The Dreamer
In the book, The Dreamer, what country does the protagonist and his family live in?
What is the favorite pasttime of the protagonist, Neftali, which causes his father to be upset?
Neftali causes himself and his older brother to be late for school often.  Why?
He like to collect any interesting rocks, sticks, bugs, or objects along the way.
What real life poet is the book The Dreamer inspired by?
Pablo Neruda
What kind of animal does Neftali and his little sister, Laurita, try to nurse back to health?
a swan
What indiginous people does Uncle Orlando try to save from destruction by the local businessmen?
What was the name of Uncle Orlando’s newspaper?
La Manana
What object did a young boy push through a hole in the fence for Neftali?
a toy sheep
What object did Neftali give back to the young;child that gave him the toy sheep?
a pinecone
What speech problem plagued Neftali and caused his father to berate him?
he has a stutter
What did Neftali keep in the drawer in his room?; These were his prized possessions.
words written on folder up pieces of paper
What did Neftali’s older brother Rodolfo love to do but was not allowed to do by father?
What is the title of Neftali’s essay that Uncle Orlando read at the dinner party?
Enthusiasm and Perseverance
What did the Chilean people believe would happen if the Chucao bird called from the right of you?
good luck and happiness
What did the Chilean people believe would happen to you if the Chucao bird called from the left of you?
bad luck and disappointment