The Minister and his Gem Essay

The father-daughter relationship has typically represented one of the strongest bonds of humanity. By and large. this familial bond is so strong that it can outlive even the most daunting of obstructions. However. sometimes unusual fortunes can impact this relationship. Such is the instance of Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale and his girl Pearl in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. Even though Dimmesdale refuses to admit Pearl as his girl. the brace is emotionally bound however. The first minute of adhering occurs as Hester is forced to stand on the scaffold and digest the public humiliation of bearing a kid out of marriage.

Ironically. it is Dimmesdale to whom “the duty of this woman’s psyche lies…” ( Hawthorne. 1991. p. 66 ) . After all. she is at that place because of him. When Pearl hears her father’s voices. she is instantly attracted to its sound. As Dimmesdale efforts to arouse a confession from her female parent. the infant Pearl “directed it’s hitherto vacant regard towards Mr. Dimmesdale. with a half-pleased. half-plaintive murmer” ( p. 67 ) . This motion indicates the natural acknowledgment of the baby for her male parent. Dimmesdale clearly recognizes it. and this minute marks the beginning of his descent into guilt.

His refusal seems to motivate the baby to “pierce the air with its bawlings and screams” ( p. 68 ) as she appears to respond unhappily or angrily to this denial. The 2nd shaping minute occurs old ages subsequently. Dimmesdale must step in to do certain that Pearl is non taken from Hester. Hester has implored him to make so. adding that it is his duty in more ways than one: “…thou knowest me better than these work forces can! Talk for me! ” ( p. 98 ) Understanding her undertones. Dimmesdale complies. After he has convinced the Governor that Pearl should stay with Hester. Pearl shows to him and uncharacteristic touch of tenderness.

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She “stole quietly towards him. and. taking his manus in the appreciation of her ain. laid her cheek against it. …” which prompted him to put ‘his manus on the child’s head” and so “kissed her brow” ( pp. 99-100 ) . Even Hester is amazed at the show of fondness from her girl. motivating her to inquire “Is that my Pearl? ” ( p. 100 ) . She is fresh to this tenderness from her kid. and in this unusual show. it becomes evident to the reader that both Pearl and Dimmesdale are experiencing more than the mere relationship between a curate and a parishioner.

Subsequently yet. Dimmesdale and his Pearl bring their relationship to words albeit under the screen of dark. As he is mutely expiating for his wickedness upon the scaffold. he invites Hester and Pearl to fall in him. Keeping her manus. Dimmesdale is overcome with at “strange joy” ( Hawthorne. 1991. p. 125 ) . However. he is non yet able to hold to her demand to publically admit their relationship the following twenty-four hours at midday. Although Pearl is inquiring him to look with them as a household. his guilt forces him to decline.

Even though she is excessively immature to understand his denial so. when Pearl is seven. she is old plenty to understand Dimmesdale’s refusals. At their forest meeting. her petulant and stubborn behaviour underscores the injury she feels because of this. She wipes off his buss after he one time once more refuses to “…go back with us. manus in manus. we three together. into the town” ( p. 166 ) . As is normally the instance. the female parent must soothe the kid by reminding her that one twenty-four hours “We shall hold a place and a hearth of our ain ; and thou shalt sit upon his articulatio genus ; and he will learn thee many things. and love thee dearly” ( p. 66 ) .

However. as if non believing her female parent. Pearl refuses to acknowledge her love for him at this point. It appears that Pearl is waiting for Dimmesdale to acknowledge to everyone that she is his girl. Their relationship is eventually made populace. as he calls her to him during the vacation parade. and she “…flew to him. and clasp her weaponries around his knees” ( Hawthorne. 1991. p. 193 ) . He eventually is able to talk to his girl as every male parent should. He says. “dear small Pearl. wilt 1000 snog me now? ” ( p. 196 ) . Of class she complies. overjoyed at the admittance of her male parent.

The beautiful scene is played out as “her cryings fell upon her father’s cheeks…” ( p. 196 ) . Unfortunately. the physical bonding occurs excessively late ; Dimmesdale perishes. go forthing Hester and Pearl to go on entirely. Even if the physical bond is denied. an emotional bond will ever be between a male parent and a girl. As Dimmesdale and Pearl demonstrate in The Scarlet Letter. this relationship is finally undeniable by either party. By declining to admit this bond. Pearl and Dimmesdale are non able to go on their relationship.


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