THE article in a magazine: it is said



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the research paper, there will be the introduction of the process of
development of VR, which is divided into some steps of its development.


advances have resulted in labor saving devices for the home, the garden and the
office. People’s job has become so easy because of thousands of smartphone
APPs which you can download from Internet. Communication has become so simple,
so fast through the internet, with wireless connections, laptops, mobile phones
and all the other devices we have close at hand. Entertainment has become
normal as every can enjoy it, you can gain happiness through online games,
music, movies and so on.


such a modern society where technology develops so quickly, to satisfy the
needs of jobs, communication, and entertainment better, the need of a new kind
of technology turn into a hot topic. Here comes our topic-VR, the virtual
reality technology, which means that submit your real five senses by some
digital information to make you believe it is your real life.


2.     The

people think that the process of the development of VR is no longer than 10
years. However, in fact the origin of the concept of VR could be traced back to
1938, a French dramatist describe the word “la réalité virtuelle” (the virtual
reality) in his works, even before the invention of electric computer. Of
course, during that period (1930s~1965) VR is just a fantasy, which always
present in literary works. For example, “Brave new world” written by Aldous
Leonard Huxley, “Pygmalion’s Spectacles” written by Stanley Weinbaum, “The Veldt”
written by Ray Douglas Bradbury and so on.


1956, Sensorama, a three-dimensional film system which can provide a
multisensory experience, was invented. However, the current data suggest that
Morton Heilig won the patent for Telesphere Mask in 1960, which looks like modern
VR headset. By 1967, Morton Heilig had constructed a virtual reality system,
known as Sensorama Simulator, which was the first VR system in human history.
Starting with Morton Heilig, VR continues to be a famous topic in the literary
world, but scientists and engineers are beginning to step in this unknown


1963, futurist Hugo Gernsback explored his invention, Teleyeglasses, in an
article in a magazine: it is said to have been a head-mounted TV viewing device
he conceived 30 years ago. Makes the VR devices have a more specific name:
Teleyeglasses, recreating this word means the device is composed of TV, eyes
and glasses. VR technology is still a little different from said today, but it had
already planted the seeds of this field.

1965, American scientist Lvan Sutherland had proposed a new theory of
human-machine collaboration that felt real and interactive, and soon after, the
air force began using virtual reality technology for flight simulations. His
theory, then to practice Lvan Sutherland developed visual immersed in 1968 low
stereo display and head position tracking system. At the same time in the
second year of an ultimate display — – Dharma Sword (Sutherland). From the
chart, the sword of Damocles like today’s VR devices. But is subject to the
environment, this thing just like the invention of the front two, all
component, to link the external accessories. However, through the efforts of
these people, VR has finally separated iteself from science fiction, virtual
reality and beginning to take shape. From this moment, virtual reality
technology will step in next stage.


3.     PAST

Myron Krurger proposed the concept of “Virtual Reality” in 1973, the
focus on this piece began to grow. Fantasy of VR extends from fiction to film.
The 1981 science fiction writer, Vernor Steffen’s novel “Real Name”
and in 1984, William Gibson published important science fiction
“Neuromancer” is about the description of VR. Additionally, in 1982,
directed by Steven Lispeler, Jeff Bridges, who starred in a drama called
“Tron,” was released. The film has brought VR to the public for the
first time, and had a profound impact on similar subjects which we can see now.


the 1980s, the American tech scene began to generate a buzz of VR, which even
appeared on the cover of Scientific American and National Ask. In 1983, the Department
of Defense Advanced Research projects agency (DARPA) together with the army the
simulation network (SIMNET) plan, then NASA began to develop a virtual
environment for Mars visual display. The virtual reality device, called VIVED
VR, which serves NASA, will help astronauts enhance their space work during
training. In 1986, the concept of “virtual workbench” was also
proposed, with naked 3D stereoscopic displays being developed. In 1987, Nintendo
game company launched Famicom System 3D glasses, use active shutter technology,
through the adapter to connect to the Nintendo video game used Musical
Instruments, if earlier than its most famous Virtual Boy for nearly ten years.


the most famous of the 80’s was VPL Research. The VR company pioneers by VR
Jaron Lanier founded in 1984, then launched a series of VR products, including
VR gloves Data Glove, VR head and Eye Phone Isaac, Audio Sphere surround sound
system, 3D-engine, VR system operation Body Electric, etc. Once again, the word
“Virtual Reality” has been formally recognized and used. Although
these products are expensive, Jaron Lanier’s VPL Research is the first company
to bring VR devices to the civilian market, making him the father of virtual


addition to the popularity of movies whose topic is about VR like “The Matrix”,
numbers of tech companies have also been making a big push for VR during this
period. In 1992, Sense8 company developed the “WTK” software
development kit, which greatly shortened the development cycle of the virtual
reality system. In 1993, Boeing used virtual reality technology to design
Boeing 777 aircraft, the same year SEGA launched SEGA VR. In 1994, virtual
reality modeling language and modeling language emerged to lay the foundation
for network transmission and interaction of graphical data. In 1995, Nintendo
launched Virtual Boy, one of the most famous game peripherals, but it was a
revolutionary product that was too avant-garde to be recognized by the market.
In 1998, SONY also launched a virtual reality device that sounds cool but has
plenty of room for improvement. 6


the 1990s, companies that basically had a relationship with VR wanted to be
able to “layout” VR, but most failed, mainly because the technology
wasn’t mature enough and the cost of the product was high. But this generation
of VR tries to lay a solid foundation for the accumulation and expansion of
later VR.  At the same time, virtual
reality has been promoted further in the world, and despite the lack of market
recognition, it has greatly enriched the technical theory in the field of



of the population of smartphone and personal computer. The VR finally meet a breakthrough.


August 2012, 19-year-old Palmer Luckey the Oculus Rift is placed on the shelves
of the raised platform Kickstarter, for just a month or so, get the support of
9522 consumers, harvest all $2.43 million to raise funds, the company
successfully entered the stage of development, production. Two years later, in
2014, Oculus was acquired by Internet giant Facebook for $2 billion. This event
strongly spurred technology and capital market.


2014 to now, some big companies are launching their own VR products. Google’s
Cheap, easy-to-use Cardboard, Samsung’s Gear, Sony VR, and HTC vive.


addition, VR has already some people’s job as the substitution
of CAD1. there are many national sectors are trying to develop the social
productivity by VR, like VINNOVA (Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems), and
the NFFP6 program. 2



VR technology has a glary future and all kinds of application in millions of
fields, like training workers to operate the machine3 and enhancing the
analysis and validation of digital products4, many people still have a wrong
understanding of VR, thinking that it is just for entertainment like movies and
games. Additionally, the price of VR facilities is so high that not all people
can afford it, for example, the most popular VR headset-PlayStation®VR (a
product from Sony company) will cost 2999 RMB (about 453 dollars). I think
there is still a long way to go that company should make the price of VR
facilities lower and try to make it more popular.




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