The atomic power and the effort of United

US military event I would want to experience in person would be the Manhattan
Project.  This is because of the lasting
effects of the Manhattan Project are undoubtedly significant, after the US ended
WWII by destroying Nagasaki and Hiroshima with an atomic bomb this hurled us
into the atomic age which could be said as one of the most significant
developments in recorded history.  Among
the bomb’s most obvious consequences, the destruction of these two cities contributed
to the origins of the Cold War.  The
American ownership of a monopoly on atomic power and the effort of United
States officials to practice atomic diplomacy led to American-Soviet
differences and confrontation.

            Confrontation was inevitable from
the beginning when FDR made the decision not to inform the Soviet Union of the
nuclear advancements, after FDR’s death President also decided to keep nuclear
information a secret.  Eventually, Truman
mentioned the existence the bomb to Stalin at the Potsdam Conference, but he
did not provide specifics about the bomb or its intended uses. Truman did not necessarily
threaten Stalin with the bomb, Truman recognized that the bombs existence alone
would limit the Soviet options and would be seen as a risk to Soviet national
security. During the middle of 1945, it was obvious the Soviets would enter
into the Pacific theatre and interns have a seat at the table when discussing
the postwar balance of power in the region. The bomb was more to scare Soviets
than to defeat Japan.  Curtis LeMay states,
“the atomic bomb had nothing to do with the end of the war.”  He is right the bomb had nothing to do with
the end of the war its real intention was to scare the Soviets.  The U.S. was already thinking about the
post-war world and how they could limit Soviet gains when the map of Europe was
redrawn.  They thought that there would
be a shock and awe effect of using the bomb would make the Russians more
manageable during post-war negotiations.

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