The book written by John Boyne. It is

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a  book written by John Boyne. It is about a boy called Bruno and Shmuel forming a forbidden friendship. Bruno is located on the opposite side of the fence of the concentration camp that Shmuel is trapped in because he is a jew.  When the Novel was converted into a movie, numerous things were different but some thing stayed similar or the same. One of the differences that the director made while changing the book to a movie, was setting. In the book, the Bruno’s family’s house in berlin had 5 floors, based on the author. But in the movie, bruno’s house in berlin only has 2 floors but is a wide house. “It was a very beautiful house and had five floors in total.Boyne 5” Another difference seen is, in the movie and the book, bruno always snuck out to go see Shmuel on the other side of the fence. What they don’t mention in the book is that bruno doesn’t go through the storage room’s window in order to get to meet with Shmuel. Another thing noticed is that in the book, Bruno could see well the concentration camps from his new house in berlin. Because he could pick out how skinny they were and what they were wearing. But in the movie, it seems as if he doesn’t really know that. The reason for this is Because the concentration camp is further than the house then it is in the movie. Adding on, there is a small forest and a river that separates Bruno’s house and the concentration camp.Another difference that was made between the book and the movie is the change in characters. In the book , it keeps saying that whenever Bruno went to visit Shmuel, he grew skinnier and more grayer day by day. But in the movie  there is no sign of Shmuel getting more skinnier like it says in the book. “He seemed to get even thinner by the day and his face was growing more and more gray. Boyne 161” This shows that in the book Shmuel is getting more kinnier. But in the movie, it shows the viewers that Shmuel is getting more weaker   because he is not getting food in the concentration camp, and bruno doesn’t know this important fact. Another character that is different in the movie is gretel. In the movie it shows scenes when Gretel is reading newspapers and listening to the radio about what Hitler is doing. And near the middle of the movie, her room is transformed with nazi posters and hitler propagandas. Although in the book there is no mention of Gretel transforming her room. This is a sign of Gretel being more naive in the book then in the movie because she doesn’t know much about what’s happening around her. One similarity between the novel and the book is father. In the book and the movie, father likes his privacy alot. He makes it clear that he doesn’t anyone coming into this office without special permission from himself. “Father’s office, which faced the dining room- and was Out of Bound At All Times And No Exceptions-.. Boyne 10” This shows that it is made very clear to Bruno, and to the rest of the family, that they can’t enter Father’s office. Also, in the movie, it clearly shows that nobody can enter Father’s office because Bruno seems to take glimpses at his Father’s office but never dares to go inside until a scene when gretel and Bruno get called into his office. And this science is the only time they enter Father’s office. This is clear evidence that Father’s office is respected very well and only entered when Father tell you to. Concluding, the differences that the director while changing the novel into a book was setting, and  character. But one similarity that stayed throughout the book and movie is father.


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