The Application Of Theory To Practice Social Work Essay


A community Development undertaking should be able to show the public wellness pattern in entireness, use the public wellness theories and set into pattern the community development rules. One of the rules is being able to turn to the precedence demand of the community with their full engagement thereby authorising them and most significantly working within the societal theoretical account of wellness.The societal theoretical account of wellness is a theoretical frame work which considers the wellness of persons and the community as a consequence of complex and interacting societal, economic, environmental and personal factors. ( Ottewill and wall, 2003 ) . This model operates on the belief that improved wellness and well-being is achieved by concentrating on the societal and environmental determiners of wellness in tandem with biological and medical factors. The societal theoretical account of wellness says that 50 % of our wellness is determined by wider determiners such as Housing, Income and educational degree which affects non merely the persons but the community as a whole ( CDHN, 2009 ) , hence a community development attack to wellness efforts to work upriver, concentrating on the root cause of sick wellness such as poorness and educational disadvantage.

Kelleher and Marshall ( 2002 ) suggested that working within the societal theoretical account of wellness licenses persons and communities to build their ain definition of wellness and hence identify of import factors that influence wellness depending on the specific context.The construct of a community is based on the idea that how people behave and their well-being is influenced by their interaction with others ( SCCD, 2001 ) . An grounds based definition of a community is a group of people with diverse features who are linked by societal ties, portion common positions and prosecute in joint action in geographical scene or location.

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This definition hence qualifies the Muslim adult females in Glasgow North as a community.This brooding essay purposes to give an account and in depth analysis of a non governmental Scottish charity undertaking run by Muslim adult females for Muslim adult females in Glasgow, with a position of placing good pattern, relevancy to public wellness pattern development and the application of the theory to pattern. The topic of the community arrangement will be referred to as ‘the resource centre ‘ through out this essay in order to protect the existent names and individualities of the centre and its staff.

The resource centre handles societal affairs like racial torment, mourning, divorce instances, entree to instruction, forced matrimonies, in-migration affairs, mental wellness issues, relationship affairs, lodging issues and domestic Violence.For the intent of this essay I would be concentrating on Domestic Violence. This write-up will travel a long manner to explicate and critically analyze the extent to which the protection, proviso and bar of domestic force against adult females project identifies with public wellness pattern. A brief reappraisal of the literature of domestic maltreatment will be discussed thenceforth. I will afterwards analyze the undertaking while discoursing issues like wellness demand appraisal, wellness inequality, partnership planning, monitoring and rating as good public wellness patterns identified in the undertaking. I intend to eventually discourse the contemplation and relevancy of the survey while doing the necessary recommendations.

Domestic Violence and Public Health

Domestic force could be defined as any incident of endangering behaviour, force, or maltreatment ( psychological, physical, sexual, fiscal, and emotional ) between grownups who are or have been in intimate spouses or household members irrespective of gender or gender. Gender-based force includes a host of harmful behaviors that are directed at adult females and misss because of their sex, including married woman maltreatment, sexual assault, and dowry-related slaying, and matrimonial colza, selective undernourishment of female kids, forced harlotry, female venereal mutilation and sexual maltreatment of female kids.

Vulnerable individuals or a kid in the environment where they are witnessing domestic maltreatment are besides inclusive. ( Scots Executive cardinal research unit, 2000 ) The British Medical Association ( 2006 ) explained in its publication that a kid who has witnessed domestic maltreatment has an increased hazard of sing mental wellness jobs in grownup live.Domestic Violence is associated with Health Inequality in the society particularly towards the adult females and kids. It constitutes the male maltreatment of power which occurs in all societal groups non caused by emphasis, intoxicant, unemployment, mental unwellness or by the adult females ( Scots Executive cardinal research unit, 2000 )Domestic Violence is a major public wellness issue impacting all age, socio- economic group and all sectors of life.. it is presently being recognized by the authorities non merely as a condemnable issue but besides as a public wellness affair ( Government proposal on domestic force, 2003 ) .Domestic Abuse is a lodging issue, human right issue, kid protection issue, mental wellness issue and all these harmonizing to the societal theoretical account of wellness are determiners of wellness.

