The Anyay Rahid Zindagi Social Work Organization Social Work Essay

ARZ- Anyay Rahid Zindagi, is a societal work organisation committed to battling trafficking of individuals for the intent of sexual maltreatment and commercial sexual development in Goa. The organisation works both with the victims of commercial sexual development, and besides against those who are culprits of this offense. ARZ is an NGO working in the ruddy light countries of Goa with the aim of educating the kids of commercial sex workers and the sex workers themselves. The administration was established in1997 by a little but committed group of Development Professionals from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, with the enterprise of societal work intercessions in the country of offense and sexual development, with individuals who have committed offenses, have been victims of offense or those who are vulnerable to either. In 1998 the administration started its first undertaking in Goa with focal point on issues associating with trafficking of worlds for the intents of harlotry. The mark group of Arz include non merely with the victims of harlotry but besides with those who are culprits of harlotry and sexual development. Besides these, the undertaking besides engaged with the kids of cocottes, wives/widows of HIV positive work forces, shelter less and unsupported adult females and misss, and kids of other individuals and young person residing in that country. Arz focuses on following four facets: Authorization of misss through accomplishment edifice such as tailoring, Empowerment through literacy, Empowerment through consciousness, and making long-run autonomy so that the future adult females are armed with accomplishments that would assist her overcome state of affairss of crisis and shields her from exposures.

The organisation is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act ( 1860 ) , Bombay Trust Act ( 1950 ) and U/s 80 ( G ) of the Income Tax Act.

All parts to ARZ are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80G of IT Act, 1961

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ARZ is besides registered with Foreign Currency having Account ( FCRA )


ARZ believes that the victims of commercial sexual development are the most stigmatized, marginalized and victimized group of the society. Therefore, ARZ activities are aimed towards the three Postscripts:

Prevention of commercial sexual development of vulnerable persons & A ; groups

Protection and rehabilitation of trafficked victims and

Prosecution of sellers and culprits.


To forestall entry of sellers and victims in Goa

To deliver, rehabilitate, repatriate and reintegrate victims of human trafficking.

To supply economic rehabilitation to the victims of commercial sexual development, culprits of human trafficking and to those who are either vulnerable to go victims or seller.

To enable the Government Agencies in Goa and beginning province to forestall human trafficking, protection of victims, rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and in the prosecution of seller.

Area of Work:

The administration chief focal point geographical country is inside the province of Goa working with victims of commercial sexual development and their kids. Although the organisation works chiefly in Goa, it besides extends services, to certain territories of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Orissa which have been identified as head beginning provinces and main beginning states neighbouring states including Nepal and Bangladesh. Key focus countries include bar, re-integration protection, deliverance, repatriation, wellness, after-care, prosecution of culprits, protagonism, economic rehabilitation, rehabilitation, research, preparation, certification, and legal guidance. ARZ besides have a functional drop-in centres and outreach points covering kids of prostituted adult females, kids of other households shacking at that place and kids of culprits – school-going kids, non-school traveling kids, working kids ( rag-pickers, bar-waiting, running errands for culprits, selling veggies in the red-light countries, etc. ) and kids with particular demands. The halfway provide activities such as tuitions for school-goers, non-formal educational activities, academic acquisition, self-expression activities such as play, art and trade, outing for field day, vocal and dance, etc. Other activities include reding, wellness services, admittances to schools/boarding schools, shelter and attention, jaunts, exposure visit field day, etc. Particular Skill-development plan is besides organized for most vulnerable misss such as those vulnerable to spiritual dedication and sexual development. The organisation besides supply services to kids rescued from harlotry and admitted them to province protective place. These enterprises points out the demand for beef uping and the demand for systematic alteration. ARZ besides deals with networking and edifice confederations with parents groups and instruction, and liasoning with authorities and non-government systems in Goa and bordering provinces towards protecting the kid at Baina Beach including constabulary, wellness systems.

Target Group and Stakeholder

The mark group that the organisation is working with include both male and female population, including both bush leagues and grownup. The bulk of the mark population comprises adult females and girl victims of commercial sexual development. The male members include those who are members of victims household and have been lasting on the net incomes of the victims including school traveling kid. The other mark group that the organisation worked with includes the culprits which include dames, procurers and vulnerable subdivisions of the dwellers subjected to being trafficked for the intent of sexual development or are susceptible to go culprits.

The stakeholders identified include members of different authorities bureaus, province constabulary, benchs, prosecuting officers and authorities medical workers. Agencies working towards adult females and child relate issue and voluntary administration who portion the same values.

Regulating Board:

The Executive Council ( EC ) maps as the Governing Board for the organisation.

Executive Council



Mr Arunendra Pandey



Dr. Mariette Correa



Cmdr. T.R. Ananthanarayanan ( Retd. )



Ms. Vandana Vishwanathan



Dr. Rajini Iyer



Ms. Tallulah D’Silva


Mrs. Harmeet Saini



Ms. Sunitta Rao



Mr. Sadanand Desai

Communication Pattern

Communication lines in the organisation are unfastened both ways, whether it is directed from the manager to the field staff and besides from the field staff to the top. Informal channels are used more frequently and effectual than formal channels due to the strong shared values of the organisation. There is ever a steady flow of information due to the horizontal method of working where even the manager will work along the field staff/enabler under several fortunes. Suggestions, treatment and sharing of information are done at the field degree. However executing of schemes and blessing of any kind is done merely during formal meetings and under the legal power of appropriate governments. The formal channels include the log book and Meetings which are held every Saturday of the hebdomad. During this meeting, the staffs besides settle their progresss in footings of fiscal support and any pending histories that need to be cleared.

