The Long Term Effects Of Child Abuse Social Work Essay

Have you of all time pondered the long-run effects imposed by kid maltreatment non merely on the kid but besides on society? The effects of kid maltreatment are far making and sometimes long permanent. “ In 2006, an estimated 905,000 kids were abused or neglected. ” ( United States Department of Health and Human Services, 2008 ) The long-termed effects of kid maltreatment and disregard are extended. The effects are physical, behavioural, psychological and social. Not merely are the kids affected by the maltreatment but society as a whole is affected.

The physical maltreatment may take the signifier of minor cuts and contusions to severe broken castanetss, caput injury and even decease. If you do non believe kid maltreatment affects you personally, believe once more! Harmonizing to the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being ( NSCAW ) , “ more than one-fourth of the kids who have been in surrogate attention for longer than twelve months had some lasting and repeating wellness jobs ” . ( Administration for Children and Families Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation [ ACF/OPRE ] , 2004. ) From Shaken Baby Syndrome, impaired encephalon harm to hapless wellness, the effects of kid maltreatment are dearly-won.

Shaken Baby Syndrome can badly damage an baby or even do the decease of an baby. In merely two to three seconds, an baby ‘s life can be changed everlastingly. “ In the United States, it costs the medical profession an norm of 1.2-16 BILLON dollars a old ages to care for Shaken Baby Syndrome victims and their households. The mean cost of an exigency room visit is $ 30,000.00 per visit. For subsisters of Shaken Baby Syndrome with terrible long-run effect ( palsy, ictus upsets, learning/vision/hearing deficient ‘s, the cost can be every bit much as $ 3,000,000, the first five old ages of the kid ‘s life ” . ( Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Family Health Administration ) Besides the pecuniary cost, merely halt and believe about what type of life a babe affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome will hold.

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“ Child maltreatment and disregard have been shown, in some instances, to do of import parts of the encephalon to neglect to organize or turn decently, ensuing in impaired development ” . ( De Bellis & A ; Thomas, 2003 ) “ These changes in encephalon ripening have long-run effects for cognitive, linguistic communication, and academic abilities ” . ( Watts-English, Fortson, Gibler, Hooper, & A ;

De Bellis, 2006 ) Having encephalon harm requires 24 hr a twenty-four hours attention in some instances. This has a permanent consequence on the parents/caregiver or the staff of an establishment.

“ Several surveies have shown a relationship between assorted signifiers of family disfunction ( including childhood maltreatment ) and hapless wellness ” ( Flaherty et al. , 2006 ; Felitti, 2002 ) . “ Adults who experienced maltreatment or disregard during childhood are more likely to endure from physical complaints such as allergic reactions, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, high blood force per unit area, and ulcers ” ( Springer, Sheridan, Kuo, & A ; Carnes, 2007 ) . Populating with these types of physical complaints are treatable but require medicine and out-of-pockets disbursals. Not all individuals who suffer with these complaints have been abused as a kid. But kids who have been abuse are more likely to endure from these complaints.

. Behaviors such as delinquency, adolescent gestation, hooliganism, the usage of drugs and/or intoxicant are closely related to child maltreatment. Although non all kids who suffer maltreatment will hold these behaviours. Society seems to fault the behavioural effects of kid maltreatment on the juvenile entirely. This type of life may be the lone life the juvenile knows. If all the kid knows is a life of hurting and force, is it non the responsibly of society to demo them a different manner before it is excessively late? There are outreach plans such as Big Brother/Big Sister and the YMCA that offer aid but what are you making personally to assist these hurt kids?

Psychological effects can hold permanent effects on the kid stemming from low self-esteem to anti-social behaviour. The kid will sometimes internalise the maltreatment hence faulting him or herself – if I was quieter, smarter, I am non lovable, if I could merely be good plenty. These are ideas that run through a kid ‘s head whose has been abused. The psychological harm is extended. “ A long-run survey, every bit many as 80 per centum of immature grownups who had been abused met the diagnostic standards for at least one psychiatric upset at age 21 ” . “ These immature grownups exhibited many jobs, including depression, anxiousness, eating upsets, and self-destruction efforts ” ( Silverman, Reinherz, & A ; Giaconia, 1996 ) . “ Other psychological and emotional conditions associated with maltreatment and neglect include panic upset, dissociative upsets, attention-deficit/hyperactivity upset, depression, choler, posttraumatic emphasis upset, and reactive fond regard upset ” ( Teicher, 2000 ; De Bellis & A ; Thomas, 2003 ; Springer, Sheridan, Kuo, & A ; Carnes, 2007 ) .

“ Child maltreatment has an consequence on society as a whole. While child maltreatment and neglect about ever occur within the household, the impact does non stop at that place. Society as a whole pays a monetary value for kid maltreatment and disregard, in footings of both direct and indirect costs ” . ( Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Family Health Administration )

“ Direct costs include those associated with keeping a kid public assistance system to look into and react to allegations of kid maltreatment and disregard, every bit good as outgos by the judicial, jurisprudence enforcement, wellness, and mental wellness systems. A 2001 study by Prevent Child Abuse America estimates these costs at $ 24 billion per twelvemonth ” . ( Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Family Health Administration )

“ Indirect costs represent the long-run economic effects of kid maltreatment and disregard. These include costs associated with juvenile and big condemnable activity, mental unwellness, substance maltreatment, and domestic force. They can besides include loss of productiveness due to unemployment and underemployment, the cost of particular instruction services, and increased usage of the wellness attention system ” . ( Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Family Health Administration ) Prevent Child Abuse America “ estimated these costs at more than $ 69 billion per twelvemonth ” ( 2001 ) .

Although you may non hold been raised around kid maltreatment opportunities are that you know person who has been. That individual may be your best friend, your neighbour, the individual you sit following to on the coach. Could you tell which kid or grownup has been abused? Child maltreatment is prevailing. Child maltreatment is a offense. What are you making to halt the maltreatment? What are you making to guarantee another kid is non damaged? Possibly, as a society as a whole, we should stand up and state sufficiency is adequate! Stop the force!


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