Student Information System

The prqiect that be de elop IS about student management that be use in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh.

Melaka.. The project will be known as the Student Information Management System (SIMS). There are five major modules included in the SIMS that are the Organization module. Registration Module, Record module, Report module and Online Report card module. This report contains the introduction, methodology. analysis and design of the pro-ject that is going to be developed.The project methodology that is going to be used is the Database Life Cycle (DBLC) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

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Problems of the current system of the Student Information Management System had been analyzed and fiom that, requirement aniiiysis had been made. SIMS is going to be online using the Local Area Nrtwork (LAN) and going to be used by different groups of users. To develop the real system, designs had been made that covers the system architecture, user interfaces and database designs.This system is hoped to help the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh in handling the Student Information Management. Projek yang akan d~ban~runkan adaiah merangkumi pengendalian Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat Pelajar. Projek ini akan dikenali dengan nama Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat Pelajar (SIMS).

7erdapat lima modul di dalam SIMS iaitu Modul Organisasi, Modul Pendaftaran. Modul Rekod. Modul Laporan dan Modul Kad Laporan Online. Report ini mengandungi pengenalan. metodologi. analisis dan rekabentuk bagi projek yang akan dibangunkan.Metodologi projek yang akan digunakan adalah Database Life Cycle (DBLC) dan Sofl-wure Development L Q c l e (SDLC). Masalah-masalah yang * dihadapi oleh sistem semasa yang mengendalikan Sistem Pengurusan Maklumat Pelajar telah dianalisa d m hasil dari itu.

analisa keperluan telah dilakukan di mana SIMS yang m n dibangunkan merupakan sistem perkomputeran online yang akan menggunakan a Local Area Network (LAN) dan digunakan oleh kumpulan pengguna yang berbeza. Untuk membangunkan sistem sebenar, rekabentuk yang merangkumi senibina sistem, antaramuka pengguna d m pangkalan data telah dibina.Sistem ini diharapkan akan dapat rnembantu pihak Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh dalarn mengendalikan Sistem Pengurusan Maklurnat Pelajar kelak. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION The project that going to be developed is about the Student Information Management System for secondary School (SIMS) .

As an overview, the system will be used by the school administration in student management. Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh is an educational organization that provides and facilities relating with educational industries. Information is very important to any organization including the Ministry of Education.

In Ministry of Education, applications of information system and information technology are important to support education management function including school. Information technology is not only used for learning and teaching but, also used in management and administration task such as record student information, academic information, and co-curriculum information. Therefore, information at education institutions needs to be managed very effectively and systematic way. “na! am teras ke-4, antara aspek yang diberi tumpuan ialah Pengurusan Maklumat dan Komunikasi.Sistem maklumat dun aplikasi teknologi maklumat (TM) adalah penting untuk menyokongfirngsi pengurusun pendidikan termasuk sekolah. Sekolah) ” (Mcariah Lambak dan ProJMadya Dr. Zawiyah Mohd YwoJ Rencana Masalah Data Di 1 .

g Project Background The system is going to be known as the Student Information Management System for secondary school (SIMS). The system is about the student management. The main reason of developing the system is to overcome the problems that are faced using manual way. The groups of people that are going to use the ystem are the clerk Principal, teachers and parent.

Data retrieval, distribution, usage, maintenance, and storage are the important components of the information management. Accurate information, updated, and reliable to achieve when needed is as critical to make an effective decision. Because of the importance of the information, Ministry of Education has made a foundation to cover the problem related to the data collection, conflicts in control and authority, differences between quality and trustworthy of the information by developing a computerized system. 1. 2 Problem StatementsThis system develop is to resolve the problem became h m manual system. The problem are: a) Difficult to integrate data Since the management of data is not an online system, therefore it has difficulty in integrating the data. If the teacher’s, students or parent’s requires any information, they must contact the school in order to transfer the data to them via removable devices or printed report and then integrate the data.