A Recent study by the triennial maternal mortality ( CEMACH, 2004 ) showed that domestic maltreatment is a hazard factor for maternal decease and for the twelvemonth 2000- 2002 eleven new female parents were murdered within six hebdomads of giving birth by their spouses. It besides increases the opportunities of pregnant adult females imbibing, smoking which so affects the life of the unborn kid thereby increasing the babies ‘ mortality rate.The high prevalence of Domestic Violence impacts economically on the society. Support systems are overstretched ; there is increased cost of supplying medical attention for approximately 100,000 adult females seeking medical aid due to domestic maltreatment. A batch of adult females are stateless with about 7000 adult females and kids looking for safety shelter everyday ( Seymour, 2001 )Violence against adult females has late been recognized by the United Nations as a cardinal maltreatment of adult females ‘s human rights. The sensitivenesss and stigma associated with domestic maltreatment, the conceptualisation of it chiefly as a judicial and legal issue, and the deficiency of informations on the dimension of the maltreatment have hampered apprehension and the development of appropriate intercession ( Lori et al, 1994 )

Incidence and prevalence of domestic Abuse

Domestic force histories for between 16 % and one one-fourth of all recorded violent offense. ( Home Office,2004 ; Dodd et al.

, 2004 ; BCS, 1998 ; Dobash and Dobash, 1980 ) . Harmonizing to Stanko, ( 2000 ) an incident is reported to the constabulary every minute. Womans are much more likely than work forces to be the victim of multiple incidents of maltreatment, and of sexual force.

45 % adult females and 26 % work forces had experienced at least one incident of inter-personal force in their life-times ( Walby and Allen, 2004 ) , nevertheless when there were more than 4 incidents ( i.e. on-going domestic or sexual maltreatment ) 89 % of victims were adult females. In 2004 harmonizing to Walby and Allen ( 2004 ) there are 13 million separate incidents of physical force or menaces of force against adult females from spouses or former spouses doing an norm of 2 adult females a hebdomad killed by a male spouse or former spouse and this constitutes around tierce of all female homicide victims. ( Department of Health,2005. ) The British Crime Survey conducted in 2000 found that adult females are most likely to be sexually attacked by work forces who are known to them. 45 % of colzas reported to the study were perpetrated by current spouses. ( Home Office Research Study 237, 2002 ) .

One Scots study found that a bulk of work forces who said that they were victims of domestic force, were besides culprits of force ( 13 of 22 ) , and on being re-interviewed, a farther 13 subsequently said they had really ne’er experienced any signifier of domestic maltreatment. ( Scots Executive Central Research Unit, 2002 ) .On the international degree consistent findings has been recorded. An analysis of 10 separate domestic force prevalence surveies by the Council of Europe showed that 1 in 4 adult females experience domestic force over their life-times, and between 6-10 % of adult femalesSuffer domestic force in a given twelvemonth. ( Council of Europe, 2002 ) .Another survey done by the World Health Organisation, domestic force was found to be widespread in all 10 states studied, though there was considerable fluctuation between states, and between metropoliss and rural countries. ( Garcia-Moreno, C. , et al.

, 2005 ) .Krug et Al ( 2002 ) found that internationally 40 % -70 % of female slaying victim were killed by their spouse and about 4 % – 8 % of work forces. Domestic force is internationally acknowledged to be one of the major wellness Inequalities impacting adult females peculiarly, and forms a important obstruction to their having effectual wellness attention. ( World Health Organisation,1997 ; United Nations, 1993 ) . Different signifier of maltreatment is been experienced by adult females with spouse maltreatment ( non-sexual ) being the most normally experient type of intimate force among both work forces and adult females.

28 % of adult females and 17 % of work forces reported holding experienced such maltreatment. ( Coleman et al. 2007 ) still hunt is besides was normally experienced with 9 % of adult females and 7 % of work forces reported holding Experienced it in the last twelvemonth with obscene or endangering phone calls being the common signifiers. ( Coleman et al 2007 ) . About half of adult females ( 48 % ) who had experienced confidant spouse force since the age of 16 had experienced more than one type of intimate force. Work force were less likely to hold experienced multiple signifiers of intimate force ( 33 % ) . ( Coleman et al.

