The Complex Nature Of The Profession Social Work Essay

There are a figure of accounts to the inquiry of, what is societal work? This could be due to the complex nature of the profession ; for illustration, globalization, cultural diverseness, and human behavior, all contribute to the complexnesss. The societal work profession seeks to advance societal alteration, in order to develop a more civilized, empathetic society in which subjugation and favoritism are non tolerated. Examples of favoritism and subjugation are ; agism, racism, sexism, and poorness, this could be due to the compartmentalization of people, by society. However, it could be argued the societal work profession, which is governed by many Torahs, promotes societal alteration in order to maintain societal control ( Horner, 2009 ) .The international Federation of Social Workers gives this definition:“ A profession which promotes societal alteration, job resolution in human relationships and the authorization and release of people to heighten wellbeing. Using theories of human behavior and societal systems, societal work intervenes at the point where people interact with their environments. Principles of human rights and societal justness are cardinal to societal work ” ( 2001, cited in NISCC, 2003 ) .

What has motivated me to analyze societal work?

I have wanted to analyze for a grade for a figure of old ages but the timing in my life had to be right for my kids.

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I was a croupier in my mid-twentiess and have continued to work in this field up to when I started my grade. I knew I did non desire to go on this calling when my kids became less dependent, for a figure of grounds ; viz. , there was no occupation satisfaction in the industry and this I struggled with. Becoming a individual parent nine old ages ago, has given me a considerable sum of clip to self-reflect on who I am and what I want to accomplish in my life.

Due to negative media coverage of the societal work profession, I ever assumed a societal worker merely dealt with abused kids and this was non something I would hold considered as a calling. However, three old ages ago I met a societal worker through a friend and we started discoursing her occupation and all it in entailed.The more we talked I was shocked the societal work profession was so wide, covering all countries of assisting people and non merely kids. I knew so this was the calling I wanted and all the life experiences I had gone through, had led me up to this point in my life. I have grown up in a wide multi cultural community in a disadvantaged portion of East London, from a big low working category household.

I feel this environment has helped me to understand and value diverseness issues infinite people are faced with in mundane state of affairss and will be valuable to me when advancing an anti-discriminatory pattern. I believe I have a batch of life experience which would profit the industry, as I am an unfastened minded individual and 1 who has strong values.“ It could be argued that the function of societal work is to lend to societal stableness, to guarantee that the degree of societal discontent does non make a point where the societal order may be threatened.

A generous reading of this function is that it is geared towards enabling disadvantaged members of society to work efficaciously in society ” ( Thompson, 2009 pg19 ) .

How do others comprehend my values and abilities?

In order to reply the inquiry ‘how do others comprehend my values and abilities? ‘ I asked two of my closest friends and both stated I have high degree of values and trueness, when it comes to household and friends. They said I was a good function theoretical account for my kids and others ; I was trusty, honest, generous, caring, kindhearted and a realist. My abilities are, I am a good job convergent thinker, ever give 100 per-cent, have good inter-personal accomplishments, I am adaptable to any given state of affairs, eager to larn, knowledge motivates me, empathic, dislikes subjugation, I strive to authorise people, and I treat people how I like to be treated. They besides said I communicate highly good, I am a good hearer, I am unfastened to oppugning myself and I am exceptionally open-minded.

In our communicating and inter-personal accomplishments category, we participated in a group exercising, which involved composing what our four cupboard household members or friends thought of us and so we had to compose down what we thought of our spouses. This exercising was originally pioneered by Charles Cooley ( 1902 ) , Cooley saw worlds as holding a ‘looking-glass ego ‘ ; their sense of who they were mirrored on how others see them. When reflecting on what my friends said about my value and abilities, it did mirror what I wrote down. Therefore, I do experience I have a realistic sense of who I am, who I want to be and what my abilities are.“ Reflexivity extends into the creative activity of self-identity. Peoples can progressively take who they want to be.

They are no longer stuck with the functions in which they are born and confined by the dictates of tradition. Within the bounds of the chances available to them, people can progressively determine who they are and who they think themselves to be ” ( Hararlambos & A ; Holborn, 2008 pg513 )

What type of scholar am I?

Last twelvemonth at college the acquisition manners graph ( see appendix 1 ) indicated my strengths were lone, ocular and a societal scholar. To be lone scholar, this suggested I could concentrate more in private and I was independent when it came to my surveies. I could associate this to how I studied last twelvemonth, as this was how I felt most comfy. A ocular scholar looks at images, images, colorss and maps to assist them with their surveies. However, I knew this would assist me, but it was non one of my strengths.

