The due to ecological destruction. We are now

The 11th Hour, which is a documentary film
produced to raise public awareness regarding the pressing issue that we are
facing recently due to ecological destruction. We are now facing a great
problem regarding depleted state of the environment. It is a great reminder for
many of us as people are still being complacent and taking things for granted, assuming
that we are different from other creatures and we have priorities than them as
we created our own environment. However, it is not true at all.

It showed many apocalyptic scenes at the
beginning of the documentary, such as floods, hurricanes and forest fires. The
impact on ecological destruction can be seen from climate change and other
catastrophic events that many of us assume that they are natural instead of
man-made. It then emphasizes on the main cause of these situations. During Industrial
Revolution, we have been heavily depending on the steam engines and the use of
fossil fuels for different purposes. Besides, the human population has been
growing exponentially, more resources are required to sustain a larger
population and as time goes by, the scare unrenewable resources are depleting

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This slowly deteriorates our ecosystem as
well as bringing negative impacts to our future generation. Global warming is
the most obvious and profound consequences of burning fossil fuels, which raise
the levels of carbon dioxide. Temperature are constantly rising as lesser
amount of carbon dioxide released back to the atmosphere due to deforestation
and drought. Furthermore, melting of the Antarctic ice sheets causing less amount of solar energy being reflected
back into the space, which also increase the temperature further. If no immediate
actions are taken to stop global warming, it is mentioned that the earth might
end up become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees Centigrade, which
is not suitable for human to live in.

Besides, the film also pointed out that
deforestation is another cause of climate change. If forests are destroyed and
tress are not replanted, the land will become extremely dry and cannot be reused.
Desertification and soil erosion can be expected. Secondly, as there are no
trees to capture the water like a sponge, there will be flood happening at
those areas after deforestation. Other than that, it also causes the loss of
habitat for the wildlife species. It showed us that we are indeed the main
culprit of all these disasters. They did not happen naturally, but it is us who
cause them to happen as human beings are constantly destroying the forests to
get benefits.

Next, it is also mentioned that we did not
calculate all the things that nature does for us compared to the economists of
the world. For example, carbon dioxide released to the air and oxygen absorbed
back in. It is estimated that nature was doing twice as much service for us as compared
to the economists. But what we are doing every day is not repaying to the
nature but rather continually destroying it. We are constantly working hard to
get luxurious lives, for instance, bigger houses and branded cars to fulfil our
own desires for materials. However, we have forgotten that there are more
important and serious environmental issues waiting for us to settle and

Then, practical solutions are offered where
we can design and build self-sustaining buildings by integrating food
production and energy generation into a system. As such, renewable energy like solar
energy can be used to replace unrenewable resources. We can also make use of
the technology to solve this issue. For example, instead of creating more
automobile, a diversified transport system can be introduced to reduced fuel consumption.
This shows that there are many feasible methods to save our environment, but we
have to put words into actions before it is too late as there is no use crying
over spilt milk.

It can be concluded using a single equation
which describe the drivers that cause the environmental problems, which is
Human Population, P + Material Affluence, A + Technology, T = Human Impact, I.
Human population has been increasing drastically resulting in more land use,
resource use and causing more pollution. As human population increases, the
consumption of each person in the population increases as well. Technology
nowadays has improved to increase efficiency. However, as human population and
material affluence are still increasing exponentially, the overall environmental
impact will increase as well.

The film ends with the message that it is
our choice to restore the earth by transforming human activities as there is very
limited time for us to fix the problems. It is not too late to heal the world
and save our planet, we shall act promptly to resolve all the environmental
issues. Nevertheless, it presents a formidable problem if we are still being
ignorant and oblivious about saving the environment, the world that is gifted
to us might be destroyed by us one day and the future generation will be
blaming us as we did not protect the world as it is.


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