The billion users worldwide, brands need to have

social media landscape is fascinating and ever-changing. New platforms emerge every
now and then to capture the attention of users and marketers alike. The
question successful social markers typically ask is “how do I achieve my
marketing strategy on this platform?”


is not a new social media platform. In fact, it will be turning 15 years old in
2018. With its more than 500 million users, it’s more than a job board, it’s now
evolved into a content-first personal branding and networking channel. Over 2
million doctors and nurses are on LinkedIn. For healthcare marketers who want
to reach specific HCP audiences, LinkedIn is an important channel to consider. The
key to success is to create enticing and educational content that reach larger
HCP audience while staying compliant with their ad policies.


is the most mature platform for marketers, especially for healthcare products.

By 2018, there will be parity between Facebook ad spend and print ad spend. With
2.3 billion users worldwide, brands need to have a Facebook strategy to reach their
target audience. Facebook health team.


Messenger is not a new platform, but with over 1.3 billion users and improved advertising
capabilities, it’s a promising area for businesses to explore and reach users
on mobile in 2018. Companies like KLM and Hyatt already use Facebook messenger for
booking management and customer service. Based on a recent test by hubspot, delivering
marketing messages is much more successful on Facebook messenger than via
email. Facebook messenger sees significantly higher open rate and


care and seamless social experience are at the center of messenger. With the
help of AI chatbots, brands can understand most of the questions and provide
useful answer in real time. Another way to utilize messenger is to


need to be clear about their social strategy and goals. They need to assess
where target audiences are, what types of content would best fit to tell brand
stories, and what value each platform provides to meet brand objectives.


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