It implied I was a societal scholar and this I agreed with wholly. However, my two chief strengths contradicted each other but I did take certain qualities from each group which enabled me to better my acquisition.This twelvemonth my acquisition manners graph ( see appendix 2 ) indicated my strengths were ocular at 92 % , auditory at 69 % and practical at 77 % . In comparing to last twelvemonth ‘s graph they both specify my acquisition is enhanced when I am able to visualize something.

Although I could non associate to this last twelvemonth, I now realise this is my preferable scheme. However, this twelvemonth ‘s graph suggests my failing is listening and although I do non wholly agree with this, I know this is non strength of mine. My practical consequence suggests my strengths are working with others, every bit good as one to one and I agree with this.Although the graph last twelvemonth indicated I was an all unit of ammunition learner my failing was verbal. I did happen this to be accurate, as this was a failing I felt at the beginning of college. I had ideas in my head and thoughts I could non interpret in the manner in which I would hold liked to. I do experience analyzing the entree class last twelvemonth, enabled me to better in this country through category treatments and formal presentations to make with our assignments ; where we are required to talk in category and set our thoughts across to others. This country of my acquisition I hope will increase dramatically through analyzing my grade, as it will be imperative to me when I became a societal worker.

What factors affect my acquisition?

My attack to larn could be described as methodical because I carefully plan my assignments in a punctilious mode. I am eager to larn new things and informed cognition motivates me. Bing dedicated to my larning I believe to be an priceless quality which I possess. However, there are factors which do impact my acquisition and can turn out to be disputing at times.

The chief job I have is I find it highly hard to analyze in the eventide. My concentration degrees lessening as the twenty-four hours goes on and so I try to utilize this clip to read and organize my files.There are times every month when I get a complete mental block to analyzing and I have managed to nail the cause to biological accounts ; this factor has affected my acquisition well. However, to seek and assist with this I have started taking herbal redresss, viz. , omega three and flushing primrose oil, which have been proven to help in concentration and for aid with cut downing female endocrine degrees.

How do I go an effectual ‘problem convergent thinker ‘ in my life?

Bing a individual parent has enabled me to go an effectual job convergent thinker on a figure of occasions in my life.

When I am faced with a job in my personal life or for household and friend, I take my clip in analyzing the state of affairs and what would be the best result for all involved. I keep an open-minded attack in order to ease in supplying solutions to the job. I feel it is indispensable to concentrate on all the positive facets of the quandary and to be able to be non-judgemental is important.“ A job is anything that either brings about negatives ( hurting, enduring hurt, anxiousness and so on ) or blocks positives ( wellness, fulfillment, satisfaction, advancement in accomplishing our ends and so on ) or a mixture of the two. In a sense, holding a job can be defined as being in a state of affairs that we want to acquire out of. Problem-solving methods are hence tools we can utilize to assist people acquire out of such state of affairss ” ( Thompson, 2006 ) .

When finishing an emotional intelligence questionnaire ( see appendix 3 ) I scored well high in the ‘using emotions ‘ subdivision of the accomplishments profile. It stated my job work outing capacity was I make considerable usage of feelings and emotions to assist bring forth thoughts and work out jobs. Overall the profile chart indicated I was mean to high on most things and the countries I need to work on were symptoms and self-denial.When it comes to jobs which may originate when analyzing for my grade, I have composed a SWOT analysis ( see appendix 4 ) . This tool has assisted me when looking at my strengths, failing, chances and menaces. It enables me to remain positive when certain factors affect my acquisition and when I compiled the SWOT tool, I was immediately cognizant my strengths outweighed my failings.

This has helped vastly, for at times I can hold uncertainties about my abilities and have a deficiency of assurance with respects to larning.The chances and menaces portion to the SWOT tool facilitate in equilibrating the external factors which can make jobs with my acquisition. Again the positive facets, ( the chances ) are far greater than the negative menaces that may originate. Overall the SWOT tool can be used when seeking to analyze a state of affairs which needs all countries covered in order for it to be resolved and surely one I will be utilizing in the hereafter.

How have I worked co-operatively with others?

