The female reproductive system is the complex structure



The female reproductive system is the complex
structure of internal and external sex organs which matures at puberty,
enabling to production of gametes and the ability to nurture a growing foetus. The
organs involved and their function are as followed;

The ovaries produce and release female gametes and sex hormones such as oestrogen
and progesterone. They are contained in a fibrous sack consisting of the cortex
which houses the eggs and a medulla that contains most of the ovaries blood
vessels and nerves.Uterus: This is the strong muscular sack
made up of three layers; the inner lining (endometrium), middle muscular layer
(myometrium) and the outer layer (perimetrium. Its function is to provide
nourishment for the unborn foetus.Cervix:
Acts as a passageway, having both a superior and inferior opening. These
openings are blocked by a mucus plug except during menstruation and before
ovulation to allow the prepared sperm to reach the secondary oocyte.Bladder:
An elastic, muscular sac which urine from the kidneys is stored. Urine enters the
bladder via the ureters and exits out of the urethra.Rectum:
The terminal part of the large intestine through which waste products are
stored until excretion.Vagina:
A fibromuscular canal that provides a path for menstrual blood and foetus to
leave the body. It receives the male sex organ and sperm. The lining of the
vagina is lubricated by the vaginal mucus glands. Urethra:
Tube which transports and discharges urine from the
bladder to the vaginal opening.

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Located at the anterior apex of the vulva, the clitoris is highly sensitive to
stimulation during sexual pleasure.Labium minora: Located on either side of the
opening to the vagina the labium minora provides a thin, smooth protective
structure around the clitoris, urinary and vaginal opening.Anus: composed of two sphincters, it is the
opening of the rectum to the outside of the body.Labium
majora: Are two prominent folds that part of the external female genitalia. Its
job is to protect the softer tissues. The pubic hairs covering the labium
majora provide a barrier against friction.

tubes: The location in which the secondary oocyte is fertilised. Fimbriae surrounds
the ovary, guiding the oocyte into the fallopian tube. After getting fertilised
at the infundibulum the fertilised egg then passes round the curved section
called the Ampullar region before reaching the isthmus which opens into the
uterine cavity.


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