The Complete Works of Shakespeare Essay

Helen Keller one time said “The Fearful are frequently caught with the bold. ” This was with mention to danger. She believed that those who avoided danger met danger every bit frequently every bit frequently as those who confront it. Shakespeare’s Hamlet has its portion of the fearful and the bold. and both fearful and bold were met by a tragic decease. There were legion cases in the drama that presented this. The whole cause of the secret plan of the drama. the decease of King Hamlet. is an illustration of this.

He is known to hold conquered lands and fought a batch of wars. He can be considered one of the bold for he faced decease caput on and yet the ground why he died was non through his wars but alternatively he got killed in his ain backyard. literally. This illustration is a perfect specimen as to why Helen Keller made the statement. It is precisely this. wherein he was killed in his ain place. that she has this belief. Death. need non be found in unsafe evidences. for it can standing right outside your door.

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Somehow. the adage intimations at some signifier of destiny or fate but in the instance of Hamlet. the adage is made true because of a miasma of actions between King Claudius and Hamlet. Due to their demand to decide the issues between them – for Claudius to conceal his offense and for Hamlet to revenge is father – indirect harm in the signifier of the lives of the people around them were affected. if non taken off. It is Claudius and Hamlet that face their fates and yet. the 1s fearful for them received the same destiny. Ophelia is the most guiltless character in the drama.

She followed her father’s advice after being told that Hamlet will merely interrupt her bosom. For fright of it being true. she obeyed her male parent. but this didn’t salvage her from the sorrow that she will see subsequently. In the procedure of assisting Hamlet. Polonius dies by his manus and this drives Ophelia insane due to the utmost sorrow that she felt. She couldn’t protect herself from emotional hurting that she tried to avoid. Queen Gertrude. who merely wanted her boy and her new hubby to acquire along. ended up being poisoned.

She. excessively. wanted to assist her boy and protect him from whatever malady it was that he was sing. She was afraid for Hamlet’s wellness and life. In the terminal. she was poisoned by a drink that was meant for Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are the dynamic couple that tried to assist their friend. The ground why they went to Denmark was to seek and comfort Hamlet for the decease of his male parent and seek to unify him with his stepfather and uncle. Unwittingly. they were conveying Hamlet to his decease.

In their heads. all they were making was conveying Hamlet to England to let him clip to recover. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were killed alternatively. In the instance of Hamlet. the adage “The fearful are caught every bit frequently as the bold” applied to the people that surrounded Hamlet. This is what normally is called indirect harm. the harm that is inflicted on those beside the existent mark. Besides. these people who surround Hamlet are non at all mindful of their ain danger. As a affair of fact. it ne’er occurred to them that they will meet decease.

However. they were afraid for Hamlet. Due to their fondness for Hamlet. these characters tried to do him happy. protect him from himself. and protect him from others. In the terminal. all these people. afraid him. died tragically. even before Hamlet himself died. Therefore. those who were fearful for Hamlet were caught every bit much as the bold Hamlet in the calamity of his retribution.


Shakespeare. William. “Hamlet” . The Complete Works of Shakespeare Ed. George Lyman Kittredge. Boston: Grolier Incorporated. 1936: p. 1147


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