Technology and Special Education Essay

Becoming a Particular Education Teacher was all I could believe about when I foremost had to stand in at the Elementary school that I am now presently employed at. When I was asked to stand in for a instructor that works with all sorts of pupils who have particular demands instead it is a learning disablement. disability or behaviour. I was scared. I jumped at the opportunity to stand in plus the excess wage but I didn’t know what I was acquiring myself into.

The first hr was rickety because the kids knew I was scared and unsure of myself as their replacement instructor. but I would ne’er bury one of the pupils came up and hugged me and said she was scared excessively ; I asked her why ; she said she didn’t know if I liked her. From that twenty-four hours I on I knew my bosom and desiring to go a instructor was particular instruction. These kids who are lost in category because of their disablement. they either gets picked on. singled out or the instructor merely doesn’t call on them. I got hired on at the school as a particular instruction adjutant. this was where I belonged.

I got to see at first hand on how these kids were treated in the schoolroom and exterior of the schoolroom. I felt like now is my opportunity to acquire these instructors to understand that these fantastic kids are every bit normal as we are. and that they need a opportunity to reflect excessively. I loved working with these kids but I felt that I should be making something different with my life and instruction. Over the past few old ages I was told by the caput of particular instruction that I would be shadowing a 3 twelvemonth old with down’s syndrome. my bosom sunk I felt like this wasn’t for me and didn’t want the occupation.

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Equally shortly as I met this fantastic kid I knew deep in my bosom that I was meant to be her instructor. She is the ground for me traveling back to college and acquiring a unmarried mans degree in instruction and working on my Masterss in particular instruction. without her I don’t think I would hold gone back to college. I have been working with this kid for the past 4 old ages she is now seven. when looking back at the pick I made I am so glad I got a opportunity to be a portion of this small girls life. My ain kids and household love this small miss like she was one of ain ; we have grown attached to her household and theirs to ours.

We do household acquire together and particular events. I wouldn’t alter a thing. I am merely amazed at how many stares or shocked faces when people ask me what do I make and I am proud to state that I teach a kid with downs. Most of them don’t understand why I chose to make this and to this twenty-four hours they still inquire why? The lone thing I can state is why non. she is merely every bit normal as you and me but needs a little more attention and tonss of forbearance. I am proud to state that I taught this kid to compose her really ain name. yes it was a challenge and took a full twelvemonth but this fantastic small miss can compose her really ain name with no aid.

This is what learning is all about. acquiring the satisfaction that yes every kid can larn irrespective of their acquisition or disablement. My end for traveling back to school was to assist particular demands kids. and I have eventually reached that end. To do certain I understand everything that I need to cognize. In order for me to go a great instructor. I will necessitate to be learn to be more patient. demo a batch of compassion. kindness. ability to listen/reasoning and most significantly is to be loving and love what instruction is all about. Taking what I learned from them and learning it to my ain childs. I want to be able to do a difference in someone’s life.

Particularly allowing people know. that no affair how old you are you can still travel back to school and acquire a grade and fulfill you dream. Not merely anyone can state today I am traveling to travel learn a particular needs kid. learning a particular demands takes forbearance. compassion and most significantly an instruction in this field. I feel that in order to win in going a particular instruction pedagogue usage must hold some or most of these qualities: be good humored. organized. really accepting to every pupil. be originative with their instruction methods. even tempered. midst skinned. optimistic and eventually being dedicated to their work and their pupils.

Having a good sense of wit helps you and your pupils. because when you are holding merriment instruction and basking your pupils. Your pupils feel the same manner and when you are down. disquieted and depressed they besides feel the tenseness that you are seting off. So it is of import for a instructor to be good humored. For illustration my pupil is still being enamored trained and when she has a mussy accident I can turn my dorsum for one speedy second and she is already finger painted the walls. I want to acquire so made at her and shriek and shout “what do you believe you are making? ? ?

