The Blind Side Essay

Taken in by a comfortable household and offered a 2nd opportunity at life. a homeless adolescent grows to go the star jock projected to be the first choice at the NFL bill of exchange in this sports-themed comedy play inspired by writer Michael Lewis’ best-seller The Blind Side: Development of a Game. Michael Oher was populating on the streets when he was welcomed into the place of a conservative suburban household. but over clip he matured into a gifted jock. As the NFL bill of exchange attacks. fans and athleticss wireless personalities likewise speculate that Oher will be the hottest choice of the twelvemonth.

Sandra Bullock stars in a movie written and directed by John Lee Hancock ( The Rookie. the Alamo ) . ~ Jason Buchanan. Rovi Rating. 8-10 Content and account of why you chose this text for your AOS The unsighted side is inspirational film about a fighting character named Michael Oher. He lives in a low socio- economic vicinity where everyone’s broke. run down and populating off the doll. A lady known as Leigh Anne Tuohy notices that Michael is fighting. Leigh being a rich white lady and being good known for acquiring her manner starts to assist Michael.

Through the film Leigh discovers Michael’s jobs and besides alterations perspective on people like Michael. She helps unravel Michael and trades with his jobs and helps him with his instruction. Leigh besides changes through the film whilst assisting Michael. By the terminal. Michael is adopted into the household. He goes to college and becomes a 1st class NFL participant. I chose this text because it demonstrates how people can alter perspectives no affair what race. faith. economic position or visual aspect.

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This text explains how people should see others alternatively of merely reading a book by its screen. It besides shows how far people are willing to alter their position on others an illustration of this would be. when Leigh is around her friends. They are disquieted that Leigh is taking Michael in at a rapid rate and non believing about the effects. They are taking Michaels visual aspect and seeking to utilize it against Leigh “I think. what you’re making is so great. To open up your home… to him. Honey. you’re altering that boy’s life. No. He’s altering mine.

That’s awesome for you but what about Collins? What about Collins? Aren’t you worried. I mean. even merely a small. He’s a male child. a big. black male child. kiping under the same roof. Shame on you! ” This is an illustration of how Leigh defended Michael against her friends. It is demoing that Leigh is easy changing and is get downing to gain that it’s non ever about her. her friends all her commissions that she’s associated with. She besides realises that people are get downing to detect what she is making and they are disquieted. Analysis of Textual characteristics: The Blindside’ is an first-class text that explores the construct of altering positions. particularly socially and personally. Both of these of these characteristics are explored through the characters of Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Tuohy. Hancock uses Mise en Scene in the gap sequence to symbolize journey of the supporter. This technique conveys the disparity of socio-economic position within the one town. for case. in the ghetto. a tramp pushes a trolley full of debris and in the richer suburbs a adult female pushes her kid in a baby buggy.

This is of import because it shows the protagonist’s ( Michael Oher ) future journey from low to high socio-economic position. The usage of a close-up shooting in this scene helps the audience to empathies with Leigh’s realization that it’s non merely about altering Michael’s life. but that they need to get down assisting anyone who is in the same class as Michael. The close-up shooting is supported by the duologue. Word picture tracks the development of the character and is of import because it demonstrates the journey and come on the character makes within the narrative.

This is clearly shown through Leigh Anne’s costume. where the first clip we see her she wears pure. blunt white. but as the movie moves on she becomes more insouciant which shows that she has changed from the beginning of the film. What the text conveys about the Area of survey: In order to alter the universe. one must first alter themselves – as Ghandi stated “Be the alteration you want to see. ” Leigh Anne Tuohy demonstrates this construct when she states. “You know what I think we should make? We should get down a charity for childs like Michael…

Lord knows that school could utilize a small coloring material. Michael’s like a fly in the milk at that topographic point. ”This demonstrates that Leigh’s realization that it’s non merely about assisting Michael. but that they need to get down assisting everyone who is in the same class as Michael. Leigh wants to oragnise a charity to acquire childs like Michael and to acquire their lives on path. Leigh is altering her position as she is gaining that Michael is the lone dark child in the school and is the biggest. She besides wants Michael to suit in by non looking like an person.

At the clip Michael hasn’t opened up and is still really quiet and diffident. He shows this through a missive he wrote about himself. which a instructor noticed. “He knows it. He threw this in the trashcan. “I expression and I see white everyplace: white walls. white floors. and a batch of white people. The instructors do non cognize I have no thought of anything they are speaking about. I do non desire to listen to anyone. particularly the instructors. They are giving prep and anticipating me to make jobs on my ain. I have ne’er done prep in my life.

I go to the bathroom. expression in the mirror and state. “This is non Michael Oher. ” He entitled it “White Walls. ” At the clip Michael wants to merely give up. It shows that he isn’t prepared to alter. He besides knows that he is an single and most people are afraid because of his visual aspect. Through the film Michael starts deriving assurance an illustration would be. when Michael goes to the shop with Leigh. Leigh is afraid because she is out her comfort zone and is new to Michael’s country. “I’ve lived in Memphis my whole life and ne’er been anyplace near here.

You’re traveling to take attention of me. right? I got your dorsum. ” This demonstrates that Michael is willing to protect Leigh Anne. This is demoing that Michael is deriving assurance and is get downing transform. At the last scenes of the film. Michael opens up and tells the research worker. “I want to travel at that place because that’s where my household went ( old girl ) ” . This shows that Michael has wholly changed because he backs up his new household ( Tuohy household ) . He tells the research worker and it that he has regard for his new household.


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