The Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy Children And Young People Essay

When you are a small kid you ever conceive of what life will be like when youre older. As a kid you think you will turn up a vocalist, fireman, police officer or something particular ; you do n’t of all time believe that you will go a adolescent female parent or parent. Adolescent gestation is going a complex issue in the United States ( Klein, 2005 ) . It non merely affects the households of the adolescent parents, it besides affects the authorities, wellness attention, pedagogues, and the adolescent ( Klein, 2005 ) . When a small miss grows up she ever says that she wants to be a mommy one twenty-four hours like her ain female parent, but ne’er provinces that she wants to be a teenage female parent. Young pre-teens and teens from ages 12-18 are progressively holding babes these yearss. Even though they do n’t cognize it their immature age and phase in development will hold a great impact on the turning baby. Bing a adolescent ma will non merely impact their lives, it will impact their babes.

Girls around the ages of nine until about 16 old ages old go to puberty and menarche which is sometimes hard for misss to understand and be comfy with. Traveling through the developmental phase of puberty misss develop into immature ladies and their organic structures develop more ; these developments are the 1s that attract the male childs. When misss are ready to research them ne’er truly believe about all of the results of their actions. About one 4th of American striplings have had intercourse by the age of 15 old ages old ( Klein, 2005 ) . Most of the clip, an striplings first clip is without utilizing contraceptive method ; 63 % of teens reported did non utilize a rubber their last intercourse ( Klein,2005 ) .This can be a immense factor with adolescent gestation and the increased rates of STD ‘s. When teens have intercourse and experiment, they do n’t believe twice about acquiring pregnant or what could go on in the hereafter.

Adolescent female parents are non full developed in their phase of development. Their encephalons and organic structures are still immature and some are n’t even developed plenty to keep a kid. A kid at the age of 12 is in their “ awkward ” phase in development when their organic structure starts to look eldritch to them. Transporting a kid at that age has serious hazards due to the fact that the kid does non hold the organic structure to transport an baby. With 20 % of 740,000 U.S. adolescent misss acquiring pregnant a twelvemonth, bar schemes should be taken ( Berk, 2012 ) . Besides, adolescent female parents frequently do non cognize they are pregnant until it is excessively late, which so they do non hold a good start on the antenatal attention of the babe. Most adolescent female parents still smoke, drink, and have unequal diets that can do complications to the baby ( Berk, 2012 ) .Teen mas besides do non hold the financess to acquire good prenatal attention and attention for themselves while they are pregnant. Poor antenatal attention of the baby can stamp down the development if the immune system and do jobs with the respiratory system ( Berk, 2012 ) . Adolescent female parents have a higher rate of holding babes that are scraggy, and there is a higher hazard for Down syndrome in the foetus. The United States holds the record for the highest adolescent gestations in the universe ( Gallup-Black & A ; Weitzman, 2004 ) . The lurid portion about adolescent gestation today is that it is lower than it was in 1991 ( Berk, 2012 ) .

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Adolescent gestation besides has other taking factors to it that psychologist have n’t investigated yet. The new shows on Television called “ Adolescent Mom ” and “ Sixteen and Pregnant ” are factors to teen gestation are many ways. Teenage misss are watching these shows and stating “ Oh this is all I have to make to acquire a show on Television ” or “ Wow I hope I can be a adolescent ma and travel on that show! ” Adolescent misss watching these shows look at the lives of other teens going parents but bypass the fact that they are fighting and expression at the fact that they are doing money for being adolescent female parents. Not merely do the teens on these awful shows become Television stars, their faces start to go posted on all these different magazines such as “ Peoples ” magazine or “ Seventeen ” magazine. This makes adolescent misss want to purchase the magazine and influences them to acquire pregnant even more. MTV and other telecasting Stationss should make shows on what adolescent gestation does to your life and to forestall adolescent gestation instead than hold adolescent female parents flaunt their gestation about. The merely positive thing about the show “ Sixteen and Pregnant ” is that it is more of a docudrama and it does demo that the teens are fighting and holding a difficult clip being a adolescent and a parent.

Adolescent adolescent female parents normally come from a low income or hapless household. About 83 % of adolescent mas who give birth are from a low income family ( Klein, 2005 ) . The economic fortunes of adolescent female parents are a immense issue. Due to the fact that most adolescent parents are non graduated high school and most of them end up dropping out of school, those being able to happen a good occupation to back up their new household are highly hard. Normally adolescent female parents and male parents find low-paying, unskilled occupations which can merely supply the new babe with the basic necessities ( Berk, 2012 ) . Teenage female parents can non work until approximately 6 hebdomads after the kid is born, so they are more dependent on the adolescent male parent and their parents to back up the adolescent and the babe they merely delivered. Teen female parents non merely have to cover with the emphasis of holding a new babe, they besides have to cover with emphasis of income and school.


Adolescent gestation is a immense issue in the United States and all around the universe. Teenss from the ages of 12-19 are holding sex and most of them are n’t recognizing the full effects of intercourse without contraceptive method and birth control. Condoms and birth control are free in many provinces and all a adolescent has to make is travel to the nearest clinic and ask for them. With about 900,000 adolescent misss acquiring pregnant every twelvemonth in the United provinces ( Klein, 2005 ) , bar steps should be taken. Teen mas do non recognize that their organic structures are n’t to the full developed to transport kids and that they are non to the full mature plenty to go a parent. Most adolescent mas become individual female parents due to the fact that the adolescent male parent runs away because he can non manage to force per unit areas of rearing. Teenage misss are holding kids and non believing about the drastic alteration that the kid is traveling to hold on them and their households. Even though 35 % of stripling gestations end in abortion ( Gallup-Black & A ; Weitzman, 2004 ) ; teens that have their babes are incognizant of what being a parent is. Besides, adolescent female parents are most likely to drop out of high school and so will non of all time acquire the opportunity to see how the remainder of their high school old ages, graduation, and college experiences would be. Their incomes will be lower because most male parents or female parents will non hold a successful occupation. About 50 % of adolescent parents have besides had a condemnable record or have been committed of some illegal discourtesy ( Berk, 2012 ) .

Through these facts and chief thoughts stated in this research paper, adolescent gestation is clearly an issue and should be pronounced as an issue. There should be more methods of bar taken so that teens acquire a clear position of what their life would be like as a adolescent parent. High schools and in-between schools should turn to this issue to their pupils to assist them recognize what a great impact going pregnant as a adolescent has on them and their whole universe. Teenss should utilize rubbers and larn more about what the actions and effects of sex are before and while they do it. Besides there should be more support group or other centres for adolescent mas to run into up and discourse how their lives have changed and back up one another. Becoming a adolescent female parent is non the terminal of the universe, and the female parents should cognize that. Adolescent female parents need support and do teens without kids to larn the alterations and to forestall the other teens from holding kids at such a immature age. Throughout this research and the articles back uping this research, teens should follow through and larn about bar and contraceptive method so they can go successful and live their lives before going a parent.


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