The Individualised Education Intervention

Children with physical and rational disablement, specific larning troubles, attending shortage ( hyperactivity ) upset ( ADD/ADHD ) and autistic spectrum upset are considered as kids with particular demands ( Hue, 2012 ) . As of 2015, the entire figure of kids with particular demands can merely be estimated from 93 million to 150 million ( Global Partnership for Education, 2015 ) . Due to the insufficient informations, it remains a persisting challenge to urge intercessions to assist the ignored group of kids with particular demands. Despite so, legion programmes have been implemented in effort to help the identified instances. Hence this essay will reexamine the feasibleness of a Singapore programme in Hong Kong, with respects to their policy. The programme discussed is the Individualized Education Intervention ( IEI ) conducted by Bridge Learning in Singapore.

The IEI purposes to supply for children’s acquisition demands efficaciously ( Bridge Learning, 2015 ) . It places its importance on kids themselves and has custom-built course of studies to complement their demands and abilities. For kids aged between 18 months to 12 old ages old, who suffers from specific disablement such as Asperger Syndrome, ADD or ADHD are placed in an incorporate programme known as the NeuroGym ( Bridge Learning, 2015 ) . This programme incorporates encephalon exercisings, occupational therapy, gymnastic exercises and assurance circuits to beef up children’s physical, rational, social-emotional and behavioral facets. Both the IEI and NeuroGym requires uninterrupted supervising on children’s advancement based on a criterion-reference appraisal and ability driven benchmark ( Bridge Learning, 2015 ) . Such method serves to compare current public presentation and the ideal holistic map of the kid, in bend seeking for betterment whenever possible. In add-on, the IEI collaborates with parents to measure place support activities ( Bridge Learning, 2015 ) . Therefore, specialised instructors are employed to assist kids to the full benefit from these programmes. Furthermore through these programmes, kids with particular demands are taught to better map in real-life.

Similarly to the ill-defined statistics discussed before, Wong ( 2002 ) stated that there are no confirmed statistics on kids with particular demands in Hong Kong every bit good. Many of such kids are disregarded ( Tang, 2013 ) . In 2007, there was a survey done that found about 11 per cent of kids with specific larning troubles, with four per cent of kids categorized as moderate or terrible instances ( Tang, 2013 ) . However a paper published in 2013, reported merely two per cent of particular demands kids were enrolled in either primary or secondary schools ( Tang, 2013 ) . Furthermore, Poon-McBrayer and McBrayer ( 2013 ) reported that merely a sum of 46 pupils with particular demands took the authorities scrutinies in 2008. This shows that many instances of kids with particular demands are still unaccounted for. Although the Hong Kong authorities has constructed 60 particular demands school ( Education Bureau, 2015 ) , the tuition fee of a particular needs school remains a ground why many instances of kids with particular demands remains unknown. The mean monthly household income was reported to be $ 23,500 HKD in 2014 ( Census and Statistics Department, 2015 ) . However, the monthly tuition fee in a particular needs school requires more than the mean income by about $ 5000 HKD. This places a immense force per unit area on low income households with particular demands kids. In add-on, it was found that a important figure of instructors lack in cognition and preparation when covering with particular demands kids ( Poon-McBrayer & A ; McBrayer, 2013 ) . They are unable to supply professional advices and neglects the child’s advancement ( Poon-McBrayer & A ; McBrayer, 2013 ) . Therefore, taking to hapless home-school relationship ( Poon-McBrayer & A ; McBrayer, 2013 ) . Additionally, Miho ( 2013 ) stated that there are more to be done in diagnosing and intervention for kids with particular demands. In contrast, the execution of the IEI and NeuroGym will function as an effectual intervention in the Hong Kong context. The programmes requires instructors who are good trained and have clear apprehension of the demands of particular needs pupils, therefore holding the ability to supply for and maintain an oculus on the child’s advancement. Furthermore, the IEI programme collaborates with parents to come up with place support activities therefore get the better ofing the issue of hapless home-school relationship.