2007 ) Serious sexual assault was most likely to be committed by person known to the victim ( 89 % of female and 83 % of male victims ) . Merely over half ( 54 % ) of female victims reported that a spouse or ex-partner had been the wrongdoer. ( Coleman et al. 2007 ) .

Women besides suffer from non sexual household maltreatment ( coleman at al.2007 )Domestic force has immense impact both physically, psychologically, and wellness wise on both the adult females and their kids A survey of 200 adult females ‘s experiences of domestic force commissioned by Women ‘s Aid, found that 60 % of the adult females had left because they feared that they or their kids would be killed by the culprit. ( Humphreys & A ; Thiara, 2002 ) . In the same survey, 76 % of detached adult females suffered post-separation force, and more than half of those with post-separation kid contact agreements with an opprobrious ex-partner continued to hold serious, ongoing jobs with this contact ( Humphreys and Thiara, 2002 ) .

There are a greater hazard of homicide by these adult females at the point of separation or after go forthing a violent spouse. ( Lees, 2000 ) .A survey showed that 42 % of all female homicide victims, compared with 4 % of male homicide victims, were killed by current or former spouses in England and Wales inthe twelvemonth 2000/01.

This equates to 102 adult females, an norm of 2 adult females each hebdomad ( Home Office, 2001 ) . Domestic force was found to be “ the individual most quoted ground for going homeless ” ( Cramer and Carter 2002 ) .Violence against adult females has serious effects for their physical and mental wellness, and adult females who have experienced maltreatment from her spouse may endure from chronic wellness jobs of assorted sorts. ( Stark and Flitcraft, 1996 ; Williamson, 2000 ; British Medical Association, 1998 ; Crispand Stanko, 2001 ) Abused adult females are more likely to endure from depression, anxiousness, psychosomatic systems, eating jobs and sexual disfunction. Violence may besides impact their generative wellness. ( WHO,2000 ) . 70 % of incidents of domestic force consequence in hurt, ( compared with 50 % of incidents of familiarity force, 48 % of alien force and 29 % of mugging. ) ( Dodd et al.

, 2004 ) 75 % of instances of domestic force consequence in physical hurt or mental wellness effects to adult females. ( Home Office, 2001 ) The cost of handling physical wellness of victims of domestic force, ( including infirmary, GP, ambulance, prescriptions ) is ?1,220,247,000, i.e. 3 % of entire NHS budget. ( Walby, 2004 ) The cost of handling mental upset due to domestic force is ?176,000,000. ( Walby,2004 ) . Between 50 % and 60 % of adult females mental wellness service users have experienced domestic force, and up to 20 % will be sing current maltreatment. ( Department of Health, 2003 ) .

Domestic force has been identified as a premier cause of abortion or still-birth ( Mezey, 1997 ) , and of maternal deceases during childbearing ( Lewis and Drife, 2001, 2005 ) .Children are besides enormously affected by domestic force. At least 750,000 kids a twelvemonth informant domestic force. ( Department of Health, 2002 ) . And Children who live with domestic force are at increased hazard of behavioral jobs and emotional injury, and mental wellness troubles in big life.

( Kolbo, et al. , 1996 ; Morley and Mullender, 1994 ; Hester et al.,2000 ) About three quarters of kids on the ‘at hazard ‘ registry live in families where domestic force occurs and 52 % of kid protection instances affecting domestic force.

( Department of Health, 2002 ; Farmer and Owen, 1995 ) .


Community development means a community engagement that helps people to assist themselves by promoting them to be involved in corporate activities to finally work out a common job and purpose towards accomplishing common end ( Gilchrist, 2007 ) . Barr and Hashagen ( 2000 ) described community development as a docket that comprise of procedures like authorization, acquisition, democracy and results, backed up by good support, staff, information, proper rating and airing. Some of the cardinal Qualities of a good community development undertaking as suggested by the Scots Government ( SE, 2004 ) are, community engagement, community acquisition and development ; the usage of cognition, accomplishments, beef uping and bettering communities, people led development and the function of the single spouse in determination devising. Bettering public services and supplying buttocks to chief watercourse services for both the high and low socio economic category is besides really of import ( SE, 2004 ) .

