Supervisors to improve the quality of research and

Supervisors mainly prioritize the academic assistance and support needed by students. Supervisors want a good supervisory relationship with their students based on mutual obligations and expectations. Supervisors want dedication, understanding, interest, respect, responsibility and punctuality from the student.Supervisor’s commitment to the student includes content discussions, content reading and understanding, including timely responses to emails or other forms of contact. The supervisor needs to be able to make competent suggestions and advice for the literature review the student undertakes that requires them to consult relevant materials. The student is responsible for developing expertise to improve the quality of research and understanding. Supervisors need to offer office and consultation hours for the student to meet for discussion of the work. Students need to participate in discussions for better understanding of the work. Students need to attend supervisory meetings on campus but for distance learning video calls or phone calls or emails may be arranged between the student and supervisor.Supervisors are responsible for requesting any legal documents relating to your research classified as any formal record keeping. The supervisor needs to offer feedback on the drafts, data reports and other work to put and keep you on the right track even if the work will not be graded. It is crucial to form a good supervisory relationship. Supervisors may review the work in progress (drafts, data reports & other work) of the student to offer feedback on the final draft. The student and supervisor may discuss the feedback at supervisions. The supervisor examines and may award the candidate’s thesis. Your supervisor needs to offer pastoral support and is supposed to understand any project peculiarities, and any specific needs or circumstances or problems or concerns for the student to effectively communicate the issue. Therefore, the supervisor is in control of the academic work, the administration of the project and pastoral support. Your supervisor is a professional academic researcher needing to be accessible and acting respectable.The supervisor provides guidance, assistance and direction to students. For the project to be executed in a competent and scholarly manner the supervisor needs todirect the student. Your supervisor needs to guide you in the most efficient and correct direction. For the project to be completed within set timeframes and for the student to face any challenge the supervisor needs to assist the student.


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