The Health Implications Of Housing Social Work Essay

The purpose of this study is to see the psychosocial factors impacting Tower Hamlets peculiarly the environmental and lodging factors and the impact this has on the wellness of the occupants.The study will include consideration of the demographics of the country and the demands that this creates. Health is closely linked with the societal and economic state of affairs of an country and betterment in wellness will be dependent on besides doing alterations in these countries.


Tower Hamlets has been identified as holding some really specific issues due to the peculiar fortunes bing in that country. Many of the countries identified as damaging to wellness are present together with a really high proportion of immigrant beginning communities that have extra issues and demands. The denseness of population is one of the highest in the state together with a higher proportion of younger people and lower life anticipation ( Tower Hamlets Council, 2012 ) .

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There are, hence, many challenges that need to be tackled all of which are interlinked and in combination affect the wellness and life anticipation of the occupants. Housing and environment are cardinal countries in which alteration is necessary.hypertext transfer protocol: //thisborough. map is of the country known as Tower Hamlets and its component countries

The community in relation this vicinity undertaking ( an overview )

Tower Hamlets is an country of about 8 square stat mis north of the River Thames and in add-on to the residential countries includes landmark sites such as the Tower of London, half of Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and Petticoat Lane. The country was one of the first to be occupied by immigrants and now the occupants comprise about 53 % which British and 47 % black and cultural minority ( BEM ) . The largest Bangladeshi community, both in London and England, is found in Tower Hamlets and signifiers 30 % of the occupants ( Dench & A ; Gavron, 2006 ) . There are estimated to be 110 linguistic communications spoken in this country. The gender split is approximately equal with somewhat more work forces at 51 % .

The age scope is slightly unusual excessively. There is high proportion of younger people with 37 % of the population being between the ages of 20 and 34 as against an norm of 20 % in England. Within this figure the highest proportion of these at 70 % semen from the BEM communities. Under 16s are 20 % of the population in line with the national norm although within this figure the bulk of the kids come from the Bangladeshi community. There are besides fewer aged people in this country.Tower Hamlets is one of the fastest turning communities in England at 18 % being 3 times the national norm. In portion this may be attributed to the Olympics as this borough hosted portion of the Games ( Davies, 2012 ) . In 2009/10 there was a population turnover of 237 per 1000 people which ranked 11th highest in England consistent with the higher proportion of younger people.

In 2007/9 it was estimated that four out of 10 people in Tower Hamlets were non born in this state. The 2001 nose count showed 130 different states of beginning.A farther pertinent issue is that of faith as this can make serious tenseness. The chief faiths of the country are Christianity and Islam ( Tower Hamlets, 2011 ) ( Metropolitan Police, 2012 ) .


The information beginnings used in this essay are books, local authorities web sites, studies, newspapers, diaries and on-line beginnings including statistical records.The primary concern is to obtain as up to day of the month and accurate information as possible.

In all beginnings there is the possibility that they are biased and there is a scope of degrees of information available with changing suitableness for usage in an academic paper. When sing the nature of an country there is still merit in including newspaper studies as these will frequently show the prevalent sentiment or feelings of some or all of the people concerned. Whilst this may be considered an ‘un-academic ‘ beginning there may be a valuable part to the emotional province of the country.Books are by and large longer and can, hence, discuss subjects at greater length. However, the quality of the information will depend upon the qualification/ability of the writer. The sentiments may be biased and besides can go out-of-date. The prejudice of the author may non be a entire negative as reading a broad scope of books can supply a figure of different positions from which a decision can be drawn. In many topics there is no individual ‘right ‘ reply and many different positions can all be valid.

Understanding other point of views is an of import portion of understanding the whole subject.Diaries are by and large peer reviewed and are considered to be good beginnings of academic information. The information is obtained through research and probe to verify facts. There is still the possibility of prejudice where a peculiar consequence is desired and the research conducted to show that consequence. Besides there may non be diaries that cover the subject required to be researched.

Web sites vary widely in their utility. Many are good beginnings insofar as they are online versions of published informations such as on Government and local Government sites, official statistical informations and other similar sites. These are usually kept up to day of the month really good and supply the most late obtained informations.

Not all informations is available up to the minute but produced yearly or even bi-annually. Other sites besides contain good information such as those produced by recognized writers or administrations, charities and other services that produce information online every bit good as in written signifier. Finally there are sites that are non considered to be good beginnings as they are non produced by individuals of a standard consistent with the needed academic degree. However, these sites excessively can be utile to estimate sentiment or to see the positions of the populace.