The resource centre follows a community development attack holding the Muslim adult females as the mark community and their undertakings of have the above defined functions as they are all community led undertakings which finally empowers the people of the community. it is service user positive and involves full engagement from people of the community. they center has bead in Sessionss for clients during hebdomad yearss, free entree to computing machines and a resource library incorporating an spread outing scope of books, cusps, magazines, on different subjects particularly on Islamic subjects peculiarly Focused towards adult females.

Information on services and resources in Glasgow and remainder of Scotland is besides available in the library.They center is managed by both staff and voluntaries who give high quality service to the community and in return receive preparation, work experience, make New friends and frequently increase their assurance, accomplishments and cognition.The sustainability program for mwrc appeared to trust on the sponsorship of the spouse organisations for both the preparation and running of the organisation. Gray, ( 2007 ) suggested that the possible to lend to sustainability is by direct action and by puting good illustrations of pattern particularly in the country of answerability. The Resource centre being wholly a voluntary organisation, receives funding from the council, Voluntary action fund, Scottish community foundation, Gannochy trust, Culture and athletics Glasgow, and adult females ‘s Fund for Scotland for sustainability. This sustainability agreement is non strong as it relies on unsure fiscal marks and a limited timeframe to accomplish those ( Gray, 2007 ) and could take to the disconnected expiration of undertakings once the support is no more.


Health need assessment offers a good return off point for a community development undertaking in order to hold targeted undertakings which are really good to the people of the community and it besides helps in forestalling wellness inequality ( Arblaster et al 1996 ) .

Billings ( 2002 ) described wellness demand appraisal as designation of factors that must be addressed in order to better the wellness of the population and as suggested by Twinn et Al ( 1990 ) involves the aggregation informations to place wellness demand of the community and its analysis to prioritize schemes in wellness betterment. They Local population could be involved to spot for themselves what they consider their precedence demands ( Billing 2002 ) . They engagement of the local community is normally employed in community development undertakings to guarantee that precedence undertakings are carried out and besides to undertake wellness inequality.

Bidmead and Cowley ( 2005 ) besides highlighted the importance of client/professional partnership towards advancing a fruitful wellness demand appraisal.In pattern the theory of wellness demand appraisal was applied in the resource centre which started its journey in 1997 and opened its doors to the populace in April 2002. It is a Scots charity run by adult females with the intent of interrupting down barriers and enabling Muslim adult females to take part in all facet of society without holding to compromise their belief and values. Following the wellness demand appraisal which was done through the engagement of the Muslim community, the critical demands and concern identified are Lack of cognition of aid available taking to hapless take up of mainstream services by Muslim adult females in demand, Lack of assurance that they mainstream services will be able to understand the issues impacting them and institutional favoritism forestalling consumption of services, Increase in Islamophobia and fright of favoritism and torment taking to diminishing interaction with mainstream society at all degrees and most significantly Family and marriage jobs.

In order to turn to these concerns, they operate at three different degrees, Working with policy shapers and mainstream supplier to get the better of the barriers to civic engagement and entree to services ; set abouting development work to construct the assurance of Muslim adult females, address their issues and advance societal coherence and supplying a scope of direct assisting services to adult females in a manner that meets their specific demands.As highlighted by Bidmead and Cowley ( 2005 ) the services of trained voluntaries were employed to further heighten the client/professional relationship thereby advancing better appraisal.


Partnership is a really of import construct in community development and public wellness as a whole as it underpins both public wellness policy and pattern. It is an indispensable tool being employed to undertake the societal theoretical account of wellness. it encourages community engagement and single functions and helps to co-coordinate the group activity in order to avoid convergence ( Warren et al 1974 ) .El Ansari et Al ( 2001 ) saw partnership as an official relationships among people who normally have same purposive end while Hudson and Hardy ( 2001 ) identified that partnership may non merely be official as it besides occurs between professionals and non professionals bing either horizontally or vertically between degrees ( Powel and Exworthy 2002 ) . Bidmead and Cowley ( 2005a ) defined partnership as “ A Respectful, negotiated manner of working together that enables picks ; engagement, and equity within an honest, swearing relationship that is based in empathy, support and reciprocality. Though argued by Challis at EL ( 1988 ) that partnership is word hard to give helpful significance in pattern, partnership could be seen as an effectual relationship between clients and practician geared towards accomplishing an purpose through coaction and active engagement ( Warren et al 1974 ) .