If any suggestion for new undertaking or activities demands to be taken up, it is discussed in the hebdomadal meeting along with all the members of the organisation. Then after coming to consensus, the Director take up the issue to the Executive Council, from at that place, it is so countenance for the blessing of the council.

Structure of the Administration

Executive Council


Co-Ordinator ( Anti-Trafficking ) Co-Ordinator ( Prevention )


Program Manager Assistant Program Manager


Accountant Enabler Enabler



Decision Making Procedure

While the formal organogram of the organisation depicts a instead hierarchal construction in footings of organisational construction, due to changeless interaction between the field staff and the stopping point relationship between each of the forces involves in the organisation, it is more or less horizontal in some cases. The flow of information for determination devising intent is both top down and bottom up. Field staff including the enabler and instructors frequently makes suggestions sing programmatic content and schemes which are taken earnestly by the leading. Most policy determinations are made in the hebdomadal squad meetings, though suggestions may sometimes come from the top.

However, the concluding determination doing authorization in the organisation prevarication with the Director who is besides the President of the Executive Council.

Budgetary Functions

Cheque subscribing authorization lies merely with the office carriers ( President, Secretary and Treasurer )

Any fiscal affair, reception of contribution and blessing for use must be done through the blessing of the Executive Council.

Annual Budget is prepared in audience with the whole squad which include the field staff, instructor, enabler, Program Manager and Co-ordinator. This audience includes all caputs of outgo excepting wage. After outlining the one-year budget, a comparing is done with the last twelvemonth budget and the outgos. Changes are made if it is necessary and the concluding budget is prepared. The concluding budget is so circulated among the Board members and after the blessing of the Board members ( executive Council ) , so it is submitted to the giver bureaus.

Degrees of control of Histories

It is a procedure in which a staff or workers obtain support in the signifier of hard currency for any activities that is organized under the umbrella of the organisation. It includes a system where before incurring any disbursals the staff obtains blessing from the comptroller that there is lump amount sum dedicated for the activities and that the disbursal autumn under the caput. From there it is so farther sanctioned by the administrative caput of the undertaking and if there is no over outgo and the measure submitted are echt, it is eventually sanctioned by the authorization ( President, Secretary and Treasurer )

For transparence and answerability, the canonic budget is displayed on the notice board for the staff to cognize the canonic sum and consequently they incur disbursals. During each hebdomadal meetings, the accountant presents the balance and intimidate all the staff on the country of disbursals.


ARZ have been working with different support organisation for its assorted activities. For each undertaking undertaken, there are different givers associated with the undertaking, and the undertakings are made in such a manner as to portion the aims and values of the organisation. As mentioned before, the blessing of contribution and seeking for prospective giver lies within the legal power of the Executive Council depending on the demands.

The funders for the twelvemonth stoping 2010 were

The Terre des Hommes International Federation- It is a web of 11 national organisations working for the rights of kids and to advance just development without racial, spiritual, political, cultural or gender-based favoritism.

( Eurpoean Commission ) and Groupe Developpment South Asia: An Europe-Asia Partnership working towards Sustainable Development. An enterprise to turn to common challenges and their deductions for the hereafter of international cooperation for development.

Acting for Life, France- It is an international solidarity organisation set up in 1973 by company directors and managers in partnership with Don Bosco ‘s Salesians, the Society of Jesus and local organisations sharing the same position of a universe where everyone has a topographic point. Acting for Life promotes built-in, responsible, sustainable, fraternal development.

Problems in the country of Governance


SWIFT WASH is an endeavor supported by ARZ set up to run into the economic rehabilitation of adult females who are earlier in the sex trade. The concern is register as Small Scale Industry as per predominating Torahs and it is a member of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Due to several sharing of resources in footings of substructure and human resources, there had been several cases where the direction of SWIFT WASH and ARZ goes manus in manus. The direction commission of the endeavor and the direction commission of ARZ are the same individuals, which create a job due to miss of human resource. Besides if the organisation wanted to advance the net income endeavor, it needs to supply separate direction squad which will assist to vie in the market.

Networking and Promotion

Focus besides need to be made in country of networking with Government establishment and promoting of the organisation to other bureaus sharing the same values and different stakeholder. For case, delegating staff to preparation centres and leading preparation for capacity edifice of the workers. There can besides be enterprises to research Government support and corporate support, which had non been touch by the organisation.

Addition in autarchy

Due to the same individual keeping the station of President of the Executive Council and Managing Director of the Organization, the determination devising and executing of activities can sometimes be really personal. The fact that, the Director is the most experience and good versed in the country of work of the organisation plays a immense factor. However, it is felt that if there can be different forces for the two portfolio, so decentalisation of power can be more effectual.


The enlisting is done normally informally as and when needed. There is no formal choice commission and enlisting of new workers is done when there is vacancy for any station. There is no formal preparation and initiation procedure for new recruit. If there can be proper choice board, the effectivity of new recruit will increase.

Salary construction

The salary constructions are under the legal power of the Executive Council. At current province, the wage provided to each of the staff, particularly at the field degree are rather low as compared to the sum of physical work and mental emphasis that an person had to get by up while working in the organisation. If there can be amendment in the salary construction where alteration of the wage can be made at certain intervals, if non regular. This will retain the staff for longer period of clip.

Deputation of Duties

Proper deputation of duties and occupation profile had non been done, and even if there are certain countries that are assigned to a peculiar portfolio, it is indiscriminately followed. This may be due to the work civilization that exist a strong bonding within the organisation and besides the size of the organisation is really little. There are cases where the Executive Council had to make over the budget program, do budget program or make over the proposed budget. Documentation is done by all the full staff whoever can give excess clip. Therefore is there had been proper deputation of duties, it will be more efficient.


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