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The Bat and the Ball He was soaring through the air, high above everybody below him. And as he passed over the inner diamond of the baseball field below him, he began to descend into the outfield.Down, down he went, faster and faster as he got closer to the ground. He was just about to crash when out of nowhere a baseball player caught him in his glove, just on the edge of the field.everybody in the grandstand cheered as the player threw the ball toward the third basemen, how caught the ball and put the game into the ninth inning. It was a sunny afternoon on sunday in New York, New York, USA. the score was 6 to 3 new york was in the lead. But our hero had a difficult task ahead, he had to foil the evil villain’s plan to get rid of him so he could control the game . As our hero traveled over to the pitcher he glanced over at the villain and his henchman by the backstop. The hero got ready to stop the villain as the villain got ready to get rid of him forever. The announcer up in the booth began to commentate, “There’s the wind-up, and the pitch.” “STRIKE ONE!” Yelled the umpire as the hero was caught by the catcher that squatted down behind the henchman.   Ballard, our hero had been fighting Battered, his evil brother for about five months and his brother was running out of ideas to get rid of him his brother wants to take over the game and get rid of all the balls in the game forever. But Ballard had to stop Battered from doing that. The balls where always the the star of the show, in any game. For crying out loud, the games are named after the ball in the game. But for decades, the bats have been trying to rise up and take over the game of baseball. The other games had it easy, either there was no other main equipment to be used or the equipment was like hockey equipment, they are all called hockey,hockey stick, hockey puck, etc. But baseball was different, a bat and a baseball.    Five months ago Ballard was training with his sidekick, Billy the bull, Billy could completely toss the ball across the entire field but it never came to distance with Billy, it was power,he could put a hole into the protective netting if he needed to. But Ballard was in the present, not the of the other balls had just bus red his seem up the side, but he crept in his “guts”. He was lucky, the ,last guy that busted his seem lost it and died, per say. Ballard was up next, it was his job to finish the job. As Billy took to the mound, so did Ballard with him. “Here’s the windup, and the pitch.”announced the announcer.”oh my god, I never thought I would see this but the great Billy the Bull just pitched a out of the park home run I ne…,wait, did that ball just land on the roof? That might be a saving grace for the team because the ball is rolling back into the field!!”. Ballard new the second he started to fly, Battered would hit him, so Ballard decided to try to aim himself to land on the roof, like he did. Ballard was an expert in trajectory and aim. But what he didn’t calculate was the momentum needed to make the jump from the roof to the field. Ballard landed about halfway across the rooftop when he landed, but as he neared the edge he realized that he could not make it. How could he let Brown the very base balls he protected “How could I fail?,” thought ballard”how could I let down my fellow baseballs.How could I let down.” as ballard neared the edge of the roof,he realised what live awaited him. He would be locked up in a case and sold as a collectors item. He finally shuddered at the thought of never flying again. Then he realized he was falling bew3ow him where hundreds of fans who would like nothing more than to sell him.


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