Partnership is presently been acknowledged in both authorities policy and pattern ( Scots Executive1998 ; secretary of province for northern Ireland 1998 ; secretary of province Waless 1998 ) as there is a bound to what an bureau working entirely on its ain can accomplish ( Huxham and Macdonald 1999 ) . Major progress in wellness involves betterment in all facet of populating both socially and economically ( Mckeown,1976 ) and this is merely accomplishable through collaborative attempts of single, community, organisations and Government ( WHO 1991 ) .Barnes and Sullivan besides argues that partnership is a major tool in undertaking wellness inequality as it enables authorities resources to be suitably and equally distributed to both the the rich and the cultural minority to better wellness services. Davis and Fallowfield ( 1991 ) suggested that partnership improves professional contentment and reduces stress though for effectivity aimed ends should be made clear and professional accomplishment and cognition upheld despite complimentary expertness of the community ( Bidmead and Cowley 2005a ) . Partnership though really good is non without some booby traps some of which are issues with co-ordination, fall ining up ends and policy, answerability and engagement ( Sullivan and skelcher 2002 ) .Douglas, ( 2009 ) feels that partnership working can go forth participants confused and ill-defined about their function one time there is deficiency of clear leading, counsel and support..He besides stated that substructure built around some person in partnership goes down one time the persons are no more.

The hazards and negative facet of partnership working include partnership overload and partnership weariness, the potency for exaggerating it ; hence there should be a bound to the figure that constitutes a feasible partnership ( Bamford et al, 2003 ) .Baginsky ( 2007 ) feels that most partnerships lack lucidity and consistence in usage of eligible standards and there is demand for lucidity of functions and delegating of duties. Inter-organizational partnerships is been seen as the key to better partnerships ( Hudson and Hardy 2002 ) . Despite these booby traps, development of partnership attacks is encouraged by policy shapers and the Government in community development undertakingsIn Practice, there are groundss of application of theory of partnership for illustration in order to further accomplish its purpose, MWRC is actively involved in partnerships and Advisory groups to enable community coherence, and overcome stereotypes and misconstruing between communities. They spouse with both the community, local bureaus, the authorities and international organic structures to promote community engagement and guarantee that more demand based undertakings are carried out.

They issue brought up by Hudson and Hardy ( 2002 ) is besides being applied by the resource centre as they are involved in inter-organizational partnership. As stated by Huxham and Macdonald ( 1999 ) a batch of accomplishment was made by the resource centre through their partnership with the Government and some local bureaus. Self employment chance workshop was organized in partnership with and delivered by Business Gateway Glasgow aimed at sensitising the adult females on the demand to be freelance to enable them to be financially dependent. Money Advice workshops organized in partnership with Glasgow metropolis Councils fiscal inclusion squad provided information about fiscal issues with the purpose of authorising adult females to let them to cover with fiscal issues and troubles. The participants found the workshop really enlightening and educating.

Support was provided for the scorch female parents through the Single female parents workshop organised in partnership with REED with the purpose of promoting individual female parents into the work force. They Muslim and cultural minority adult females were through the Stairss to excellence for personal success a programme built around the nucleus construct of the Pacific institute Affirmed of the right of all persons to accomplish their God given potencies and empower people through instruction and preparation to let them to acknowledge their ability to take growing, personal freedom, and personal excellence. The effectivity of partnership engagement and single functions ( Warrens at el 1974 ) were really apparent in the pattern of the resource centre.Having discussed the theories of Community development undertakings, wellness demand appraisal and partnership with their application in pattern, I would so discourse Health inequality, Monitoring and Evaluation.


