The First Telecom Company Of Pakistan Marketing Essay


Ptcl is the first telecom company of Pakistan. It was developed in 1947 when Pakistan came into beingn. Ptcl is the largest telecom company in Pakistan since 1947. ptcl is keeping immense telecommunication substructure in Pakistan and every telecom company usage ptcl substructure as a basic substructure, wether that is mobil company or fixed line.Ptcl is besides market leader in the CDMA engineering in Pakistan with more so 0.8 million endorser of Vfone.

Ptcl is keeping the taking place in our countary as an basic substructure supplier toother companies and ptcl have the potency to go in one of the chief facotors of economic growing of Pakistan.Ptcl laid optical fibre in the chief citieas and of import countries of the state and get down bettering the engineering by traveling from Cu to optical fibre. Ptcl besides invest in the log distance international substructure, the SEA-ME-WE pigboat overseas telegram capacity is increased to run into the increasing demand of international and internet traffic.Harmonizing to the announcement of telecommunication Act 1996, Pakistan telecommunication authorization ( PTA ) is a regulative organic structure of telecommunication. Then Pakistan telecommunication authorization exercising his poweraccording to 1996 Act, and give exclusivity of basic telephone to PTCL for seven old ages ( means Pakistan telecommunication authorization gaive monopoly to PTCL in basic telehony ) and this monopoly ends 0n 31december 2002.

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Then in 2006-2007 every organic structure know that in Pakistan there is a enormous encouragement in the nomadic phone sector. In this clip period the figure of endorser additions 100 % autonomic nervous systems teledencity increases from26 % to 40 % . Due to which the benefits of telecommunication spread throughtout Pakistan and subscriber of PTCL mobile phone subsidery Ufone grew from 7.49 million to 14 million which is about 87 % addition.China telecom company besides enter iin to market in this twelvemonth with the name of Zong. At that clip, ptcl take a majour enterprise, from the terminal client prospectives, in the form of Broadband Pakistan service launch and this was the first measure toward wefare of client and supplying value added services and easiness to the client.With the lounch of broadband ptcl open a new watercourse of gross and besides provide benefit of high velocity cyberspace to the client. Then late PTCL come u with wireless wide set named EVO and EVO nitro ehich velocity is about 9.

1MBPS and this engineering is foremost introduced in Pakistan in the whole universe by ptcl.

Company background

Initially at the clip of 1947 when Pakistan came into being there was merely a stations & A ; telegraph section which provide the telecom services to Pakistani state. Then in 1962 pakistan telephome and telegraph section was developed. Since start ptcl is the market leader and largest participant in Pakistan telecommunication. Ptcl have immense web throughout Pakistan but still their policies and work pull criticize of civial society of Pakistan and little rivalas.Under the Pakistan telecommunication corporation Act 1991, Pakistan telecommunication corporation coup d’etat the operations of telephone and telegraph section.

This measure lucifer with the authorities policy and pull other companies from private sector and they are awarded with licenses for nomadic, card- based, informations communicating service and pay phones.Continuing the effectual policy that authorities have in 1991, they announced that authorities is be aftering to privatise PTCL and in 1994 authorities issue 6 million verifiers that will be exchangeable in 600 million portions. Each portion have par value of 10 per portion and that verifier will be converted into portions in mid of 1996.In 1995 pakistan telecommunication regulation develop foundation for the monopoly of PTCL in basic telephone in the whole state for seven old ages and this monopoly is given in October 1996 through Pakistan telecommunication Authority Act. And at the same twelvemonth Pakistan telecommunication company limited is developed and listed in the stock exchange.Then ptcl present his Mobile and informations service subsidery with the mane of Ufone in 2001 and severally Paknet. Both the trade name habit show any excess audnary public presentation or consequences in start but after some clip Ufone increase their market portion and paknet is still fighting. After that PTCL come up with new service of DSL and ptcl straight proctor that trade name by himself.

As monopoly of a company is traveling toward its terminal so company have to confront more large challenges and the station monopoly clip give encouragement to Pakistan telecommunication. Then in 2005 authorities decided to sell 26 % of portions of ptcl to any private corporation. And that was Etisalat which purchase 26 % portions of ptcl.

Etisalat is dubai based company.



