The AKA language was protected from outside influence Essay

The author started his article by depicting a group of people called Tuvans. who lives in a distant country in the Republic of Tuva. in Russian Federation. The importance of this group came from the fact that they are talking Tuvan. a linguistic communication consider by linguists to be among a group of linguistic communications that are considered to be on the border of extinction because of the low Numberss of people that speak it. The earth population speak about 7000 linguistic communications. Tuvan is among the 3500 little linguistic communications that are spoken merely by 8.

25 million people in the full universe. which is a really low fraction of the seven billion people who inhabit the Earth. On the other manus. 70 eight per centum of the Earth population are talking merely 85 linguistic communications. Mandarin. Spanish. and English are among the top spoken linguistic communications on the Earth. Linguist predicted that in the following century about half of the spoken linguistic communications may disappear. and at this point more than 1000 linguistic communications are considered on the extinction. The author mentioned the grounds that lead to this languages quandary.

He mentioned the consequence of the dominant linguistic communications. that controls communications and commercialism. on the little 1 that do non hold any defence mechanism. like telecasting or currency. to protect its being. Because of that the people of Tuva must talk Russian or Chinese if they want to remain in contact with the outside universe. The author so mentioned another endangered linguistic communications known as AKA. the native linguistic communication of AKA people in Plaizi a little small town in India. The author depict its people as a really self-dependent people that produce everything they need in their day-to-day life.

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The AKA linguistic communication was protected from outside influence because of the location of the small town that makes it really hard for foreigners to make it. The writers so described two tendencies in the field of linguistics. The first 1 is based on the theory of Noam Chomsky who mentioned that all linguistic communications came from one individual beginning which is fixed in the human cistrons. The 2nd tendency is the addition involvement in little endangered linguistic communications around the universe. and how the field linguists are interested in foibles that distinguish each linguistic communication from the others and the cultural effects on it.

There are 85 per centum of the demands to be documented in order to understand it. and the chief ground for this certification comes from the fact that each linguistic communication contains alone human experiences that reveals many facets of life. The author declared really of import point sing the loss of any linguistic communication. His chief thought was based on the fact that every linguistic communication contains a valuable information about the civilization and the cognition that accumulated from coevals to coevals in this civilization.

The writer gave us another illustration of disappearing linguistic communications which is the Cmiique Itiom. a linguistic communication used by the Seri in Mexico and how their linguistic communication contains the cognition that is of import for all worlds. Cmiique Itiom managed to continue its original signifier without any outside intervention. The Seri managed to maintain their linguistic communication untouched chiefly because their ill will to the foreigners. Even the modern trade goods likes autos the Seri managed to convey it to their civilization but they used for it a alone names that merged from their ain linguistic communication so they ne’er used there Spanish names.

The author mentioned a manner to continue the vanishing linguistic communications which is to: “… enshrine it in composing and roll up a dictionary. ” . He gave an illustrations for linguists that worked in those sort of undertakings like David Harrison and Greg Anderson who compiled the first Tuvan- English lexicon. Besides. Steve and Cathay Marlett who worked to complete Cmiique Itiom dictionary. but the author mentioned really of import point which is stated in page 86: “But salvaging a linguistic communication is non something linguists can carry through. because redemption must come from within.

” . The redemption must come from the people who are utilizing this linguistic communication by learning it to the following coevals. and besides by utilizing lexicons and books to continue it and maintaining it active as long there is something to talk about it. Writer Choices The author starts his article by utilizing a narrative as a hook for the readers. to catch their attending for the remainder of the article. and he kept stating the readers different narratives about the people he met during his travel.

The author besides used originative linguistic communication. like nonliteral linguistic communication which includes metaphor in many topographic points in the article. and he besides used comparison and contrast in many other topographic points. Numbers was used by the authors to back up his chief thought. he mentioned a specific Numberss related to the linguistic communications in the first page. Visuals assistance had been used by the author to exemplify the topic of his article in a really professional manner. yet it was really simple and effectual. we can see that from the beautiful images for all the people that he met during his trip. Contemplation on the Reading Procedure

I found the article difficult to read at the beginning. but after utilizing SQ4R and reading the article in category for many times it became much easier for me to understand. and this make the whole procedure of reading really interesting. The linguistic communication used non ever clear. with hard word as shown below: Nomadic: rolling about from topographic point to put aimlessly. often. or without a fixed form of motion. Proselytize: to seek to carry people to fall in a faith. cause. or group. Dwindle: to bit by bit go smaller. Thatch: to do ( a roof ) with dried works stuff ( called thatch ) .

Supplant: to supplant ( another ) particularly by force or perfidy. Atelier: a room where an creative person plant. Propitious: likely to hold or bring forth good consequences. Reading procedure included: Skimming and Skamming. sum up the article and footnote the cardinal points in it. and SQ4R. Reaction Languages is the psyche of human civilisations. The connexion between the two of them is really similar to the relationship between human psyche and organic structure because without the sole the organic structure will certainly fall in because worlds need their psyche to drive the physical organic structure and to maintain him from diing.

In contrast. linguistic communication plays the same function in people corporate consciousness about their on being in the society and civilization. Language is the unseeable gum that hold the civilization pieces together. and without this gum everything will fall in. It’s the strong foundation that up keep the society constructions and allow it the strength to defy any outside menaces. Why the linguistic communication is so of import? Because it’s the memory of the society.

This memory is the experiences and cognition that transferred from coevals to coevals until it reached this point in clip. and no it will really hard to populate without our memories. Losing any linguistic communication would be similar to person who lost his ain memory. The lone thing he can make is to encompass a new experiences and cognition. and to get down roll uping new memories about his new life. Unfortunately. it is the same thing for linguistic communications. when the people abandon their ain linguistic communication in favour for new 1s they will lose their cultural experiences and cognition.

They will finally lose their ain individuality that distinguished them from the remainder of worlds. Finally. losing any linguistic communication on Earth would be a lost for humanity in general because we will lose our diverseness that make life on Earth interesting. I think life with one colour would be really boring. and for life to be interesting it should incorporate whole spectrum of colour. Spinoff Topics One of the spinoff subjects would be a to analyze the persons that abandon their ain linguistic communication and how they adopt with their new linguistic communications and civilizations.


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