Health inequality has been a cosmopolitan job though Darey Smith et Al ( 2001a ) described it as inequality in wellness experienced by black and minority cultural groups. Health inequality has long been associated with ethnicity and socio -economic statue ( Acheson 1998:11 ) . .

The international community emphasizes the importance of undertaking inequalities as a affair of urgency ( WHO, 2005 )Baggort ( 2000 ) described wellness inequality as the unfairness or the inequality that are seen as being unjust. Health inequality is a major issue for public wellness practician working at the community degree and attempts are made to indentify what can be done at the local degree. Arblaster et Al ( 1996 ) and Gillies ( 1998a, B ) commented on the effectivity of inter-sectorial partnership as a manner of undertaking wellness inequality. public wellness practicians can ease partnership with relevant bureaus for specific wellness demand of the people every bit good as advocator for those demands ( Roberts 2000 ) .

Lobbying of policy shapers at all degrees to act upon wellness policies has besides been seen as manner of tacking wellness inequalities ( Muir Gray 2001 ) and the usage of media has been found really effectual ( Chapman 2001 ) .Advocacy and Lobbying is one of the tools employed in the resource centre for illustration through Advocacy the provides a voice for Muslim adult females that contribute to the authorities audiences, policy, and Strategy in grownup acquisition issues. The protagonism programmes include professional protagonism, face to face with the service user and ongoing protagonism in household issues.

Besides through representations in the acquisition nexus Scotland policy and Executive commission, consciousness is being drawn to the demands and issues impacting Muslim adult females entree to acquisition and instructionRoberts ( 2000 ) stated that engagement of the people of the community to place their wellness demand and taking action towards solution through development of healthy life undertakings help to undertake inequality every bit good as make people of the lower socio economic position and minority group have entree to the wellness attention. Patterson and Judge ( 2002 ) besides suggested that referral systems in wellness attention and place visiting are besides really effectual ways of cut downing wellness inequality. In Practice, there are grounds of the immense attempt made to forestall wellness inequality and increase the handiness to wellness attention by the cultural minority particularly the Muslim adult females. Information, Advice-Free, confidential religion and culturally non judgmental information and advice on Domestic Abuse and household issues is provided chiefly through bead in Sessionss and besides by assignment. Service users ab initio receive appraisal and aid on their first visit and as encouraged by Patterson and Judge ( 2002 ) referrals are made with their understanding for other services in the chief watercourse or elsewhere.

The service is provided in the service user preferable linguistic communication as most of the staff and voluntaries are bilingual and translators are besides available.The societal theoretical account of wellness considers how wider determiners than the presence or absence of disease have an impact on people ‘s wellness ( Dahlgren & A ; Whitehead, 1991, CDHN, 2005, Graham, 2007 ) hence the proviso of other services to assist increase the quality of life of the adult females. Such services are Reding provided by trained voluntary counsellors and reding attack is used with the service users to enable them do informed determination and picks. For many adult females this helps them to speak through personal issues while besides having practical aid, and for bulk of the clients the discovery this attack really appropriate. Formal guidance utilizing individual centered attack is besides provided where necessary, Provision of Helpline and Help get off service to offer information, advice and a listening ear in a religion and culturally sensitive manner. The Helpline operators speak English and besides have available translators and they use assorted mediums to make out to the most vulnerable and stray Muslim adult females in Scotland to guarantee equality in distribution of wellness attention. They helpline staff continue to endeavor to work in partnership with both mainstream and private sector organisation to guarantee that the Muslim adult females are able to prosecute and voice out their demands in the society. They Help mail is a dedicated confidential electronic mail reference available for adult females who would prefer the mail.

its receives over 200 mails and its increasing going popular with bureaus seeking advice and information on issues refering Muslim adult females. And the Provision of friends and support to isolated, lonely and abused Muslim adult females who lack assurance to make things entirely. A immense attempt is being made to guarantee that wellness inequality is prevented.

Monitoring AND Evaluation

The input in the PPP Project, the procedure, impact and result of the programmes of they project is monitored and evaluated most particularly through the response of the people sing all the activities, workshops and seminars. Monitoring and Evaluation was a uninterrupted procedure trusting to a great extent on feedback from questionnaires. The MWRC used these questionnaires to organize a model for monitoring and rating.

