. the system of find may besides be flawed as good. In many western schools. such as in the U.

K. and Britain. pupils are taught latitudinarian. individuality. and oppugning of the universe around us. These ideals were derived from history’s many incidents of society under the victimization of societal norms and absolute powers.

America. in its glory of freedom and justness for all. schools urge pupils to dig into the cognition they a given and happen their ain truth. every bit good as stand up for that truth in leading and authorities.While these ideals seem justified in pattern. they have lead to a western bubble created in many heads.

This effect can besides be seen in our school system every bit good in the topic of Theory of Knowledge. In Theory of Knowledge itself. pupils are trained to question- inquiry their milieus. inquiry the cognition that they obtain. oppugn their day-to-day actions. as other categories have taught in the modern educated universe. However. in making a mentality of oppugning.

we’ve created a society of rejection. We’ve rejected our authorities. rejected our milieus. rejected our individualities. and rejected our history.

This procedure. of class. is necessary for advancement. nevertheless disregards a human entity that many believe in- spiritualty. Spirituality itself is highly supportive of credence of the ego. In oppugning and puting accent on the logic of our instruction and heads. they have disregarded the emotional facet of religion and faith.Psychologically.

we’ve placed more accent on our ground than our emotion. Therefore. ignoring this important human entity. it has refrained the modern educated universe from prosecuting in emotional connexion to the Godhead. Emotion as a manner to link with faith has been criticized and “disproved” nevertheless ; many do non give the facet of emotional connexion to faith cogency. For illustration. the Hindu faith represents an ageless love for Krishna. With this love.

comes trust in him. Krishna is represented as a beautiful bluish figure or a babe. tapping into of class the maternal inherent aptitude of adult female. Most Christians long ago. hold a loving connexion towards Jesus. their savior.

In the survey of human scientific disciplines. scientists have defined that the religious consciousness is indispensable and true in human life. and faiths have been a tract to that connexion.In a survey conducted late. it was concluded worlds use merely 10 % of their capable heads. in the other 90 % lays abilities our universe classifies as supernatural. Most faiths runing from Buddhism to Christianity to Taoism.

topographic point accent on speculation. lauding the religious facet of human life. With accent on logic nevertheless. spiritualty is largely rejected. regardless of the cogent evidence given by many scientists.

Overall. religion as a manner of knowing can be a gateway to knowledge of the universe and to the ego. but can besides give worlds an chance to prosecute in blind religion.

and disregard cognition in ignorance. Psychologically. worlds are prone to both. but in the modern twenty-four hours are urged to reject many indispensable facets including the emotional Godhead connexion.