Success: does not mean that you will have

Success: What It Means To Me.

Success means many things to different people. For
some people success means wealth and others think fame is success. While I
believe true success would be being happy with what you are doing. The reason
behind my beliefs is that true success is being happy because if you are really
unhappy then the wealth or fame means nothing, because if you are truly unhappy
then all the money or fans will not bring any feeling of lasting accomplishment.
“He Aristotle said that if you
ask anyone why they are doing what they are doing their ultimate answer will be
because it makes them happy.”Markhman,A(October, 2012)This states how
important it really is for happiness. Now will discuss what happiness is and
why is important in life.

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Happiness is a state of mind that can be described as
feeling good or having a positive outlook, but happiness is a mixture of
surrounding yourself with people who care and respect you and enjoying what you
do. But just because you have happiness now does not mean that you will have
happiness later, because being happy is, at least to myself, is always trying
to challenge yourself by doing something new which could be for example: taking
classes a different subject or trying to learn something outside of what you
normally do at work. Happiness comes from doing something new, because doing
the same thing every day without any change would be very draining and slowing
become almost meaningless. Someone could do a very similar thing every day and
be happy with what they do, but generally this kind of person would either have
different scenarios to deal with or they have different processes for how they
handle they handle a task.” True success cannot be mistaken for anything else.
All of us know exactly what we need, what truly fills us up with happiness and
what is in alignment with who we are deep down, at the bottom of our
Heart.”Kern,J(March, 2016) This will help to lead us to compare true success to
false success.

    There are two
types of success; true success and false success. True success can be described
as a self-fulfilling success. An example for this kind of success would be
achieving a self-imposed goal. Then there is false success which is a success
that is obtained by receiving something that is not fulfilling. An example of
this kind of success would be winning the lottery. By defining these two types
of success we can see what is different about these two types of successes. “The greater truth is that success does not create
happiness, but happiness can create success.” Jennings, L.(September 2013).
This will lead us to our conclusion of how success is happiness.

To review the true key to success is
happiness or being happy with what you are doing. With false success you can
obtain money or other things but they will not bring any felling of
self-fulfillment. But true success is something obtained with self-fulfillment.
Happiness is needed for true success because it is almost a human need. So with
a few different sources that have been used previously I am still confident
that true success comes from happiness. So with my ideal career goals I do know
the information technology that it will almost bring true success maybe not
immediate wealth, but I will be doing something that I enjoy more and I will be
able to surround myself with the people care about me. So in short the true key
to success and happiness is also trying new things and seeing what interests
you the most and do not think about the money do what makes you happy.



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