The less qualified young profile, government will upgrade

The vision of
SNE is translated into a central objective of promoting access to decent
employment, by improving the quality and productivity of job opportunities, the
development of women and youth participation in the job market place. This is
the roadmap to reinforce equality in access to employment and to reduce the
disparities between geographical areas. Thus, social equity is the main target
to be realized.

There is an
effort to do regarding youth to make easier their insertion in the job market.
For the high potentials, PME (Petite et Moyenne Entreprise) and large companies
will offer more job opportunities for those qualified profiles. Whereas for
less qualified young profile, government will upgrade job unit with low profit,
as this is the most suitable space to work for this category. Also, government
envisages providing attractive programs for business creation.

As of women
employment, government includes training programs to help inactive women to
have more access to job market (this includes single mothers). Government will
also defend against gender discrimination in Corporate Social Responsibility.
All these measures will reduce the inequality between women and men regarding
employment equity.

geographical disparities, the government strategy is to boost on regional
development. This includes the enhancement of local employability, as well as
the valorization of local environment and natural resources in the frame of
green economy.

Last but not
least, migration mutation is one of the main issues that SNE is handling,
especially professional migration. This phenomenon is surely related to
economic reasons, such crises in host countries which oblige Moroccan to come
back to Morocco. However, it is also result to a gap between the competencies
of people and the opportunities offered by national job market. Finally,
migration has also a component resulting from transiting workers in irregular

Strategic axes of measures for vision

In order to
encounter the previous constraints and implement its vision, SNE is willing to
enhance employment via 4 axes:

Promote job creationUpgrade human capitalImprove efficiency of job programs and strengthen
the job market intermediationDevelop governance of job market


Promote job creation

Above all, SNE
is about establishing sectorial and macroeconomic policies. In this context,
the priorities are to take measure in order to improve the public leeway and reduce the
volatility of growth. New financial capacities would allow the funding to
develop the job market intermediation and active programs of employment. This
depends on a sustainable growth of job creation that SNE is aiming to support
by increasing funding for PME (Petite et Moyenne Entreprises) and for

Also, to
enhance job creation, SNE will improve the productivity of employment and the
ratio competitiveness/cost, by reducting the cost of supervising PME and
adjusting income gains on productivity gains.

Regarding PME,
there will special focus on reducing barriers to growth. SNE will take measure
to make easier the local integration of added value. Also, innovation will be
used as a criterion to encourage innovative PMEs and raise funds for it, and to
consolidate innovative capacities through research and development.

Just like PMEs,
SNE is considering working on TPEs (Toute Petite Entreprise) and unformal
sector, by supporting the approach launched by the law of self-entrepreneur and
TPE strategy. Actually, unformal TPEs will benefit from training and
accompaniment during the structuring and formalization phases, in order to
provide them with easier access to the advantages that have been so far
exclusive to formal structures. Whereas for formal TPSs, SNE will enhance its
support to their development, by offering fiscal facilities, less complicated
finance procedures, sensitization and customized coaching. By doing this, SNE
is supporting adjustment instead of protecting firms. Actually, while exporting
firms will have benefit and grow, small firms will suffer from competitive
products and services entering the country. SNE will include government to help
those firms by providing cheap loans, raining for workforce to become more
productive and to help them find more business.


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