To be the taking ICT service supplier in the part by accomplishing clients ‘ satisfaction and maximising stockholders ‘ value.The hereafter is blossoming around us. In times to come, we will be the nexus that allows planetary communicating. We are endeavoring towards mobilising the universe for the hereafter.

By going spouses in invention, we are ready to determine a hereafter that offers telecom services that bring us closer.MissionTo accomplish our vision by holding:An organisational environment that Fosters professionalism, motive and qualityAn environment that is cost effectual and quality wittingServicess that are based on the most optimal engineering“ Quality ” and “ Time ” witting client serviceSustained growing in net incomes and profitablenessCore Valuess

Professional Integrity

Customer Satisfaction


Company Loyalty

Organization construction

Learning AND Experience

Internship continuance & A ; rational for choice:

In this country of my internship study I have to discourse and advert what I had learned and experienced in different sections of PTCL with in the 8 hebdomad clip period of internship and the thought of internship before officially fall ining any organisation is to increase 1s interpersonal accomplishments, assurance, to set on a sense of duty and to explicate oneself with the overall office environment of an organisation.

MarCom Department: –

MarCom is the first section where I start my internship work and acquisition. Working in the MarCom Department of taking Telecom company of the state was an chance in itself for me. As PTCL is the largest telecom company in Pakistan I have immense chance to larn a batch of practicality which is somewhat losing on our Academic side.

On the first twenty-four hours of my internship I ‘ll travel straight to the MarCom section 2nd floor F block PTCL caput one-fourth G-8/4 Islamabad. Then sir Abdurrahman have me and take me to the office of Mam Lubna Jahangir G.M selling. Then she briefly Introduce me to their employees and so my learning clip period starts. This would non be off beam if I say the MARCOM section as a unit of PTCL ‘s commercial section which non merely respects their work but they besides be cognizant of their clients good.

Visit and analise One Stop Shop ( OSS ) : –

At my first twenty-four hours sir Aqeel Shigri ( S.M ) assign undertaking to the group of housemans including me to see the given list of OSS of ptcl and analyise the service of OSS functionaries, information available their in the difficult signifier, how many merchandise they are advancing and tidiness of the OSS.

We are restricted that the whole group must travel to each OSS. We visit all the OSS given in the list in a hebdomad clip. In this undertaking we assess the OSS on the footing of few angles/questions.

Develop study on OSS visit?

Then I was asked to develop the study of those OSS in which we identify jobs and I made it in three yearss with the aid of my co-workers Ahsan and kamil, by roll uping all the information collected by the group and so analyze them and eventually we develop the study and subject it to sir Manan zafer who asked us to do some rectification and besides appreciate us that without any sample study we had made such a good study.

Report is attacked in APPENDIX.

Developing Print Ad Cost Record: –

Then sir Manan zafer give me and ahsan Kaleem ( my chap houseman ) another undertaking in which we have to come in the print ad cost record in computing machine in an MS-EXCEL along the day of the months and NEWS paper name. We complete this undertaking rather effectual and expeditiously in 2 yearss and handover it to sir manna. Transcript of papers is enclosed in appendix.

Developing PTCL intelligence record: –

I was assigned with a little and regular undertaking to happen out all the intelligence sing PTCL, from different intelligence paper and set them in a record with intelligence paper name, clip and page figure. This undertaking is assigned to us because of labour work stoppage and we do this undertaking for more so hebdomad clip and transcript of intelligence record is attached in APPENDIX.

Develop proposal of Model for TVC shoot of EVO nitro: –

This undertaking is assigned to us to develop proposal of theoretical account for TVC shoot of EVO nitro.

In this undertaking we are provided with a list of theoretical accounts name and we have to happen their presentable images and develop an attractive proposal including the cost or fee of theoretical accounts which is provided to us by the Assistant director of EVO trade name sir Ismail Orakzai.These theoretical accounts are,AyyanJuggan kazmiMeesha ShafiMehren SayedNooray BhattySanam SaeedSophie ChaudhryUmaima AbassiTranscript of this proposal is attached in Appendix.

Interact With Advertisement Agencies: –

Here in PTCL MarCom section I learm and experience that how to interact with advertisement bureaus and how MarCom section work or co-ordinate with bureaus with whom they are ought to work. I interact with the bureaus on different occasions like metting e.

t.c. chiefly in this undertaking I act as a span between company and the bureau. Because my occupation is to pass on information from one terminal to the other and largely these informations are sing the Advertisement campaignes, run intoing scheduling e.t.

cPTCL work with few advertizement Agencies, two most of import are following,Interflow.Ever new constructs.

