The easily, but to stay strong tenaciously, think

The housing affordability of Hong Kong ranks the least affordable city in
Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey conducted by Demographia
recently for 406 cities around the world. The housing price in Hong Kong has
experienced substantial deterioration and life of citizens becomes hard because
of this. Facing the intense problem in the society. I always wonder if there
will be capable measure to tackle with it.

            This unreasonable housing phenomenon
in Hong Kong has spurred my interest in economics and that’s why I chose
Economics as one of my electives in my high school. Learning the basic concepts
of Economics in high school, how government intervention can make the economy
fluctuate a lot etc, I have found what I want to learn in university, economics
and management.

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            I have practiced “GO” chess for a
couple years. Each step of “GO” chess will lead to a totally different
consequences of the whole game and thus it requires a highly concentration,
patient and able to bear hardship in order to win the game. Throughout the
training and learning, I have learnt not to renounce so easily, but to stay
strong tenaciously, think in different aspect in order to solve the problem
adequately. Fortunately, I won a team champion in “Siu Kei Shing Cup” held by
the Hong Kong Chinese Chess School. Just like economics, there are a bunch of
ways to clinch an economic problems, but never will there be a way to overcome
it perfectly. What we do is to consider each method analytically in certain
aspects to maximize the benefits brought to public and to minimize the cost.
The learning of “GO” chess has enhanced my problem solving skill a lot and
potentiate in further Economics studies.

            Besides, I am one of the organisers
of Leadership Camp for the secondary school. Forming a group of 10 organisers
to hold a camp of around 150 people is never a simple job. We had to decide
whether which campsite was the most suitable destination, when to start the
event, how long we should stay etc. We have done much preparation work to
ensure smooth rundown of the event such as going to the campsite before the
camp to decide where different games and functions can be held in the campsite,
simulate the games before the camp to ensure that participants can enjoy much
joy and learn the skills the camp emphasises – leadership skills. Fortunately,
everything was under control and we did spend a great time there. I am really
grateful that I can be involved in organizing this event that I could
experience of managing hundreds of people I have never had before. My interest
of studying management has been intrigued since then and devote myself in it.

            Life balance is important. Besides
have vocation experience, I also enjoy engaging in different sorts of extra
curricular activities, and now I am a member of Hong Kong Youth Volleyball Team
(under the age of 18). I took part in Mock Legislative Council held by Hong
Kong Youth Leaders Association and enhance my awareness on Hong Kong politics
environment. I hope one day I can turn Hong Kong to be a better one.

            I don’t want to be the frog in the
well knowing nothing of the great ocean so I hope I can continue my college in
the UK, explore more innovative ideas here and meet people of different
background. I will study Economics and Management assiduously to seek for the
birth of proactive ideas that can change Hong Kong or even entirely the whole


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