Every school must export the student’s profile information into floppy A. After doing so, the users must import the data from the floppy A into the system to integrate them. 1is is time consuming because user’s need to wait for every school to transfer their data manually, usually done by human. b) Data Losses Loss of data perhaps would happen if all information only kept inside paper only c) Counting error Errors prevail during carry out estimation procedure and have been student’s not assessed d) Data Redundancies Abundant and repetition data also perhaps will happen e) No database to store information By using manual system, database of not used because it use the system file. Therefore, loss of data perhaps will happen f) No Backup And SecurityStill information to contemporary system perhaps have been trespassed easily or stolen, this is because by using data security manual system insecure. -? Objectives The main problem that is examined is in upgrading the manual way of managing rhe system management student into a web-based application and making the interaction of each user that involved with the this system more effective and faster.

The objectives of SIMS are: a) To identified requirement of evaluation and monitoring student Secondary schools b) Data Security Data wilI be more secure with database of compared with manual system.This is because system this necessitated confirmation password by the user. Recovery Data C) System Management Student provides database to keep all the data.

This data will make to backup if anything happen to old data 1. 4 Scope Scope of the project is developed for use in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh, Tarnan Tasik Utama, Melaka. Involved user in this system including Clerk, teacher, principal, and parent in the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh, Tarnan Tasik Utarna, Melaka. ,There are five major modules included in this project that are the Organization module, record module, report module and online report card module. 2ci{~x the major modules that are included in SIMS: are i1 Organization Module Organizations are one group of users that going to use SIMS. The sub modules that included in the Organization Modules are Login ii) Registration Module Student registration.

This module is about the student registration profile. Student registration profile is useful for school information In this module have modules Parent registration, KO-kurikulumand Healthy registration iii) Rekod Module This has three modules such as Akademik, kokurikulum and discipline page.Akademik use for insert student mark, ko-kurikulum for display information the activity in the school.

v) Laporan module this module use for generate report and display all student information, update student profile, also display subject analysis following the gred. iv) Online Report card Module The user of this module is student parent. They can view or print the student report card information. to access this module they must key in the student id. J t ::;iZ;C :e~lllremtlnf Equipment / development tools ( eg: IDE / Microsoft Project) – Microsofi Visio Microsoft Project YHP web language ) Operating System / server (eg: OSIWeb server1App Server) c) One set of Personal Computer with Windows XP platform Apache as a Server Database System (eg: Oracle / MS SQL Server 1 MYSQL) – MYSQL d) Hardware Requirement – RAM Hardisk CPU – 256 MB – 40 GB – 1. 70 MHZ e) Network Requirement – LAN (Local Area Network) 1.

5 Project Significant The system will be going to help SMKAK in handling it operation regarding the SIMS. All the data of the operations are going to be stored in a proper database system. Manual system previously unworkable system because need use more paper and space to keep the data and files.By using this system, it will also help the management to keep the data and it is faster than manual system. The information it also easier to 2.. ‘ .I i ~ ? d::i? c;~r~t~rc i i! 11 ? ~ I C J Y Ialso can reduce problem related space utilizations file :’ gc and data nlt3re .

icure and sac. 1. 6 Expected Output 1. 1). expectation to this pro-ject is can generate report, graph subject analysis, student infornmation and exam record information. 1. 7 Conclusion The overall of this chapter, SIMS will develop in order to solve the problems heed with the current system.The system management will give a benefit to every school, teachers to integrate, transfer, and get updated data and information faster and easier.

The next chapter will be discussing about literature review and project methodology. Chapter I 1 Literature Rewievv And Project Methodology This ljterarure review focusing about system study and project methodology to use for de,cloped this sFstem. 2. 1 Introduction The data collection used as references to gain information during the research conducted. This literature reviews discuss about the information gathered by reading , j n i ~ ~ ~ands websites.It explains several important terms being used in developing a al Student Information Management System.

While, project methodology is methods or technique used to complete this project. 2. 2 Facts and findings Most school in Malaysia has student management system. But not at all school has a full computerized system in managing the program.

Most of schools use manual system in handling the student management. Few researched had been made on the student management system that being used by several schools in Malaysia. i – ~ t l l o ~ ~ n gi TVh . 11:rn;~~r.. he ~ h Studcnt Information Management System is ~ ‘ + ~ ~ I in A I R i t ? c d ~ 1 ~ . 2 ! 1 t @ : : : r ~ i ~ i g c ~ I .

