Stress its inverse (Melnick, S. 2013). Stress Management

Management Techniques

Stress is defined as a
physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension (  Stress something that everyone goes through
in their lifetime.  Being able to
identify what is causing stress will help be able to manage it.  Stress can often lead to other emotional
issues, such as anxiety or depression, as well as low self-esteem and
confidence.  Stress can also impact
happiness levels and life satisfaction in general (Collins-Donnelly, K.
2013).  There are two types of stress:
Positive stress and negative stress (  An example of healthy stress is going on a
vacation. You are excited to get away, relax and enjoy downtime.  Negative stress is unhealthy.  An example of negative stress is worry.  You may not have enough money to pay monthly
bills (Barbee, A. 2012).  The key is to
create an exit or getaway for stress daily or weekly.

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Here are some stress
management techniques and how one may get some relieve.  When a person recognizes that stress is
present, they are more likely to be able to keep it under control (Barbee, A.
2012).  Everyday take at least ten
minutes to plan out the day and make a to-do list. This will help with time
management skills and organization. 
Write down what stressed you for that particular day. Take notes on what
your downfall was on that particular day and after the problem is found, write
down a way to resolve the problem. 


Every night before be,
write down a goal for the following day to help reduce stress levels.  Keep everything to a minimum.  Stop procrastinating, if it is a big project
work on it in bits and pieces until complete. 
Turn obstacles into opportunities by changing your perspective and
seeing the situation in its inverse (Melnick, S. 2013).


Management Techniques

            Another way to relieve stress and
tension is letting your feelings out. 
Talking is a great way to rid stress. 
Instead of over analyzing the problem, talk with family and friends to
vent your feelings and emotions.  There
is always someone that is willing to listen and help sort the problem out.  Laughter is another way of relieving
stress.  It gives you quality time with
family and friends to help take your mind off whatever is stressing you. This
is beneficial to everyone involved (                                                                       

Benefit of laughter
helps stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles. 
Laughter also stimulates circulation and aid in muscle relaxation too (
Reach out to family and friends and make social contact. Laughter creates happy
thoughts.  This is beneficial to everyone
involved (


Stress can cause
sleepless nights. Forty-three percent of people say that stress keeps them
awake at night (
Adults who sleep less than eight hours a night report symptoms of stress. Sleep
is important because this is when your brain and body recharges (  Make sure it is quiet and relaxing at bedtime.
The amount of sleep determines a person’s energy level, mood and concentration





Management Techniques

Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy is another stress reliever.  If
stress starts interfering in a person’s daily life, it’s a good idea to talk to
a therapist. This can help change the negative thought pattern which is the
common cause of stress (
Some will start feeling overwhelmed and don’t how to cope with stress, so
therapy is good way to help learn new coping tools ( 


When a person is
overwhelmed usually they are dealing with multiply stresses. Learn to pick one
thing at a time to battle and take action. 
You have to focus your actions on things that will make life less
stressful (


Another stress reliever
is finding a hobby or something you like to do. Arts and crafts are always fun
and a relaxing way to ease stress. This can be done alone or with family and
friends.  This would give a person time
to talk about what is stressing them and to have conversation about it (
Visit an art studio or Do It Yourself Projects are a few hobbies. Exercise
relieves stress also.  A physical
activity of 20 minutes proves that a person will be less susceptible to
fatigue, as well have lower blood pressure and lower levels of depression (
This will help elevate the heart rate and get the blood flowing.  Yardwork, and housecleaning are great stress
relievers also. Walking is a great start, if you haven’t exercised in a
while.  This can help get your health on
track also.  Physical activities help
increase overall heath.  It will pump up
a person’s endorphin.  Endorphin reduces
sensation of pain and affects emotions ( 



relaxation helps relieve stress. 
Relaxation calms the tension in a person’s body and mind.  Yoga is great for relaxation and meditation.
This can be done alone or in a class setting to practice and learn the proper
techniques (  This is a great way to get in shape and love
your body. Yoga also helps reduce blood pressure lowers the heart rate and
eases respiration ( 


eating helps relieve stress. Diet and nutrition choices make the stress levels
go up or down (  Most of the time people turn to comfort food
as a result of high levels of stress.  High-fat foods are usually the worst possible choices
because they can make us feel lethargic and less able to deal with stress.
Avoid high fat food, caffeine, and sugars at all time if possible ( The best solution is a low-fat, high fiber diet, with
plenty of fruits and vegetables.



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