Learn the devising of Creative Brief: –

In this section of ptcl I learn an other really of import thing in marketing communicating section which is Creative brief. Here I learn that how to developCreative brief and besides develop few originative Jockey shortss in my internship clip period.In originative brief we have to tauten give some information aor history of merchandise, so aims of that run, after that we have to clearly nail the mark audience of that run, so originative brief include the chief offering of run for illustration in my originative brief the run offerings are the awards that target audience can win through lucky draw, Then soundless characteristic and benefits of merchandise or service, so communicating program and eventually the deadline. Transcript of originative brief is enclosed in APPENDIX.

Development of TVC Concep: –

in the MarCom section of PTCL I learn that how TVC comcepts are developed and modified and finalized. I attend two mettings at PTCL MarCom section sing TVC constructs.

This is a procedure chiefly have 6 stairss as followers,Firm ( PTCL ) Develop and direct originative brief to bureau.Agency develops few really basic or natural constructs.Agency discusses it with client ( PTCL or any house ) .PTCL eventually select any one construct from them, with or without proposing any alterations.Agency develop narrative board of the selected construct.Agency present this storyboard with company ( PTCL ) .

The construct which I listen in meeting is about the international calls, at that clip PTCL is traveling to launch bundle of international dialing. At that clip the bureau representative nowadays two construct one of which is as following,“ A immature cat is packing is luggage/bags and focused his oculus on the household group exposure with sad look and in background sad slow music is played. And so in following short cat is in television sofa with his bags foremost move toward his male parent and state him that I m go forthing! His male parent replied all right boy take attention. Then he travel to sister and inquire the same statement and sister replied all right bhaiya ALLAH hafiz. Then he got surprised and travel toward his female parent ( watching daily soap ) and 3rd clip say the same statement and she replied AB CHALY B JAWO, Mara play girl kar diya and so he inquire KISI KO MARI PARWAH HI NI HA, MA ABROAD JA RAHA HO G! at the clip his immature brother replied FIKAR KI KYA BAT, PTCL KI INTERNATIONAL DAILING HA NA ” .This construct was rejected by G.M Lubna Jahangir due to few grounds, few of them are,Same typical household setuation.No usage of our merchandise.

And I besides learn about narrative board that what is that and how storyboard is developed. Some transcripts of narrative board is attached in APPENDIX.

Learn the devising of wireless book: –

In my internship I besides learn that Ho to develop book for wireless advertizement and besides for television. In wireless advertizement it is good to do and a book in normal duologue format. But in Television commercial you have to set your run book with TVC construct and picture. I assist sir Ismail Orakzai and Mam Amber Nasir in development of wireless ad run book.

Transcript of both wireless and TVC book is attached in APPENDIX.

Aid in Broadband Pakistan upgradeing run: –

I assised sir ismail in broadband upgrading run in different ways such as in the book alteration, by pass oning alterations in print run to bureau personals.

Aid in Broadband Pakistan Ramadan offer run: –

I assist sir Ismail in broadband Pakistan Ramadan offer in which I communicate the alterations in advertizement run to advertisement bureau. Basically in this run patck is offering 100,000 rupees scholarship for 50 pupil through lucky draw and these pupil from the group of people who purchase new connexion of broadband Pakistan pupil bundle.This is one of those undertakings in which I realize that how deaply and thorowly the MarCom section see every run.

This run is about 10 times modify and take some really infinitesimal jobs and this run is besides change a batch of clip. You can see it in APPENDIX where I attach the transcripts of run.

Aid in vfone expansive recharge run: –

This is another run in which I participate but really small. This run is besides Ramadan offer, fundamentally this run is for those people who do n’t utilize their Vfone since 15 April 2010. they merely have to reload their Vfone and certainly acquire excess balance upto 1000 rupees. See APPENDIX.

Aid in vfone eid offer run: –

This eidi offer is introduce for eid yearss.

Initially this offer mane was Particular Eidi but subsequently on they cahenge it because the word special is besides used in many recent advertizement run such as Particular Ramadan offer e.t.c. In this offer Vfone gave excess balance on every recharge of more so 100, such as at the recharge of 300, 500 and 1000 individual acquire 100, 200, and 300 free balance severally. In this aadvertisdemnet run I give my sentiment that the free balance division is non justifiable because the individual load 2 card of 500 get 400 free balance and the individual load the same sum 1000 in one go acquire 300 free balance, Mam Amber was agree with me but she said this the determination of Product director and G.