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Apart from these demographics, the psychographics discussed in this paragraph will demo the feasibleness of the IEI and NeuroGym programmes. There are frequently stigmas faced by households with kids who suffers from disablement. Stigma, the inauspicious reaction of sensed negative difference, can take to an single labelling himself with the society’s outlook ( Green, 2003 ) . This affects the individual’s deficiency of involvement to take part in work and societal life ( Green, 2003 ) . Such stigma are particularly outstanding in Hong Kong, as a Chinese dominated state involves rich cultural beliefs. There is a public belief that kids with particular demands are born due to the parent’s old error ( Siu, 2001 ) . Hence, such a kid will convey shame to the household ( Mak & A ; Ho, 2007 ) . Such beliefs influence a household position and relationships with drawn-out households negatively ( Mak & A ; Ho, 2007 ) , such illustrations are matrimonial strifes within a household and relationships turning rancid ( Siu, 2001 ) . Apart from these cultural beliefs, the public lacks proper cognition on particular instruction. Therefore, they frequently discriminate kids with particular demands ( Miho, 2013 ) . Such favoritism scopes from verbal to physical. For the former, kids with particular demands analyzing in mainstream school are frequently complained for being noisy ( Miho, 2013 ) , or teased by classmates ( Wong, 2002 ) . On the other manus, kids with particular demands can confront ill-treatment and are neglected by instructors ( Wong, 2002 ) . These factors lead to a certain extent of barrier when edifice equal relationship as kids with particular demands would hold developed negative perceptual experience of societal relationship ( Wong, 2002 ) . This in turns provoke the kids to insulate themselves ( Siu, 2001 ) . Such behaviors are factors that conveying approximately bad quality of life. As supported by Lau, Chow and Lo ( 2006 ) , they reported that a important figure of people with particular demands face lower wellness related quality of life. However, with the execution of IEI, it can get the better of the job of quality of life as kids are taught to construct assurance. Besides that, this programme collaborates with parents, hence parents are involved. This provides a opportunity for parents to better understand and positively act upon the kid. In a manner, it strengthens the household position every bit good.

The IEI and NeuroGym programmes complement the recent policy addressed by the Hong Kong authorities. Under the sector of kids with particular instruction demands, the Hong Kong authorities brought up four facets in hope to back up both the particular demands kids and their households ( Policy Address, 2015 ) . The four facets includes early designation, early intercession, enhanced support for pupils and enhanced support for parents ( Policy Address, 2015 ) . Out of these four facets, the IEI and NeuroGym programmes tackles two such facets – enhanced support for pupils and parents. Under the enhanced support for pupils, the Hong Kong authorities is establishing two programmes which includes supplying hard currency grants for mainstream schools with higher consumption of pupils with particular demands and directing specialised instructors to help mainstream instructors with particular demands pupils ( Policy Address, 2015 ) . Second, a certain sum of financess are allocated for post-secondary pupils with particular demands and fiscal demands ( Policy Address, 2015 ) . With these programmes implemented, the IEI and NeuroGym are aligned with the policy such that the financess provided are able to supply the installations needed for the programmes. Additionally, specialized teacher deployed means better ability and efficiency to provide to the demands of the pupils. As discussed earlier, the tuition fees for particular needs school are higher than an mean monthly family income, the financess provided for post-secondary pupils allows these kids to go to the programmes, which can positively act upon their lives.

Under the enhanced support for parents, the Hong Kong authorities purposes to increase the figure of societal worker in authorities based parents resource centres so as to better parent’s ability to care for their kid with particular demands ( Policy Address, 2015 ) . Hence with the execution of IEI and NeuroGym programme, it works with parents to supply a desirable acquisition environment, advancing a positive home-school relationship. In such a manner, the parents are involved in their children’s larning which can significantly better the parent’s ability to care for their kid.

All in all, the IEI and NeuroGym programmes introduced in this essay supports and beef up the overall facets of a kid with particular demand. It provides a comprehensive coverage to assist the kid map in existent life, and such services are missing in Hong Kong. Although the Hong Kong authorities has placed more attending on kids with particular educational demands with more pecuniary financess. There are programmes, such as the IEI and NeuroGym, which can be included to better cater for the demands of kids with particular demands and their households. Therefore, together with the current policy, the IEI and NeuroGym programmes, the demands of kids with particular demands and their households can be more comprehensively met.


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