Study Guide for Nevada Teacher Licensure Examinations
What are the three elements of important background info that copies of the NV constitution contain?
1. dateline of NV constitution development2.

statement adopting US constitution3. original preamble ***copies have a selective summary of the NV constitution

adopting the US constitution
required for statehood
Who framed the NV constitution?
a convention of delegates
Who chose the convention of delegates that framed the NV constitution?
the people of the territory of NV
Where did the convention that framed the NV constitution meet?
Carson City
On what date did the convention that framed the NV constitution meet?
July 4, 1864-July 28, 1864
On what date was the constitution approved by a vote of the people?
the first Wednesday of September 1864
When did Lincoln admit statehood?
October 31, 1864
When did congress approve NV to form a constitution and state gov.?
March 21, 1864
What is the preamble of the constitution of the state of NV?
We the people of the state of NV, grateful to almighty God for our freedom in order to secure its blessings, ensure domestic tranquility, and form a more perfect government, do establish this constitution.
What is Article 1 of the NV constitution?
enumeration of the rights of the people(bill of rights)
Constitution of NV provides that.

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.. Who holds all the inherent political power?

the people
Constitution of NV provides that…

 What 3 things is the government instituted for?

protection, security, benefit of the people
Constitution of NV provides that… In what instance do the people have the right to alter or reform the government?
When the public good may require it.
Constitution of NV provides that…

 The perfect toleration of _____________ shall be secured?

religious sentiment
Constitution of NV provides that… The toleration of religious sentiment protects inhabitants from _____________.
Constitution of NV provides that.

.. Every NV citizen is allegiant to _________.

the federal government
Constitution of NV provides that… Who holds the supreme executive power of NV?
the governor
Constitution of NV provides that..

. What power does the governor have?

1. transact all executive business with officers of the government2. to see that laws are faithfully executed
Constitution of NV provides that… What are the positions are elected at the same time and for the same length of term as the governor?

  • secretary of state
  • treasurer
  • controller
  • attorney general
***4 year terms

How long is the governor’s term in office?
4 years;***this is the same as lieutenant governor
Constitution of NV provides that..

.;What is the secretary of state required to keep a true record of?

official acts of legislative and executive departments of the government
Constitution of NV provides that…;The state seat of government is located ;in ____________.

Carson City
Constitution of NV provides that…;In what 3 instances may the state assume the debts of a county town or city?
1. repel invasion2. supress insurrection (mutiny)3. provide for the public defense
Constitution of NV provides that..

.;Corporations formed for what 2 purposes may be lent or donated money by the state?

1. eductional2.


Constitution of NV provides that…;Who may be impeached?
governor and other elected state and judicial officers(everyone except justices of peace)
Constitution of NV provides that.

..;What judicial officers cannot;be impeached?

justices of the peace
Constitution of NV provides that.

..;How long before any regular session of the legislature must a petition proposing a statute or amendment be filed with the sec. of state?

30 days
Constitution of NV provides that…;Who shall act as the governor until the vacancy is filled in the case that both the gov. and lieutenant gov.


president pro tempore
Constitution of NV provides that…

;What is the only purpose for which money from the state treasury may be withdrawn?

as a consequence of appropriations made by law
Constitution of NV provides that…;Who may propose an amendment to the state constitution?
1. the people by initiative petition2.

either house of legislature (senate or assembly)

Executive Branch…;What 2 things make a person be a qualified elector to be eligible to run for governor OR lieutenant governor?;
1. 25 years of age2.

resident citizen of NV for 2 years preceeding the election

In what year was the NV constitution amended to limit the office of governor to 2 terms?


Executive Branch…

Who are the members of the board of pardons?

governor, justices of the supreme court, attorney general
Executive Branch…

What 2 boards do the governor, sec. of state, and attorney general serve on?

1. board of state prison comissioners2. board of examiners
Executive Branch…

What role does the Lieutenant Governor fill?

President of the senate(also serves as governor when the chief executive is absent from the state)
Executive Branch.


For what purposes may the governor call out the militia?

1. execute the laws of the state2.

suppress insurrection (mutiny)3. repel invasion

Executive Branch…

The governor shall use and be in charge of _________________ .

the great seal of the state of NV

.;What is the limit on the aggregate number in both branches of the legislature?

75 members

Legislature…;What takes precedence over initiative measures?

appropriation bills


..;When may the legislature change or amend an initiative measure approved by the voters?

3 years after the date the measure took effect


..;When are the regular sessions on the legislature?

biennially(once every two years)


;When does the regular session of the legislature commence?

the first Monday of February

Legislature…;Who chooses the assemblymen?

electors of their respective districts


..;How long is the length of an assemblyman’s term of office?