:gd 2. 2. 2 Existing system In addition to thal.

s ~ u J i n g the current system is also a method that is used to gather the requirement5 in the research. The purpose of studying the current system is to identify the existing entities Resides. it is to gather requirements and identify problem in the current system.

Few researches had been made to Student Information Management System with the current system. 2. 2. 3 Management SystemManagement system is the systems that provide information for managing organization information.

At the beginning, management system is use to manage organization with the paper base that included planning, implement and controller (Alter, 1996). Then, management system computer base is use to generate information for control coordination performance and to provide background information to all organization operation including business activity. 2.

2. 4 Definition Of Management System Management system is set of system and activity is needed to manage, i) process and information is use as reference for organization (Sprague 1980). i) Management system is a information system base computer that can integration data from any source to provide information is needed to generate new information. -ssamv SN awes ay) sasn os[e ascqelep ayl p m s s a m v s w aqi 3u! sn padola,zap ura~sAss g l -1eqi ap! saa . wais. is sty] asn ue3 1sy3e~i uima3 p w 1;1’3~ yd .Clue -ura~siCs a u o p pmis e s! uo! ieurroju! iuapnis ayi 8 u r J s u ~ w asn iayi leql urais,Cs ayL ur .

. h)snpu! ayi u! ~ ~ ifiolouy3ai i s a w u ;1qi 01 q i 11 -1uapnis uo! iemulu~a8cusru 01 y q 3 p~re a y ~ aasodxa osIe l i rluerlstulurps ! ~ b ~ ) diay . . yx 01 5 1 urais:is s ~ qjo a,i! 3arqo i a u . e! sXe[epq u1 [ O O ~ ~ S U I u U ~ . s~ uralsis ayl r;.

~ asn ~ r p[Lnl;lt; iculnlyqq urais! S 2,2. 6 Case stud? 2 :lntegrtrred Student. InCtirmarir~nStudent Integrated student informat1c. n tudr. n: 7.

o t rhe k! qicms in that use in Sek. Men. Keb Ayer Kemh The? o n l ~ t t h : ~.? i ~ * r n LC! u. fctr teachers use this system The problem o f ! his s;gt; b r a n the teachers want to key in students niarh. thc) I ;lt; 11 i q :he students mark. Only stand alone s;gt;stem. so when their t1x-n This is because mutt nailing they did not have any networking fx this s;gt;srem furthermore.

he databaqe of this i system is an Ms Access. Figure 2. 2: lntegrated Students Information System (ISIS) 2. 2. 6. 1 Comparison with current system and system to be for Student Information Management System (SIMS) System in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh i) Not standardize, even the school have the computer system.

But the system only use to key in the student mark. And the other system is Sistem Maklumat Murid (SMM) is use by PK HEM. Then, for co-curriculum they -uraisAs aql u! aAaya1 m3 u o ! ~ e m o p ! aql [[e a s n e ~ a q is03 ~ a @ g paau 1ou p! a e p03a. 1 (A! m x a luapnls a v sr! 3ns uo! leuuop! luapnls ayl lasMorq m3 o s p sluared -uralsiis [enueur ayi anduro3 j! sa! 3mpunpa~ou p! p p m 4fm3as a1ou. x ma .

aseqmep ayl u! a:ws elep aqi a s n e ~ a q poq3s ayl u! jjms [le loj sap! [! 3ej aA! g (! !! (!! (! .uraisAs iuarajjrp E asn . iaql asnwaq u t a ~ q o ~cd a.

aq ieur ciep aqi y x q iaja1 o~ -ISO;~ 1aq3ty r-l (A (A! (111 … p9au tua1s.

i~ U LJOJ pm clep ayi pug 01 aurg arsefi ~ I .ar! prcpue:s 103 :uals. is ayl asnmaq wa1s.

i~ 8uuol! uoru 01 i[n3g! a aqi -aseqelr? paures ayi cr 2 1 ~ 4 IO! I pip ‘;)IFF 21! 1 .x111:>. ~. 7ij~ ~ l .. i i ) l u ~ ~?