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“The assumption that you everyone else is like you. That you are the world. The disease of consumer capitalism. The complacent solipsism.”  these words of David Foster Wallace perfeclty describe what excess capitalism is. The term “capital” was first used by the economists which refers to both financial and physical capital  (the sums of money available for investment in capital goods and the natural sources). Capitalism, of course, can sometimes be a black hearted force. Economic growth can sometimes come at the cost of environmental degridation or human exploitation rather than innovation. One of the most common cause of capitalism is ambition to gain money that’s why there are hotly contested questions in our society that why some people are rich and others poor, and whether things have to be this way. As excess capitalism has immense effects on every citizen and the economy that is ongoing is effected defectively, there are number of solutions which should be enforced as the new economic system ideas.It seems hard to let go of capitalism because every human being has an ambition to gain money, and without any capital economists can’t gain any. Also it seems that capitalism should be banished because there is no equality or pride within it. Capitalism is a two faced notion and in order to clarify the exact meaning world may need to have differences from country to country. For instance “european capitalism” and “american capitalism” are at cross-purposes (Leannie Italie 2). American capitalism puts markets at the center, providing affordable basics – health, food, housing. Creating enough jobs and providing enough cheap credits make a majority of population which can afford basic goods at cheap prices. On the other hand, European capitalism is oriented towards a welfare state. The policy is aimed to generate enough taxes for governments which in turn funds/provides many basic goods – healthcare, social security and others.This economic system that we are aware is now making us overstressed and obsessed, focused on materialism and career advancements that doesn’t actually make us happy.  If you divided up all the wealth and income in the world evenly and, somehow in the process, the global economy remained as efficient as it is today, each person would earn about $10,000 per year and have $34,500 in wealth. In other words, everyone in the world would be in poverty, at least by the U.S. government’s definition of the term (Chris Matthews 3). Capitalism being the best within the hero of bringing the freedom and wealth in our lives is a total lie. However it can be considered as a global economic system which everyone is familiar with. Capitalism created too much wealth and freedom within too much conflict and world’s biggest problems. Therefore it’s hard to let go of it whereas it should be a child’s play to let it go. If capitalism is the end-all economic system, why would world needs to do that? Why does it have to be a capital or a system which has all the opinions that it is not good enough? The currently practiced capitalism is not sustainable. Capitalism has its own goods plus its own bad habits. Therefore it destroys all of the economic system and leads the world to poverty as fast as it can. Also the answer to the question “What is wrong with the capitalism today?” is all dependent on which country ask. America is the only developed nation that lets drug makers set their own prices. Because as mentioned, every citizen has an ambition to gain money and capital. Those citizens lead world to a capitalist economy. As opposed to an European country, US is seen more civilized with the capitalist system. As it was indicated, inequality of wealth in EU and US is broadly twice the inequality of income – the top 10% have between 60% and 70% of all wealth but merely 25% to 35% of all income (Will Hutton 1).The poor, meanwhile, spend each day fighting for basic survival, despite the fact that the world “has more than enough material goods to go around.”(Chris Matthews 2).Capitalism that mostly US has is all about inequality of wealth and options. The rich get ever richer and more detached to company’s money. But, this is not happening by merit or hard work. It’s simply because of the luck they have in order to be in command of capital receiving over time.Capitalism has its own bad habits. Therefore it destroys all of the economic system and leads the world to poverty as fast as it can. Citing a study by Harvard University that showed that 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer support capitalism (Martin Kirk 2).Those 51% of Americans whose ages are between 18-29 do not support capitalism anymore with healthy and reasonable causes. As the current capitalist economic system makes the undeveloped countries more poor and devastated it’s not ethical to hide behind this idea with positive thoughts.The poor is fighting with the economic system, in other words they are trying to save their days, which is a serious damage for the poor because day by day it is getting  more unfair with a comparison to the rich, they are suffering a lot. And the “rich” is not bothered with any of these problems and they do not try to solve any of it in order to make everyone’s life equal. Because they are detached to their money so much that they are too blind to see what others are dealing with.Economic system  is making over stressed societies so that everyone on the planet is unhappy, even with the wealth and money, none can be fully happy without spending dollars on some inane materials. Therefore there should be an end to this extreme system not just capitalism but every system within extremity in it is not nice for our society to develop. The problem with capitalism is that it uses limited resources (oil, gas etc.) in an unlimited way. For instance if there is  only 1 piece of chocolate, that piece should be consumed in an economical way which contains an idea about equality and humanity. – It shouldn’t be devoured like humans devour natural sources or governments devour economy and society. It can be solved within a basic and great innovations/ideas that is given.