” but when I look into her eyes I merely laugh. this is why you have to be good humored. Bing organized and prepared can besides assist you win in learning. you have to be able to set or modify what you are learning because non every pupil learns the same manner. For case my pupil can be holding an off twenty-four hours and tired of the same old modus operandi so I have to be prepared to acquire her out of her tempers to where she wants to larn and hold fun at the same clip. Bing able to set and modify your lesson programs in order to assist your pupil win in their instruction for that twenty-four hours.

Every pedagogue no affair what they are certified to learn must welcome all pupils with unfastened weaponries and a smiling. We as instructors need to halt and believe is that it’s non the child’s mistake they are like this but as pedagogues we can happen ways around their acquisition disablement and assist them larn. A instructor doesn’t get to pick their star pupils to learn but the instructor can do any pupil a star pupil merely by accepting that pupil for who they are and besides by steering them to the right way for success.

Geting to cognize your pupils and understanding them will assist you and your pupil in the long tally. Every instructor needs to larn to believe outside the box when to come to learning. particularly when the pupils start to acquire bored or restless with the same old instruction manner. Children all of all ages and disablements all love it when instructors come up with brainsick thoughts on how to learn a certain topic. It helps maintain kids entertained and focused on what they are being taught. Bringing creativeness into the schoolroom will hold the benefit of enriching your schoolroom environment every bit good.

For illustration when it was STARR proving at our school my pupil and I and to travel to the storage/break room. of class I wasn’t to the full prepared for this last minute agreement. Acerate leaf to state I used paper cups and home bases and wrote letters and Numberss on them so we made our ain game to where she can still larn her rudiment and numeration. She loved every minute of it. Working with particular demands kids can be really ambitious and honoring all at the same clip. However the instructor must be able to react really rapidly when their pupils lose their pique or go out of control.

Students can acquire out of control when the instructor is non rigorous. house or being sort. instructor needs to watch what they say and what they do. so they ever have marbless about them and most significantly stay composures. For illustration I was working with my pupil when another instructor raised her voice and an autism male child started panicking and traveling out of control. alternatively of speaking this male child and acquiring him madder and scared than what he already is. I started singing his favourite vocal that he likes “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and after a few proceedingss of singing he calmed down and came and set in my lap.

A instructor must ever cognize what to make when a kid gets out of control. they should cognize their pupils inside and out. A instructor has to be confident in themselves and in their instructions. When working with any kid particularly 1s who do hold particular demands. the instructor can’t maintain 2nd thinking herself. You have to remain unagitated and confident Al all times and don’t allow the kids see that you are overwhelmed or stressed because some kids feed off that and it will be harder to remain focused on your instructions.

Teachers are intuitive. they need to be able to watch and larn how their pupil is seeking to pass on with them or what they are inquiring for. For illustration my pupil who is seven has speech issues to where any individual can speak to her and when she replies back they have no hint what she is stating. I have been with this kid for the past 4 old ages that we know what she is stating through some mark and merely by watching what she is making. A instructor needs to cognize their pupils inside and out and happen ways that they can pass on with their pupil.

A instructor must be thick skinned or be able to acquire over any rude or name naming that their kid calls them. Children act out because they don’t know what else to make when they are made or scared. So they start naming their instructors names or utilizing bad words. Teacher demands to get the better of the name naming and still allow their pupil know what they still love them. Bing optimistic when learning kids at any age. screening and promoting them non to give up and to maintain seeking makes the best instructor there is.

When I child hears encouragement so they know that the instructor is at that place for them and will assist them in any manner to happen them a manner to understand what they are being taught or what they are desiring to make. Dedication is the charming word when it comes to learning kids. Geting to cognize a kid who does hold particular demands does to a lovingness. compassion and dedicated individual. They are in it to assist and care for these kids and assist them acquire an instruction no affair how many hurdlings or obstacles’ are in the manner.