M. I attached transcript of this run in APPENDIX

Aid in ptcl Isalamic portal run: –

This is a VAS run by ptcl. This VAS is named as Islamic portal in this you can listen full QURAN with Translation, Top 10 Naats, Namaz timing, Dua in Arabic linguistic communication, Hamd e.t.c for merely Rs. 2/min ( excluded of revenue enhancement ) . This advertizement run is besides attached in APPENDIX

Aid in ptcl 1 line 4 ace trades run: –

I besides assist this advertizement run of ptcl land line ( PSTN ) named 1line 4super trades. This is besides introduce as a ramazan bundle and this run chief aim is to increase the sale of PSTN landline connexion.

In this offer they give ptcl landline connexion merely for 500 rupees and they besides give trade name new headset perfectly free and name to Saudi Arabia at low cost and besides the Islamic portal services. This advertizement run besides has some alterations and alteration which we communicate to Agency. And one other thing for which I am really proud is that yshape of Moon used in that run is my recommendation and I really thank full to Mam gold and sir Aqeel shigri who approve my recommendation. The run transcript is attached in APPENDIX.

Aid in ptcl dial donate run: –

I merely pass on the Dial donate run in between bureau and Sir Aqeel Shigri. Basically this run is an entreaty to the genral public and specially ptcl clients to dial 1234 to donate Rs10/call to the inundation effected this run I communicate the massage to the interflow bureau that to make full the empty country with some other images and remainder of the run is all right.

The transcript of that run is besides attached in APPENDIX.

Aid in ptcl eid offer run: –

This is another offer for both PTCL land line and Vfone for eid twenty-four hours named PTCL ‘s Eid offer. In this ptcl offer low call rate state broad, and international for 16 states merely at Rs. 2/min and besides offer conference call for three people countrywide and internationally excessively. Transcript of run is besides attached in APPENDIX.

Rate comperision and cost appraisal of conference call: –

In this undertaking we have have to set the commands of all Agencies in an excel sheet and so compare it one and other and choice that bureau whose command cheapest and so add the committee of bureau in the entire command sum.

And so cipher the 50 % of concluding figure which company have to pay in progress. See APPENDIX.

EVO nitro launch ceremonial: –

This is another event for which I feel my self really proud to acquire opportunity of go toing such event and somewhat take parting in forming of this event.

This is a lounhing ceremonial of EVO nitro and once more sir Aqeel shigri award me and my friend by ask foring in this ceremonial where SEVP ‘s EVP ‘s, President and many other high functionaries are invited. The exposure of this event and the list of invitee ‘s are besides attached in appendix.


the 2nd section where I work is Business intelligence section. This section is in the same country where MarCom section is. In this section Mam Zehnab ( S.M ) callme and delegate me some undertaking to execute under Mam Qudsia. This section is really quit and every one is buzy in their ain work but this section besides give good chances to work and larn.

In this section I performed following undertakings.

Fiscal analysis

When Mam zehnab call me first clip and inquiry me can u make analysis undertaking? I replied that yes Mam I already done few analysis as a concluding undertaking. Then she give me few quaterly fiscal studies and inquire me to make financil Analysis and besides compare each one-fourth with other. And so I complete the analysis and comperision harmonizing to best of my fiscal accomplishments.

But she pinpoint the weak country in this analysis study and tech me how analysis must be. And at the terminal she say this analysis is besides goo but it can be better. And from so I learn tht analysis means indeepth survey of information or setuation. The transcript of fiscal analysis is attached in APPENDIX.

Swort analysis

After the fiscal anlysis undertaking Mam Qudsia involve us in another undertaking which was assigned to her. She tell us that to develop the SWOT analysis of ptcl and with proper link/URL for every point in SWOT.

Through this undertaking we learn a batch about ptcl and this undertaking is besides really interesting. The transcript of SWOT is besides attached in APPENDIX.


Mam Qudsia so assign us an other undertaking that is research base. This undertaking is sing Quardplay merchandise. In this we have to seek that wether any company indoors or out side Pakistan ( India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia e.t.

c ) have merchandise like this or non? We wo n’t establish any bundle like quardplay nither inside nor outside Pakistan.