My natural ability is I work good under force per unit area and strive to make accomplish the best I can in any given state of affairs. I feel I work good entirely and with groups, enabling me to hold a good capacity for larning. In my clip working in casinos I was an inspector, which entailed working as a squad with the trader, and direction. Due to my professionalism and being able to work under force per unit area, I was promoted to work in the most esteemed locales where the gambling was at its most outstanding. I am adaptable in all state of affairss and I feel this has been because of the life experiences I have gained.

In my voluntary work, I late had to go to Crown Court with a squad of professionals. My function was to help a vulnerable immature lady to rehab if she were to be released. It took many hours of waiting, due to a test taking longer than expected. As a squad we used this clip to guarantee we had all the information from the assorted bureaus and the barrister, to do certain everything was in topographic point if the client was to be released. Therefore, holding the ability to co-operate good in a squad did enable me to be effectual when working with others and as a pupil societal worker I understand the importance of group work and being able to pass on good.

“ Groups can supply a more effectual environment to see authorization because they can be used to retroflex or excite the larger society ; in many respects they are microcosms of the wider society, but more conformable to alter, at both a personal and a group degree ” ( Doel & A ; Sawdon, 1999 pg13 ) .

How do I go more effectual, independent and confident autonomous scholar?

My strengths are I am an organized individual and I have first-class clip direction accomplishments. I have managed my clip by utilizing a diary and refer to this day-to-day, doing certain I am maintaining to the marks which I set myself on a hebdomadal footing. Having two kids to care for has given me this cognition to be organised and to enable me to pull off my clip consequently. However, at times this has proved disputing as being an independent scholar does affect a grade of subject. To enable me to go more effectual, independent and a confident scholar I have prepared a S.M.

A.R.T undertaking tool ( see appendix 5 ) . This helps in puting marks in my diary which are relevant to my surveies. It facilitates in prioritizing my assignments and enables me to be realistic about time-frames I set myself. I believe utilizing these schemes will assist me when I become a societal worker to efficaciously enter information and written communicating.

How do I associate my acquisition to the modern-day context of societal work pattern?

There are a figure of issues the societal work profession are faced with in the twenty-first century, viz.

, poorness, favoritism, child development, category division, inequality, mental wellness, increased life anticipation, differences in civilization, resources and denationalization. All these factors increase the complexnesss of societal work and if these issues environing societal jobs are non addressed, the long term effects will go greater. In order to modulate the societal work profession there are a figure of administrations which societal workers have to follow with, viz. , the National Occupations Standards for Social Workers, the General Social Care Council and the British Association of Social Workers. The chief intent of modulating societal attention workers is to uphold competent pattern which is seen nationally and to guarantee everyone is treated every bit ( Wilson et al, 2008 ) .The societal work profession works with people in a assortment of different ways appropriate to single fortunes, to assist them accomplish independency and exert their homo and civil rights. All these factors contribute in authorising vulnerable people with the tools to enable them to better their quality of life. Supporting independent determination devising is at the bow of societal work and the Codes of Practice stipulate employers adhere to the criterions set out nationally ( Thomson & A ; Thompson, 2008 ) .

As a societal work pupil and a member of the GSCC it is imperative I uphold the codifications, to guarantee I am run intoing the national criterions with my acquisition and to advance high quality pattern. Below is the six Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers:Protect the rights and promote the involvements of service users and carersStrive to set up and keep the trust and assurance of service users and carersPromote independency of service users while protecting them every bit far as possible from danger or injuryRespect the rights of service users whilst seeking to guarantee that their behavior does non harm themselves or other peopleUphold public trust and assurance in societal attention servicesBe accountable for the quality of their work and take duty for keeping and bettering their cognition and accomplishments

Personal dev program

In order advancement and develop my acquisition for the remainder of this twelvemonth and following academic twelvemonth, I have devised an action program ( see appendix 6 ) . This action program consists of countries of failings I believe curtail my acquisition, for illustration, limited ICT accomplishments, time-restraints, household committednesss and deficiency of cognition. The action program will enable me to set my personal development on paper and one time they ‘re on paper, it is straightforward in turn toing my ends for the hereafter. Furthermore, by seeing my end on paper, I am forced to develop clear guidelines for what success will look like and I am forced to give myself realistic deadlines to follow with. Overall, I feel the schemes I have put in topographic point for developing and heightening my acquisition capablenesss, will ease in my future academic old ages and hopefully in my calling as a societal worker.



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