The in , the world has seen the

The negative
side of globalization is also about hard point , and declining money gaining
across countries and international borders, as creditors tight up  credit to both positive and negative users ,
depressing aggregate demand which is  setting the world economy into a various  cycle of income and employment destruction and
downward spiral of the world economy. The ugly side of globalization is when
nations and local communities try to escape the vicious cycle of revenue  and job 
declining  through similar  currency devaluations  and by raising more  trade barriers that in essential to  put an end to globalization and a beginning to
trade wars, as was the case in the 1930s in the early period .In the last
quarter of the century and for the most part of the first decade of this
century, the world has seen the good side of globalization. In recent  years we are in , the world has seen the bad
side of globalization . We do hope for the best 
that the world would not  see the
ugly side of it. Globalization
is often criticized for taking away jobs from domestic companies and workers.
After all, the United States of America cement industry will go out of business
if imports from a developing country drive down prices of them, even if consumption
increases. Small United states cement companies would find it hard  to engage in competition and go out of
business, leaving workers unemployed, while the larger United states of America
. Cement industry would likely experience a significant protracted decline .Another
criticism is the high cost of a comparative or absolute advantage to a country’s
own well-being if misuse. For example, China has become a giant worldwide
emitter of carbon dioxide thanks to its comparative benefit in manufacturing a
wide range of products. Other countries may have a comparative benefit in
mining certain natural resources – such as crude oil – and
mishandle the revenue generated from those activities. A final disadvantage of
globalization is the increase in wage for workers, which can hurt the
profitability of some companies. For example, if a developed country has a high
competitive advantage in developing software, they may drive up the price
of software engineers
around the world, which makes it difficult for foreign companies to compete in
the market. Globalization has a tremendous impact on international investors,
and then when it comes to trade issues that may impact a country’s exposure to
globalization. President Donald Trump, for example, has taken a protectionist
stance when it comes to free trade under agreements like NAFTA. The elimination of
these trade agreements could have an adverse impact on economic growth over the
long-term since it eliminates comparative advantages. Changes to trade policies
can also have an impact on individual sectors. For example, the United States solar
industry has long had a different relationship with China’s solar industry. The
U.S. has accused China of ‘dumping’ photovoltaic solar panels at unfair prices
into the United stated which could lead the U.S. to take action and introduce
import tariffs that could affect the entire solar industry. International
investors should be cognizant of these globalization-related factors and political risks when
making investment decisions. Because globalization is 100% inconvertible , we must tell ourselves that
the benefits overcome by the  the
disadvantages. It depends where we come  from, but let us first take a look at what
these disadvantages are before we form an opinion.

I would not reveal  the truth in that, but what about the
borderline monopoly that the largest companies in the world have created for
themselves? Apple, Exxon, Google, Sony, Samsung etc. Whereas they were once who
introduced products to the world, they are now so big that politics and
strategy are more important than innovation of those products . The result of
this is that smaller companies with innovative ideas have an incredibly difficult
competing. And how can they? If they’re lucky, they’ll be bought out and walk
away with a pay check; if not, they’ll just be crushed, often purposefully, by
a competitor that is literally a billion times bigger than them

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So now China is the Apple center of the World. They produce
the cheapest apple products, which will be producing for more than 50% of the
apple products  in the world. A lot of
people up and down the East side of the world lost their jobs, but here is  the counter argument : China is not allowed
to export apples to the U.S. This may be different so soon but for the
time being, China is able to put a lot of people on the East Coast out of business
without even selling the product in the same country The lesson of the story is
that another country can do what you do better and dropped you out of your corporation
without even looking you in the eye. That is the globalization. But to be fair,
the damage we have done to China and the benefits we took advantage of (cheap
labor) are largely more important.  “To
be fair”? I hardly need to spell this out, but I will add a thought or two.
Globalization has created a global-sized request for fuel and industry, and
this need has been criticized and ignored to the extent that the future of life
as we know it has been brought into problem. You may or may not accept in
global warming, but you cannot deny the truth of the conversation. Does the
fact that this conversation is happening not say something in itself ? Have
we put our planet into trouble? Now obviously, yes. The counter
argument against this fact is that we could not possibly have caused so much destruction
to our precious planet. The information say otherwise: we have come into over half of the world’s tropical forests. And
as far as how difficult it would be to change the combination of the atmosphere?
The atmosphere ends closely 60 miles above the surface of the Earth. It is just
not that voluminous. It’s not limitless. It’s actually not big and when we work together internationally, even
the bad side effects of all the amazing things we accomplish are, in a word,



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