This method of rating is qualitative and when compared to the LEAP ( Learning, Evaluation and Planning, 2008 ) theoretical account led by demand, focused on results, engagement, partnership edifice and cognition enhancing, it has some similarities though does non follow it wholly. This signifier of rating besides aid to carefully supervise the undertakings progress while concentrating on the relation between inputs, end products and procedure ( Hashagen and Susan,2007 ) . This method of rating besides enables the designation of extra results as LEAP is a model that is designed to enable positive planned alteration to be made to the demands that have been identified. It is outcome focussed because the primary intent of community lead development is to do a existent, and mensurable difference to the quality of personal and community lives.In pattern, be aftering for alteration in response to the identified demand was done and an result focused rating carried out to measure the success of the action program.

A focal point on results is basically a focal point on consequences. As Stated by the Scots Government ( 2010 ) for the intents of dependable rating, the connexion between the demand identified, the action taken and the result achieved should ever be clear.Project study is besides written and sent to the funders, and policy shapers to demo which purposes and aims that are achieved and the extent to which the achieved aims lead to the desired outcome..A fiscal study is besides written at the terminal of every twelvemonth and sent to funders to demo answerability and how cost effectual the programmes were.

Using the LEAP theoretical account of rating, indexs are used to mensurate whether results were achieved and grounds collected as the undertaking goes along and in comparing the MWRC rating finally followed similar guidelines. Besides in comparing with the LEAP theoretical account Health hazard appraisal was done prior to the oncoming of the undertaking to place possible hazards and jeopardies.Some of the disadvantages of this method of rating is in the country of cost effectivity which merely incorporates QALYs as the wellness related outcome step ( Powell, 2007 ) and this as suggested by Powell ( 2007 ) could impact the sustainability of the undertaking.

With this method of rating the results measured are individualistic and could be influenced by prejudice and memory and the persons can non demo the impact of the undertaking on the community particularly in a short timescale ( Hashagen and Paxton,2007 )They major restrictions or challenges encountered in the undertaking are ; deficiency of Funding or funding stoping and taking to stop of a undertaking, holding to cover with in-migration issues of most of the clients, linguistic communications barrier, and preparation of all the staff and voluntary but despite these challenges, accomplishments were made over the last twelvemonth. Some of the accomplishments are ; Inputs at colza crisis cultural position of domestic maltreatment preparation and Ethnic enable domestic maltreatment preparation, Helpline advert being aired on Islam channel and helpline support awarded for farther 3 old ages, Lunch of ‘Muslim Women voices ‘ study and support awarded for household guidance, mediation, and Advocacy undertaking till March 2011, Input at cruse Scotland AGM on reding Muslim, forced matrimony Conference in partnership with Tayside constabularies, Humanistic disciplines and societal inclusion Jewellery doing workshops to authorise the adult females and Participation in Highlandss and islands equality forum conference The ‘Muslim Womans have your say ‘ Scotland broad anniversary events, observing 10yrs constitution and 5 old ages presenting services.

Contemplation WITH GIBBS MODEL

I would be using the Gibbs theoretical account of contemplation ( 1988 ) as it the best theoretical account for the contemplation of this arrangement which is based on merely observation. Johns Model ( 1994 ) and Kolbe larning rhythm ( 1984 ) tends to demand a more in-depth participatory experience which makes them unsuitable for the undertaking.


When I choose the Amina adult females resource centre for my arrangement, I was non quite sure of the sorts of community development undertakings that would be ongoing at the resource centre though I identified Muslim adult females as a community bearing in head that a community is a group of people with diverse features who are linked by societal ties and portion common position in a geographical scene or location.During my several visits to the resource centre I realized that the centre is a charity organisation run by Muslim adult females for Muslim adult females which was established following the designation of the critical demands and concern of the adult females which are ; deficiency of cognition, assurance, , family/marriage jobs and increase in favoritism and torment taking to deficiency of entree to mainstream activities and they operate at three different degree which are with policy shapers, set abouting development work and proviso of direct assisting services.

