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The way Hitler leads germany changed both how we saw them and how they perceived the rest of us/their enemies How significant was Hitler’s leadership? He was a significant leader because he actually try to solve problems and he was a great speaker and he betrayed the people from germany. Also meant that anybody being harassed,beaten,or even murdered by Nazis,had nobody to turn for help. He had to work to accomplish that goal by demanding new elections. That meant he had to go immediately to replace hundreds of police officials loyal to the republic with Nazi officials loyal to Hitler. Hitler actually tried to solve everyone problems under the rule of Adolf Hitler the persecution and segregation of jews was was implemented in stages. After the Nazi party achieved power in germany in 1933 its state-sponsored racism led to anti-jewish legislation economic boycotts and the violence of the Kristallnacht pogroms all of which aimed to systematically isolate jews from society and drive them out of the country.The Nizis first established ghettos in the Generalgouvernement and the warthegau polish and western European jews were deported to these ghettos where they lived in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Hitler believed he could help the people in germany and he promised them all relief. Hitler began to appeal to people’s emotions instead of their reason. The people heard what they wanted to hear and ignored the violence of the nazi party. Hitler had begun his career politics as a street brawling revolutionary appealing to disgruntled word war 1 veterans predisposed to violence. Hitler counted among his supporters a number of german industrialists and upper middle class socidites a far cry from the semi-literate toughs he started out with.Hitler was a great speaker because in front of an audience his voice changed dramatically.Hitler did most of the talking.Hitler had a habit of giving speeches to who ever listened to him and in this way he also developed the ability to be able to gauge the mood of the audience quickly. Hitler’s speeches were carefully choreographed events from the beginning to the finish. He would began his speech slowly then he would launch into his speech in a hesitant manner. Carefully choosing his words and in an almost timid fashion like a child taking its first steps. When he began his speeches he would begin by not speaking at all for around 20-30 seconds. when the time was just right he would turn up the volume of his voice while at the same time he would be mindful of the feedback he was getting from the audience. He practiced his gestures and hand movements a great deal before mirrors and performed several breathing exercise. Instrument of mutual frenzy while galvanizing himself and the masses he was speaking to. Many times he made grammatical mistakes in german. Shortcomings however mattered little before the exranrdinaly impression of force immediacy of passion and the intensity of hatred fury and menace which he was able to convey by his voice alone. Hitler gave speech after speech in which he stated that unemployment rampant inflation hunger and economic stagnation in postwar germany would continue until there was total revolution in german life. The treaty of versailles was explicitly based on the priniciple of the self-determination of peoples, new postwar states as austria and czechoslovakia where many lived.Hitler betrayed the people from germany. Piece of the german tragedy that those who today are depending on the honor and fame of the field marshal are the same ones who smeared him for fourteen years. That they are forced to oppose the man who anchored his mythos in the people over a 14 year struggle. Hindenburg his officers and his victorious army were once the target of the gutter press and the deceivers of the people. He was already battling allied forces to the west and another front would divert much needed troops to the eastern front.The way Hitler leads germany changed both how we saw them and how they perceived  the rest of us/their enemies. Hitler was a significant leader because he actually try to solve problems and was a great speaker and h betrayed the people from germany.


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