The is being taught? This involves the subject

definition of learning is usually viewed as an alteration in skills, knowledge,
attitudes, and behavior due to psychological or social experiences. Teaching in
the twenty-first century offers a number of satisfactions—witnessing and
assisting the growth of young people, lifelong learning, the challenge and
excitement of designing effective instruction (Seifert, 1983).There have been
changes in education in the past decade or two which have resulted in the decrease
in opportunities and challenges of teaching. 
It has lessen the knowledge and skill required for teaching.

of Schools & Learning

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believe the “what” and “how” of education have been the main focus in educating
students/ learners.  The “what” of
education centers on what is being taught? 
This involves the subject and the objectives that pertains to the lesson.  Meanwhile, the “how” of education focuses on
the strategies, methods, and or techniques being use to deliver the lesson. 

too much emphasis has been placed on the “why” of education.  Of course every learner is aware of “with a good education comes a
good job”.  However, the real reason of
the “why” involves much more.  For
educators, this direct their path in realizing if teaching is or is not their calling.
For educators and students/ learners, I believe the “why” is designed to help
find their passion in live and to move forward once they find it?  I believe the “why” is designed for all walks
of life to inspire, to lead, to encourage, to challenge, and most of all to
develop a problem-solving mindset in all learners.

are many learning theories that are designed to reflect on “how” learning
occurs which involves “how” individual acquire, retain, and recall information.
“The main idea of psychological constructivism is that a person learns by
mentally organizing and reorganizing new information or experiences” (Seifert,
1983). “Constructivism,
which is a perspective on learning focused on how students actively create (or
“construct”) knowledge out of experiences” (Seifert, 1983).


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