They center is managed by both staff and voluntaries who give high quality service to the community and in return receive preparation, work experience, make New friends and frequently increase their assurance, accomplishments and cognition. The Resource centre being wholly a voluntary organisation it receives funding from the council, Voluntary action fund, Scottish community foundation, Gannochy trust, Culture and athletics Glasgow, and adult females ‘s Fund for Scotland.The Centre maps within the societal theoretical account of wellness which is a good quality of a good community development undertaking and it handles several societal issues runing from societal isolation, unemployment, instruction, fiscal issues, in-migration affairs, lodging, disablement and Domestic maltreatment which has systematically being the highest per centum of all other instance over the old ages. The addition in the figure of instances of Domestic maltreatment brought about the development of the bar protection and proviso ( PPP ) of force against adult females undertaking and this is in maintaining with the rule of a good community development undertaking which should be able to turn to the precedence demand of the people every bit good as educating and authorising the community.I did non hold contact with the participants. I accessed the undertaking by speaking to the counsellors and the staff at the centre and through some written informations.I observed the centre is service user positive and involves full engagement from people of the community with bead in Sessionss for clients during hebdomad yearss, free entree to computing machines and a resource library incorporating an spread outing scope of books, cusps, magazines, on different subjects particularly on Islamic subjects peculiarly Focused towards adult females.

Information on services and resources in Glasgow and remainder of Scotland is besides available in the library. Peoples from different cultural group with different linguistic communications are attended to and treated every bit with no favoritism at any degree of the service proviso.MWRC provided a extremist model for its undertakings by prosecuting in inter-sectorial partnerships, community based actions and resources to accomplish its purposes


Majority of the jobs encountered in running the undertaking are due to funding. I noticed that some of the support will stop before the completion of the undertaking and this mounts a batch of force per unit area on the organisers. Besides observed was fact that most of the spouses are non so certain of their functions in the undertaking, though Partnership working at both local and international degrees is a powerful tool in running undertakings and really good attack towards the bar of wellness inequality There should be definite definitions of the function to forestall confusion and besides to see to the accomplishment of the purposes of the undertaking. I besides would urge that a sustainable agency of funding be sought for in order to accomplish set ends of the undertaking.

There were minimum grounds of wellness hazard appraisal done before get downing the undertaking on the portion of the community and this is really of import and should be done to find foreseeable jeopardies that may bechance on both the organisers and participants of the undertaking in order to cut down the hazards to the barest lower limit.


The major purpose of MWRC is to develop the Muslim community, better their ego regard and wellness by interrupting down all the barriers to enable the Muslim adult females take part in all facet of the society and this purpose is in maintaining with the current tendency in public wellness pattern which is to guarantee equality and good wellness at all degrees.Domestic Abuse has over the old ages increased in prevalence and is going a immense public wellness issue with the females being more of the victims of maltreatment.

This addition was noticed at the MWRC and lead to the development of the Protection, proviso and bar undertaking. The centre recognizes the community as an of import factor and aims to develop single and community capacity through community acquisition, preparation, community engagement and development in order to impact their lives. It can be argued that the development of the PPP undertaking was initiated by the people of the community as a manner of raising their consciousness to the issue within their community and proviso of support to adult females confronting maltreatment.

The undertaking receives immense community engagement and its being evaluated by the response of the people through Questionnaires which is used as a modelPartnership working at both local and international degrees is a powerful tool employed by MWRC in their assorted undertakings and this is a really good attack towards the bar of wellness inequality. Partnership besides enables combined attempt geared towards accomplishing the set out ends.In turn toing wellness inequality, MWRC, were actively involved in Advocacy programmes, intersectorial partnerships, Lobbying of policy shapers to act upon wellness policies.

The usage of referral systems were besides employed to heighten buttocks to mainstream services and undertake the issues of wellness inequality.This survey provides of import information about current attitudes and beliefs of wellness attention suppliers toward domestic maltreatment diagnosing and direction, which can be instrumental in planing appropriate clinical intercessions to better attention in primary attention scenes.