Sutev vs. Kutev Scenarios

Puja Sutev – Sutev wakes up early in the morning, bathes and begins his puja in a clean area facing North or East – He concentrates in mansi puja and chants the Swaminaryan mantra while doing mala. – Then he performs, pradakshina and dandavats – At the end of his puja, he reads 5 sholkas from the from the Shikshapati with sincerity Kutev – Kutev eats breakfast before doing puja and sits wherever he wants and in any direction. He skips beads while turning the mala. Instead of concentrating he looks outside the window and gets distracted easily. -While doing pradakshina, he steps on Thakorjis murti – Kutev only read the Shikshapati on the weekends Sutev v. s Kutev Scenario #2 – Eating Habits Sutev – Sutev eats after reciting the proper sholkas, and thanks god for his meal – He eats whatever is served to him without complaining – He chews his food thoroughly before swallowing and eats with his right hand. He washes his own dish after he has finished eating. Kutev – Kutev eats without reciting the sholkas and eat with his mouth wide open.

He is picky about the food he eats and plays around with his food. – He never chews his food thoroughly and gulps it down in a hurry. – He always takes too much food and wastes it and he leaves his dirty dish and never cleans it. Sutev v. s Kutev Scenario #3 – Back to School Sutev – Sutev covers all of his textbooks He sets high goals for the new school year to improve on last years grades – He makes a weekly schedule based on his classes and after school activities. – He learns new studying techniques and completes his hw on time. Kutev – Kutev doesn’t know where he placed his textbooks – He doesn’t care about his low grades and is only interested in hangout with friends. – Instead of planning for school, he sleeps all day – He doesn’t care about studying and wastes his time playing video games


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