Newspapers are besides produced on line and can be utile to understand sentiment but may non be viewed as academic.Using a mixture of beginnings provides a scope of strictly academic, investigated an grounds based informations together with some more subjective information that will supply penetrations into the manner people see their community and its issues. Such penetrations may be more emotional and may non aline with the positions of authorities or faculty members but would impact on the manner in which any proposed alterations are received or implemented.


As portion of the Government ‘s Health and Social Care Act 2012 there is a greater focal point on wellness and well-being. It is besides noted that wellness is really dependent upon where you are born and brought up and the quality of lodging and comfortss available ( H.M.Government, 2012 ) . The focal point is besides being moved more towards community solutions. This presents an chance for communities to set in topographic point alterations that are strictly applicable to that community.The manner in which people are affected can be seen from this diagram from Barton and Grant ( 2006 ) ( Barton, 2006 )The Determinants of wellness and wellbeing in our vicinities ( Barton 2006 )It can be seen from the diagram there are elements impacting persons that are within their control and besides those that are outside their control.

Therefore there is a demand for persons to do alterations in add-on to those affairs dealt with by governments.Health in subsequently life can be affected by hapless life conditions as a kid. Thus it is of import to better life conditions for all ages if an betterment in the general population of an country is to be achieved ( Power, et al. , 2005 ) .Tower Hamlets has a really broad scope of residents. The mean net incomes are ?65,000 per annum but this provides a really deformed position of the country.

High net incomes are achieved in Canary Wharf but there are besides many people in country who are populating in poorness with higher than mean unemployment ( H.M.Government, 2010 ) .

Diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma characteristic as holding a higher than mean proportion of the population affected. This image is rather complex, nevertheless, as there is fluctuation between the cultural groups and besides over the degrees of want experienced. Cancer is besides higher than mean but Tower Hamlets disbursement in this country is proportionally really low. Tower Hamlets besides has the largest registered figure of people with larning troubles in London. Life anticipation in the Borough is besides lower than nationally by 1.

7 % as at 2005-7 when the figures were last compared ( NHS, 2009 ) . Additionally the occupants self-reported a high perceptual experience of their agony from ill-health.The quality of lodging both contributes to conditions that are more likely to precipitate ill-health and means that when there is ill-health is it much more hard to pull off. The lodging besides affects the proviso of services such as public conveyance that will impact on the ability of people to acquire to their wellness attention suppliers. Tower Hamlets lodging has a really high proportion of intent built flats 70 % of unfastened market stock and 95 % council stock. This contributes well to the high denseness of population.

In some countries, such as Weavers and Stepney, there is every bit high a proportion as 75 % of council lodging. Much of the belongings has been built station 1964. The mean size of the belongings is smaller than the national norm. It has besides been noted that there has been an addition in 1 and 2 individual tenancy overall, nevertheless, this masks the 4.8 individual tenancy in the Bangladeshi community.

Tower Hamlets is besides indicated to be the lone borough in England that has more than half the families with dependent kids have at least one kid under 5. The degree of overcrowding creates other jobs such as jurisprudence and order issues and anti-social behavior that can besides impact on wellness by doing fright and perchance even existent physical injury. Crowding has besides been identified as being contributory to mental wellness issues and the passing of infective diseases. The inquiry of diseases is peculiarly relevant in a assorted race country where visits to other states may be more frequent with a hazard of conveying in diseases such as Terbium that had been eradicated or brought under control here ( Local Government Association/Police Commissioners, 2012 ) .Housing is by and large unaffordable for many of the occupants and there is besides a 3-4 % higher than mean demand for particular demands adjustment. The denseness means that this country is officially described as overcrowded ( Tower Hamlets Council, 2005 ) .

The Council have identified the countries of concern and highlighted the demand for betterments. There are green infinites and Parkss in the borough but these are non accessible easy or shut for everyone. Therefore there are many people, including households with immature kids, who do non hold immediate entree to green infinites ( Tower Hamlets Council, 2006 ) .Overall the image of Tower Hamlets is one of an country with a high proportion of flats that is overcrowded and with a high proportion of occupants of cultural beginnings.

There are really affluent parts and besides really hapless parts of the same borough.


The current economic state of affairs in the state is seting greater force per unit area on the less comfortable and tipping more into comparative poorness. In countries such as Tower Hamlets with high denseness lodging and big proportion of cultural minorities together with many in poorness, high unemployment and many on benefits the effects of societal exclusion and wellness impacts are likely to be greatest ( Gerrig, et al. , 2012 ) . The physical effects have been shown to hold effects on wellness including from mental unwellnesss in peculiar depression. A warm, comfy, safe place has been shown to be good to wellness and in the absence of these conditions many unwellnesss including respiratory and cardiovascular disease, infections and hypothermia ( peculiarly in the aged ) are much more common. The degree of enjoyment of life and general wellbeing is besides greatly influenced by populating conditions, milieus, entree to recreational activities and a good, supportive societal model ( Houses of Parliament, 2011 ) . The multi-racial nature of the country besides has tensenesss peculiarly at present with a little group of fundamentalist Moslems.

