Surrounded state fair grounds Las Vegas still won

Surrounded by thousands of people, crowded but amazed by the huge arena. The sweet aroma of food fills the air. There are many places to go and to shop. The superbowl of rodeo has been around for a long time and many things have come along the way. The longevity of the National Finals Rodeo has withstood the test of time just as cowgirls and cowboys have proven tough through their success and struggles in the events of rodeo. The National finals rodeo has moved around in the past. First it started in Dallas, TX in 1959 and was held there until 1961. The next round of competitions was held in Los Angeles, CA in 1962. Sadly for them in 1964 Oklahoma City won the bid. Then in 1965 the National Finals Rodeo was held in a state fair arena. This was the first time the NFR was held at a fairgrounds.  They say that it drew a huge crowd of 17,027 people. The event was held there through 1984. It was a good place to have it because a lot of people went there and so they made a lot of money. They made an annual amount of eight million dollars. Then in 1984 Las Vegas, Nevada won the bid. Although Oklahoma City Council considered building a new thirty million dollars arena for the state fair grounds Las Vegas still won the bid. Las Vegas holds it in the Thomas and Mack Center. The NFR has become Thomas and Mack Center arena’s largest client. The PRCA had a total of more than 170,000 fans during the 10-day event. The rodeo estimated that it made around ninety million dollars annually.  The Wrangler became the first sponsor of the rodeo. Also contracts were signed in 2014 so that the NFR will be held in Las Vegas until 2024 for sure. To make it to the NFR you have to qualify as one of the 15 high money winners for the calendar year. There are seven different events that the cowboys compete for. The events are tie-down roping, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, bull riding, steer wrestling,  team roping, and barrel racing. Tie-down roping is where one cowboy ropes the calf then jumps off his horse while it’s still running and ties the calf with a half hitch knot around three of the calves legs and then he hooeys to make the time stop. If the cowboy misses the calf it is a no time also if the calf gets untied it’s a no time. Steer wrestling is another timed event which the wrestler and his partner run behind the steer and the cowboy on the left jumps off on the steer that is running and wrestles the steer. All four legs have to be off the ground before the cowboys time stops. If the cowboy does not get the steer down it is a no time.Team roping is a partner event. The cowboys rope the head and the back two feet of the steer. First the header catches then turns and the heeler comes around and heels the back two legs. The time is stopped when both the head and feet are caught. If the heeler only catches one foot 5 seconds is added. Also in all 3 of these events if you go too soon then you have broke the barrier and 10 seconds will be added onto your time. Also if the header or the healer miss it’s a no time. Bull riding is were a cowboy rides a bull. He has to go eight seconds before he gets off. If he falls off before the eight seconds it’s a no time. The cowboy gets judged if it was a good ride or not. In bull riding they score the bull and the rider. The bull gets judged on how well he bucks. The rider is not to spur the bull but will get points if they do. The rider also gets judged on how the maintain their body condition and position according to what the bull is doing. Saddle bronc riding is where a cowboy rides a bronc with a special saddle for that event for 8 seconds and they get judged if it was a good ride or not.  Bareback riding is the same concept as saddle bronc riding but without a saddle. In these two events if the cowboy falls off before 8 seconds it’s a no time. During their ride they get judged on how well they do. The cowboys need to spur there horse at the right time and in the right spot; if they fail to do this then they will get docked points. Also if the cowboy touches the horse he gets disqualified. Points can be lost or gained according to how their rhythm is while riding the bronc. The horses are also scored on how high they kick.   The event for cowgirls is barrel racing. Barrel racing is when the cowgirl runs her horse as fast as she can in a clover form around 3 barrels. The cowgirl and her horse are timed. If she happens to tip over one of the barrels 5 seconds is added on her time.  Throughout the years all of these cowboys and cowgirls have made history. There are many cowgirls and cowboys that have set records throughout the events. In 1987 bare back rider Bruce Ford got his place in Pro Rodeo history by winning his fifth world title, tying the legendary Joe Alexander’s record. In 1988 Jim Sharp made NFR history by becoming the first bull rider that rode all 10 bulls. Also bull rider Tuff Hedeman made one of the most dramatic 10th-round rides in the history of the NFR when he rode through the whistle and fanned the animal with his hat in memory of his friend and world champion Lane Frost. Lane was killed in a bull riding accident in Cheyenne earlier in the year. Also in 1995 Tuff drew the bull Sammy Andrew in the seventh round and held onto the back of the chute while the bull ran out from under him. He suffered massive facial injuries while attempting to ride the bull earlier in the year. Hedeman had to have reconstructive face surgery. In 1994 team roping legends Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper won their PRCA record seventh world team roping championship, setting a record of 59.1 seconds on 10 head. Setting a PRCA record in 2003 team ropers Speed Williams and RIch Skelton had a seventh straight world team roping title. Trevor Brazile is one of the main people in rodeo history. He became the triple crown winner since 1983. Brazile won his second straight steer roping world title on November 3rd, 2007. He broke the PRCA single-season record with $425,115 in earnings. In 2010 Trevor won his second triple-crown and record eighth all-around title. He finished the year with a new record of $507,921. In 2013 Brazile won his 19th gold buckle breaking the record of Guy Allen with 18. In 2015 the purse skipped to a record of $10 million for the contestants. Trevor Brazile won his 23rd world title with his 13th All-Around gold buckle. Cowboys and cowgirls have proven strong in their success in rodeo which has strengthened over the years. A lot of things have been done in the past years. Many cowboys and cowgirls have set records and made history.  Yet there are many years to come for many young cowgirls and cowboys.


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