2 years


. How long is the term of office for a senator?

4 years

Legislature… How is the total number of assemblymen determined?

by the legislature after each decennial census according to the number of inhabitants in the districts(once every ten years)

Legislature… What happens if a legislator retires or dies?

the county commissioners from where the legislator was elected appoints a replacement of the same political party as the originally elected legislator


.. What are the rules surrounding a bill?

1. It may originate in either the senate or assembly2. A bill passed in one house may be amended in either3.

a majority is necessary to pass every bill or joint resolution4. 2/3 majority is required to pass a bill over a governor’s veto

Legislature…;What are the rules surrounding impeachment?


assembly holds the power with majority vote2. trial is by senate3. conviction requires 2/3 majority of senators

Legislature…;When can the legislature can change the salaries of public officers?

NEVER during the term for which the officer has been elected


..;How long are regular sessions of the legislature?

120 calendar days
Judicial System.

..;Where is the judicial power vested?

supreme court, district courts, justices of the peace

Judicial System…

;How many supreme court justices are there?

7 – 1 chief and 6 associate justices

Judicial System…;How are cases heard by the supreme court?

The most important cases are heard by the entire court.The majority of cases are decided by 3-justice panels.

Judicial System.

..;How are justices of the supreme court elected?

by the electors of the state at general election

Judicial System..

.;What are the terms of Justices of the Supreme Court?

6 year terms, staggered in 2 year increments

Judicial System..

.;When will a judicial officer be deemed to have vacated his office?

after 90 consecutive days of absence

Judicial System…

;Where may the legislature establish courts?

For municipal purposes in incorporated cities and towns

Judicial System…;What kind of jurisdiction do district courts have?

original jurisdiction in all cases in equity and at law

Judicial System…;What kind of jurisdiction does the Supreme Court have?

appellate jurisdiction(the power to change outcomes and decisions by lower courts)

Judicial System.

..;How many judicial districts are there?


Judicial System…;When may a justice be removed from office if the complaint is less than sufficient grounds for impeachment?

2/3 majority vote of all members elected to legislature

..;What must the legislature provide in the realm of education?

a uniform system of public schools, a means for their maintenance, and support of them

Education…;What type of instruction may not be given in public schools or be funded by public funds?

sectarian instruction(discrimination from differences in subdivisions of groups)


;What are all teachers required to sign?

An oath of allegiance to “support, protect, and defend” the constitution and government in the US and NV
When are general elections held?
the Tuesday after the first Monday in November
Who is eligible for a public office in the state?
only qualified electors
Where may county officers hold their offices?
at the county seat of their respective county
What percent of NV voters must express their wish that a law made by the legislature be submitted to a vote of the people before it is referred?
10 percent
What constitutes a choice at an election?
a plurality of votes given
How long does the governor have to sign a bill or return it unsigned before it becomes a law without his signature?
5 days(Exclusive on the day he received it and exempt on Sunday)
How can a law approved by the majority of electors voting at a state election be annulled, set aside, or made inoperative?
by a direct vote of the people
How long does an officer have to resign after his recall position is filed?
5 days
What happens if an officer doesn’t resign after his recall petition is filed?
a special election is ordered and held within 20 days to determine if the people will recall the officer
When may a recall petition be filed?

  • after an officer has held his office for 6 months
  • against a senator or assemblyman after 10 days of the first legislative session after his election

How are the powers of the government of the state distributed?
legislative, executive, and judicial departments
Who must sign grants and commissions given in the name of the state of NV?
the governor and the secretary of state
When is the only time lotteries may be held or the sale of lottery tickets allowed?
only for charitable and not-for-profit organizations
What shall not be levied?
inheritance tax
Who may vote in elections in NV?
18 or older, citizens of US(constitution state they must have resided in the sate for 6 months, the county/district for 30 days, and the precinct for 10 days… however, this goes against the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and is not enforced)
NV constitution – article 1
declaration of rights

NV constitution – article 2

right of suffrage

NV constitution – article 3

distribution of powers

NV constitution – article 4

legislative department

NV constitution – article 5

executive department

NV constitution – article 6

judicial department

NV constitution – article 7

impeachment and removal from office

NV constitution – article 8

municipal and other corporations

NV constitution – article 9

finance and state debt
NV constitution – article 10

NV constitution – article 11


NV constitution – article 12


NV constitution – article 13

public institutions

NV constitution – article 14


NV constitution – article 15

miscellaneous provisions

NV constitution – article 16


NV constitution – article 17


NV constitution – article 18

right of suffrage

NV constitution – article 19

initiative and referendum