I knew that when I was asked to be with a kid that has downs from the clip she got to school boulder clay she went place. I was scared but I was up for the challenge. I feel that in my bosom being a dedicated. caring. loving and compassionate individual will assist me strive to be the really best particular pedagogue instructor at at that place. There are challenges and obstructions that all particular pedagogues must confront and acquire through. particularly when it comes to the jurisprudence and being able to supply services for these kids. There are a batch of regulations. ordinance and Torahs that every instructor has to stay by.

Although we understand these regulations we ever have a inquiry in the back our heads. My inquiry is that cognizing we are a public school is supplying the right services for our pupil with downs? oCan we trust our school system Particular instruction staff will seldom state you that they can’t pay for what you’re inquiring for. The IDEA mandates that services can non be denied on the footing of cost. but particular pedagogues know the federal authorities has ne’er provided sufficient financess to implement that demand. Particular instruction staff wish you knew that they have small. if any. say in the budget procedure.

Knowing they can run into your child’s demands in other ways. particular instruction instructors frequently try to maneuver parents off from dearly-won options because they have to. IDEA requires schools to supply an appropriate instruction — non the best possible services ( Logsdon ) . I feel that through all the midst and thin I still want to be the really best particular instruction pedagogue out at that place. If we aren’t the really best and learning our kids. so who can our kids trust? Parents have the right to happen the really best instruction for their kids instead it’s a public school. private school or a school that fits their child’s disablement.

I would desire the really best for my ain kids and for my pupils. I feel that I have the thrust to be able to learn a kid and acquire to cognize them on their degree indoors and out. I can be at that place to assist them acquire the proper instruction because I can offer them love. attention. compassion and all my devotedness to them. Peoples who want to work with kids need to inquire themselves these inquiries: “Would I be a good particular instruction instructor? ” “Do I have the desires and accomplishments to be a successful particular instruction instructor. and really bask what I do?

” I can candidly reply yes. after working with kids who have all kinds of particular demands and faced so many challenges. I am ready to take on new and different challenges that the pupils will convey. I want the pupils to be able trust me and allow me steer them to the right instruction. and assist happen them ways that they are comfy with their acquisition accomplishments. In order for me to go a successful pedagogue I need to happen ways that will assist me pass on with the pupil when the pupil has speech issues. happen ways to assist kids who are handicapped to larn.

There are all sorts of grounds why I will go a successful particular instruction pedagogue and devotedness and committedness amounts it up. My end for traveling back to school was all due to my household and my particular small pupil. ground why was to assist particular demands kids. and I have eventually reached that end. While taking these on-line categories. I feel like they have molded me into the instructor I want to be. What I expect from my teachers is the same compassion about instruction is the manner I feel.

To do certain I understand everything that I need to cognize. In order for me to go a great instructor. I will necessitate to be learn to be more patient. demo a batch of compassion. kindness. ability to listen/reasoning and most significantly is to be loving and love what instruction is all about. Taking what I learned from them and learning it to my ain childs. I want to be able to do a difference in someone’s life. Particularly allowing people know. that no affair how old you are you can still travel back to school and acquire a grade and fulfill you dream.

That’s why I am taking these categories to for make full my dream and to assist those kids in demand of an instruction from person who can be devoted. love. attention and give them compassion for who they are on the interior and on the exterior. My doctrine that I go by is purely based on that every kid no affair what disablement they have has the opportunity and deserves the chance to hold an instruction. No kid should be held accountable or punished because of their disablement. Every pupil can larn it merely take clip and a batch of forbearance on both terminals.

This quotation mark by Helen Keller is something that I agree with. hope and assurance helps your kid win every bit long as you hold faith. hope and assurance when learning your pupil. I believe every bit long as you have hope in a pupil so they will get down to hold faith in themselves and want to win with their instruction irrespective of any hurdlings that they come across. “Optimism is the religion that leads to achievement. nil can be done without hope and assurance. ” — Helen Keller Mentions: View as multi-pages.


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