Complaint Management System ( CFMS )

CFMS is on-line ailment direction system of PTCL and Mam Zehnab assign me undertaking to on a regular basis supervise the ailments position and when the figure increases really quickly so inform me. She give me her ain login and watchword to consciously supervise the ailments.

SWOT Analysis of Organization: –


PTCL have largest substructure through out the countary or we can state that PTCL own the basic substructure of telecom in state.

PTCL is the cheapest broadband supplier through the universe.As the past helping and current Significant Market Player ( SMP ) , PTCL, no uncertainty, has got the largest operational web and substructure within ICT ( Information & A ; Communication Technologies ) subdivision.PTCL do n’t miss in Numberss and potency, if we talk about human resources or in other word ptcl have good HR.Data centre is another strength of PTCLPtcl fiscal and strategic possition go more stronger when Etisalat has joined them as investing arm as comparison to other viing houses.

PTCL is basking monopoly in fixed line telephone or land line.PTCL ( Ufone ) is market rival in GSM section. Overall they have the one of the largest consumer power on averageA in the whole Pakistan telecom or cellular companies.PTCL holding over 2 million lines, PTCL is the largest WLL supplier and 1134 base Stationss cover 720 metropoliss still increasing the capacity.

ptcl market portion more than 94 % portion in fixed line or land line section.


PTCL client service is still non good and this is one of their chief failings and due to this there is really less figure of brandloyal client.The monopolistic civilization of PTCL wo n’t allow so to better their service.PTCL have over employment and low productiveness every bit good.PTCL HR section is non up to put criterions on the bases of assessment system of their employees.

PTCL waste immense sum of resources.Their staff wo n’t acquire any benefit for their higher making and since 12 twelvemonth their publicities are stopped.Under use of resources e.g they have complaint direction system but still client ailments are non rectified on clip.Ptcl corporate civilization is similar to the authorities offices.

PTCL is non decently marketing their new services and merchandise


PtCl have immense opertunity to increase their net income ability by bettering client services.They can better the broadband market portion by traing their proficient staff and replacing Cu wire with Opticalfibers.Ptcl can salvage a batch of resources if they bring so betterment in their planning procedure.PTCL can easy level their market portion by bettering their selling tactice.Ptcl must catch bright chances like WI-MAX.PTCL must hold to come up with vedio call.PTCL must hold to catch the chance of 3G engineering.

Menace: –

PTCL is confronting immense menace of migration from land line to mobile phone.

Increasing engagement of challengers in societal activites can severely consequence PTCL Image and market portion.Brilliant client service of challengers is a immense menace for PTCL.Increasing rate of cyber offense is besides menace for ptcl high velocity ibternet devices like EVO, EVO nitro.Continuously bettering quality of Naya Tell is besides menace for PTCL.

Recommendation: –

PTCL must hold to concentrate on their employee

Till now PTCL is merely a procedure-oriented company but It should be shifted from that to an employee oriented company to fulfill and actuate their HR. PTCL have to value their staff.

PTCL must hold to actuate their employees

PTCL HR direction is continuously stating that it motivates and appritiate their employees but harmonizing to the employees there is no motivational facet nowadays, which put positive impact on their public presentation.

PTCL have to unfreez the publicity.

PTCL have to unfreez the publicity plan which is closed since 12 old ages. Due to this motive and positiveness lessenings in employee.

PTCL deficiencies in Professionalism

PTCL is non following a really professional attitude. A batch of biasness and personal favouritisms exist their and employees are evaluated on the Bases of personal dealingss with their several upper direction, without taking public presentation much into consideration.

PTCL have to put in developing their employees

Till now Ptcl does n’t give his employees required preparation chances but now they have to put in this country if they want to better their market standing and service quality And at the same clip ptcl have to do contract with their employees that buzzword leave PTCL for a specific period of clip after preparation.

PTCL have to put in Customer service

Poor client service is the chief job of PTCL and rivals are hitting Ptcl through this country and now PTCL have to put in that country to change over this failing into strength.

Proper assessment system

Ptcl must hold proper appraisal system or proper wages system which raise the motive degree between employees and besides better productiveness,

Improve selling scheme

PTCL managemet have to better the selling stretagy because now yearss they chiefly advertise their sevices on Smart television. They have to publicize on other channels excessively.