The key issues facing Barclays at present and

The cardinal issues confronting Barclays at nowadays and some of the chances to the administration

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Like other fiscal establishments around the universe, Barclays excessively is fighting to prolong growing in a complex and dynamic concern environment ( Bank of England 2006 ) . State and part specific regulators have come down hard on fiscal establishments, which, has had a negative influence on the profitableness and growing of fiscal services in general and Barclays in peculiar ( Beardsley & A ; Bugrov 2005 ) . Furthermore, market volatility is another factor which could impede growing. However, the planetary fiscal markets present enormous chances for Barclays to prolong and further enhance its length of service. Amalgamations and acquisitions, offshoring or inception and distribution in new markets, invention in footings of service and distribution to client, efficient endeavor broad hazard direction, and acceptance of principle-based companywide policies could drive company’s growing ( Eisenbeis & A ; Kaufman 2006 ) . Furthermore, the aging population in the UK markets and the duty of retirement security from Government and employers to the person has created significant chances in the retirement market ( KPMG 2006 ) . Barclays has to rapidly gain the importance of transitioning from plus accretion to plus distribution to place itself in the retirement markets and to take full advantages of the chances.

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