The distribution channel: Based on Off-premise (Off-trade) Convenience

The NS3 Pro(sports
drink)  drink is a part of functional
drinks and also driven by
the emerging trend for health & wellness, along with balanced diet  among the physically fit and fitness conscious
people. Moreover, this sports drink comes under the revitalizing category known
as “Functional Beverages.”


NS3 Pro focus on specific performance
needs, including strength, body & brain building supplements, fat
burners/lean mass products, short term energy product and long term endurance
product. These flavors of drinks have evolved to be part of the health and
wellness sector. This market has improvised by offering several benefits, which
are not only restricted to physical wellness but also fulfill the mental needs.

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As a leading beverage company with an
impressive global presence. The company’s products will reach the market
through the following three channels: direct store delivery (or DSD), customer
warehouse, and third-party distributor networks. NS3 Pro chooses the relevant
distribution channel based on customer needs, product characteristics, and
local trade practices. Our company final goal is the product should be reach to the end user.

So, we feel that as a new release product. Our product should need
advertisements. Then constantly our product will reach to end users
undoubtedly. So, we preferred third party distributor networks approach is a
successful approach.  which  listed below,

On the basis of distribution channel:

on Off-premise (Off-trade)

Drug stores

on On-premise (On-trade)

service/sports nutrition chain


We are a worldwide sports
drink organization working in exceedingly focused classes and depend on
proceeded with interest for our items. To create incomes and benefits, we
should offer items that interest to our clients and to purchasers. Any huge
changes in purchaser inclinations or any powerlessness on our part to foresee
or respond to such changes could bring about diminished interest for our items
and disintegration of our aggressive and money related position. Our prosperity
relies upon: our capacity to foresee and react to shifts in buyer patterns,
including expanded interest for items that address the issues of customers who
are progressively worried about wellbeing and health; our item quality; our
capacity to broaden our arrangement of advantageous sustenance’s in developing
markets; our capacity to grow new items that are receptive to shopper
inclinations, including our Fun-for-You, Better-for-You and Good-for-You items;
and our capacity to react to aggressive item and estimating weights. For
instance, our development rate might be unfavorably influenced on the off
chance that we can’t keep up or develop our present offer of the fluid
refreshment drink advertise in North America, or our present offer of the
tidbit showcase all around, or if interest for our items does not develop in
rising and creating markets.


When all is said in done,
changes in item classification utilization or customer socioeconomics could
bring about diminished interest for our items. Buyer inclinations may move
because of an assortment of variables, including the maturing of the all
inclusive community; customer concerns with respect to the wellbeing impacts of
fixings, for example, sodium, sugar or other item fixings or traits; changes in
social patterns that effect travel, excursion or recreation action designs;
changes in climate examples or occasional utilization cycles; negative
reputation (regardless of whether substantial) coming about because of
administrative activity or prosecution against us or different organizations in
our industry; a downturn in monetary conditions; or expenses that would build
the cost of our items to purchasers. Any of these progressions may lessen
shoppers’ readiness to buy our items. See additionally “Changes in the
lawful and administrative condition could restrain our business exercises,
increment our working expenses, diminish interest for our items or result in
case.”, “Our money related execution could endure on the off chance
that we can’t contend successfully.”, “Horrible monetary conditions
may adverse affect our business comes about or budgetary condition.” and
“Any harm to our notoriety could have a material antagonistic impact on
our business, budgetary condition and consequences of operations.”

Our proceeded with
progress is additionally reliant on our item advancement, including keeping up
a hearty pipeline of new items and enhancing the nature of existing products, and
the adequacy of our item bundling, publicizing efforts and showcasing programs,
including our capacity to effectively adjust to a quickly changing media
condition, for example, through utilization of web-based social networking and
web based promoting efforts and advertising programs. Despite the fact that we
dedicate noteworthy assets to the activities specified above, there can be no
affirmation as to our proceeded with capacity to create and dispatch fruitful
new items or variations of existing items or to successfully execute
publicizing efforts and advertising programs. Also, both the dispatch and
continuous accomplishment of new items and promoting efforts are innately
questionable, particularly as to their interest to buyers. Our inability to
influence the privilege vital ventures to drive advancement or effectively to
dispatch new items or variations of existing items could diminish interest for
our current items by adversely influencing customer view of existing brands,
and in addition result in stock benefits and different expenses.

Changes in the legal and
regulatory environment could limit our business activities, increase our
operating costs, reduce demand for our products or result in litigation. 

The lead of our organizations,
including the creation, stockpiling, circulation, deal, publicizing,
showcasing, naming, wellbeing and security practices, transportation and
utilization of a considerable lot of our items, are liable to different laws
and directions controlled by elected, state and neighborhood legislative
offices in the United States, and also to laws and directions managed by
government substances and offices outside the United States in business sectors
in which our items are made, fabricated or sold, incorporating into rising and
creating markets where legitimate and administrative frameworks might be less
created. These laws and directions and understandings thereof may change, now
and then drastically, because of political, financial or get-togethers. Such
changes may incorporate changes in: nourishment and medication laws; laws
identified with item naming, promoting and advertising rehearses; laws in
regards to the import of fixings utilized as a part of our items; laws in
regards to the import or fare of our items; laws and projects went for
diminishing fixings exhibit in sure of our items, including sodium, immersed
fat and included sugar; administrative activities focusing on the nibble
sustenance or refreshment enterprises, for example, confinements on the offer
of tidbit and drink items in openly controlled settings or confinements on the
utilization of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to buy certain
bites or drinks; expanded administrative investigation of, and expanded case
including, item cases and concerns in regards to the consequences for wellbeing
of fixings in, or qualities of, sure of our items, including without constraint
those found in caffeinated drinks; state customer security laws; tax collection
necessities, including charges that would build the cost of our items to
purchasers; rivalry laws; work laws; protection laws; laws directing the value
we may charge for our items; laws managing access to and utilization of water
or utilities; and natural laws, including laws identifying with the direction
of water rights and treatment. New laws, controls or administrative arrangement
and their related elucidations, or changes in any of the previous, may adjust
the earth in which we work together and, thusly, may affect our outcomes or
increment our expenses or liabilities.


If we are not able to
build and sustain proper information technology infrastructure, successfully
implement our ongoing business transformation initiative or outsource certain
functions effectively, our business could suffer.

We depend on information technology
as an enabler to improve the effectiveness of our operations, to interface with
our customers, to maintain financial accuracy and efficiency, to comply with
regulatory financial reporting, legal and tax requirements, and for digital
marketing activities and electronic communication among our locations around
the world and between our personnel and the personnel of our independent
bottlers, contract manufacturers, joint ventures, suppliers or other third-party
partners. If we do not allocate and effectively manage the resources necessary
to build and sustain the proper information technology infrastructure, we could
be subject to transaction errors, processing inefficiencies, the loss of
customers, business disruptions, the loss of or damage to intellectual
property, or the loss of sensitive or confidential data through security breach
or otherwise.


We have embarked on multi-year
business transformation initiatives to migrate certain of our financial processing
systems to enterprise-wide systems solutions. There can be no certainty that
these initiatives will deliver the expected benefits. The failure to deliver
our goals may impact our ability to process transactions accurately and
efficiently and remain in step with the changing needs of the trade, which
could result in the loss of customers. In addition, the failure to either
deliver the applications on time or anticipate the necessary readiness and
training needs could lead to business disruption and loss of customers and





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