- How would you eat the chocolate? Would you devour it or would you eat it very slowly in order to be able to remember what it tasted like when you don’t have it anymore? Would you find a way to eat it “sustainably”, so it will never run out? In this example, capitalism is like a man facing that piece of chocolate, and he is devouring it. It can go for very long because the resources (the chocolate) are going to run out! Today’s crisis are deeper than they appear. When people think about today’s system which continuously work for their funds, they think about the positive outcomes however they never occupy with the negative ones. When we say capital,capitalism the first that comes to mind is “private property” and also, rivalry. Freedom of economic action and rivalry also reminds the multinational corporations at US or EU. Those corporations can develop faster than others which are smaller. Those freedom of economic action maintains the liberty for the big corporations to gain more money and fund/capital. (Duman, Interview) What really matters is not just capitalism, the real topic that should discussed is excess capitalism in order to realize that any economic system will hurt the countries in a bad way, slowly or fast it doesn’t matter that much. Capitalism that mostly US has is all about inequality of wealth and options. As it was indicated in the article, inequality of wealth in EU and US is broadly twice the inequality of income – the top 10% have between 60% and 70% of all wealth but merely 25% to 35% of all income. (Will Hutton 2) This should be argued about how to solve excess amount of the capitalism instead of  how to increase these inequality. It certainly doesn’t have to be this way, and world doesn’t need to look backwards to socialism, or any other historical system as an alternative. Instead countries need to evolve. Our capacity for innovation and creative thinking is boundless, why would anyone want to denigrate that capacity by believing that capitalism is the last chance and idea that we as humans can come up with?The closer we get to consuming everything, the more expensive these resources are going to get. In order to decrease those prices and mindfulness thoughts about greater capitalism; socialism won’t be enough, communism won’t be the right choice and the corporatism won’t be well introduced to the society. Therefore if capitalism is supported it should be valued at a nice spot.Capitalism is predicated on private property and socialism on the other hand is predicated on public property. Resources are belong to the government where as the society is socialist, however in a capital system those resources are belong to a individual entrepreneur. One is controlled by a plan the other is controlled by a price. Socialism is controlled by the plan, capitalism is controlled by the price (Duman, Interview). Because of capitalism being controlled by the price, the excess amount of it has immense effects on every society. Also because of socialism being controlled by the plan, a huge percent of a society can believe that the world should be managing socialism, not capitalism.There is still hunger, droughtiness, homelessness, lack of education and tons of other issues in the world and they need to be solved in order to live a peaceful life in the future. If we tackle for instance, lack of education in the world; it all begins with the inequality of education rights and those rights don’t show up especially in middle east countries. Spite of having enough capital/fund ,the universities are not equally equipped and in many places  and people don’t have any equal system to maintain the equality which brings chaos afterwards. In some other countries (including Turkey) because of too much nepotism, problems due to inequality may increase rapidly. Even the hunger in the world, while it may have ended well in advance; there is still hunger in today’s world while every capitalist has have every option to help them financially. It’s capitalism’s own bad nature. When trying to have a capital within the lasting economy people need to transfer resources from one place to another and this makes a huge difference between developed and undeveloped countries which may be compared between US and African countries. Inequality and (class) discrimination exists because of the surplus value in the capitalist system. The system helps the employer to survive the day but the employee may never survive because the amount that he is taking in exchange to his labor is not enough to live in a capitalist world and this makes undeveloped countries more disreputable.As one of the most common cause of excess capitalism is ambition to gain money, there are still questions rambling about the rich and the poor and whether things have to be this way. Or about the immense effects of the economic systems. Still, there are solutions to make the world greater than it ever was. First and the easiest would be quitting of capitalism and conform socialism (rather than communism) or not quitting of capitalism and drown in fascism at last. However people should not be forced to apply one specific economy in order to be payed and live a life. In the twenty first century we are intelligent and aware enough that innovations occur. Money is not a good enough to exaggerate that much and making itself a big deal. Our minds can apply and think beyond the future we just need to evolve every day. Countries should not be planning about next 50 years’ economic policy but should be planning about health and social cares including with new inventions and excluding with the money policy. As long as people require ambition and anger capitalism will exist as if it is the main generator. However few people will see that capitalism is not a must nor a requirement. If the world really needs an economic system to carry on, then the one with the less embezzlement should be the one in order to maintain equality and justice in the world. And as the government is included more, the expected ratio of nepotism and embezzlement is going to increase. The very last detail with the nepotism shouldn’t drop off the map for the future generations.


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