Unrest is besides a state of affairs that will make fright and impact how people feel about where they live and their usage of any community comfortss that are available ( Rawstorne, 2011 ) .It is of import to observe that hapless life conditions non merely affect people in the minute they have long permanent effects even after conditions have improved. This is peculiarly of import for kids as harm caused to their physical or mental wellness when they are immature can put foundations for hapless wellness throughout the remainder of their lives ( Shelter, 2006 ) .The links between environment, lodging and wellness are clear ( societal determiners of wellness ) but they are complicated and necessitate a multi-agency attack to guarantee that there are decently linked solutions put in topographic point. Bettering the quality of the lodging stock would surely look possible, nevertheless, cut downing the overcrowding in an enclosed borough with no room for farther edifice, peculiarly to supply low-cost lodging, would look to be more debatable. This is peculiarly so in Tower Hamlets with the scope of races and linguistic communications involved intending that different groups have different demands and outlooks ( Upton, 2010 ) . There is a position that suggests that people populating in this state should accommodate to our manner of life, nevertheless, Britain is known as a tolerant state that does suit other beliefs and ways of life.

However, there needs to be via media in order to guarantee that all cabals can populate merrily together ( Billings, 2000 ) . Overcrowding is a high precedence for the Council and there is an enterprise proposed with a figure of proposals including a bargain back strategy and new build strategy ( Local Government Association/Police Commissioners, 2012 ) .There are besides inequalities as to the consequence on wellness based on gender, ethnicity and societal category. Therefore, there is non a simple, individual solution to the issue as each group has somewhat different demands ( Larkin, 2011 ) . The inclination in the poorer portion of the community to indulge in higher degrees of imbibing, smoke and drug pickings and other bad wellness wonts creates a societal ‘norm ‘ . In order to make alteration at that place needs to be a alteration of the wider position beyond that of each person ( Russell, 2005 ) .The fiscal state of affairs at nowadays will besides play a portion in what if anything is really done to alter the state of affairs in Tower Hamlets.

Many budgets are being cut and supplying the current degree of services will be a challenge go forthing small or nil to get down new enterprises. Difficult determinations may necessitate to be made in order to raise financess ( Moore, 2012 ) . Possibly the most of import facet is to accomplish the motive of the community.

Without this alteration becomes really hard. However, where the community itself wants things to alter they can get down by doing alterations in their ain lives that can distribute out into the wider community. Decreases in anti-social behavior, for case, will cut down the cost of patroling ; decreases in the effects of drink can besides cut down patroling and NHS costs therefore potentially liberating up money for other utilizations.


Tower Hamlets is identified as an country with many challenges, a figure of which are non found or found to a much lesser grade elsewhere in this state. Historically many immigrants have come to this country and this has resulted in a really assorted community about half of which is of non-British beginnings.

This means that there are 110 linguistic communications and a broad scope of other civilizations that are represented. In order for these to to the full incorporate into the wider community at that place needs to be understanding of these factors.Overcrowding is the biggest issue in the country and as there is really small room for extra edifice it is necessary for extremist proposals to be utilised to decide this. Part of the current proposal is to buy belongingss to redevelop.Overcrowding and poorness have been identified as causes of ill-health. This relates both to the ill-health that is experienced when digesting these state of affairss but besides the long term wellness impacts peculiarly on kids who are in poorness. The life anticipation of people in these countries is besides reduced.

Overcrowded countries make many wellness issues more likely peculiarly bosom and respiratory jobs and besides increases the spread of infective diseases. Mental wellness jobs are besides more prevailing peculiarly depression and anxiousness. The country besides has a larger than mean figure of people with larning troubles making specific lodging and wellness demands.In footings of nursing pattern it is of import to understand the nature of the place life of a patient so as to find the best manner to assist them.

However, it is besides of import to understand that issues such as hapless lodging will impact on wellness and it may be really hard to decide the wellness issue if the lodging job is non dealt with excessively. This shows that the declaration of the wellness jobs are merely portion of a much wider sets of issues that all demand to be addressed to guarantee long term betterment.However, nurses can assist by understanding what needs to alter as they can so rede the patient who may so be able to acquire aid to better their lodging. It is besides of import that they understand the different positions coming from those from different cultural backgrounds to be able to cover with them in the most effectual manner.