The Modern Olympic Games Tourism Essay

The modern Olympic Games are a major international event having summer and winter athleticss in which 1000s of jocks participate in a assortment of competitions. The Olympic Games are considered to be the universe ‘s first athleticss competition with more than 200 states take parting. The Games are presently held biyearly, with summer and Winter Olympic Games jumping, intending they each occur every four old ages. Their creative activity was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece, from the eighth century BC to the fourth century AD. Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) in 1894. The IOC has since become the regulating organic structure of the Olympic Movement, with the Olympic Charter specifying its construction and authorization.

The development of the Olympic Movement during the 20th and 21st centuries has resulted in several alterations to the Olympic Games. Some of these accommodations include the creative activity of the Winter Games for ice and winter athleticss, the Paralympic Games for jocks with a disablement, and the Youth Olympic Games for teenage jocks. The IOC has had to accommodate to the changing economic, political, and technological worlds of the twentieth century. As a consequence, the Olympics shifted off from pure amateurism, as envisioned by Coubertin, to let engagement of professional jocks. The turning importance of the mass media created the issue of corporate sponsorship and commercialisation of the Games. World wars led to the cancellation of the 1916, 1940, and 1944 Games. Large boycotts during the Cold War limited engagement in the 1980 and 1984 Games.

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The Olympic Movement consists of international athleticss federations ( IFs ) , National Olympic Committees ( NOCs ) , and forming commissions for each specific Olympic Games. As the decision-making organic structure, the IOC is responsible for taking the host metropolis for each Olympic Games. The host metropolis is responsible for forming and funding a jubilation of the Games consistent with the Olympic Charter. The Olympic plan, dwelling of the athleticss to be contested at the Games, is besides determined by the IOC. The jubilation of the Games encompasses many rites and symbols, such as the Olympic flag and torch, every bit good as the gap and shutting ceremonials.

Over 13,000 jocks compete at the Summer and Winter Olympics in 33 different athleticss and about 400 events. The first, 2nd and 3rd topographic point closers in each event receive Olympic decorations: gold, Ag, and bronze, severally.The Games have grown in graduated table to the point that about every state is represented.

Such growing has created legion challenges, including boycotts, doping, graft, and terrorist act. Every two old ages, the Olympics and its media exposure provide unknown jocks with the opportunity to achieve national and sometimes international celebrity. The Games besides constitute a major chance for the host metropolis and state to showcase themselves to the universe.The Olympic Games plan consists of 35 athleticss, 30 subjects and about 400 events.

For illustration, wrestle is a Summer Olympic athletics, consisting two subjects: Classical and Freestyle. It is further interrupt down into 14 events for work forces and four events for adult females, each stand foring a different weight category. The Summer Olympics plan includes 26 athleticss, while the Winter Olympics plan features 15 athleticss.

Sports, swimming, fence, and artistic gymnastic exercises are the lone summer athleticss that have ne’er been absent from the Olympic plan. Cross-country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping, and velocity skating have been featured at every Winter Olympics plan since its origin in 1924. Current Olympic athleticss, like badminton, hoops, and volleyball, foremost appeared on the plan as presentation athleticss, and were subsequently promoted to full Olympic athleticss. Some athleticss that were featured in earlier Games were subsequently dropped from the plan.Olympic athleticss are governed by international athleticss federations ( IFs ) recognized by the IOC as the planetary supervisors of those athleticss. There are 35 federations represented at the IOC. There are athleticss recognized by the IOC that are non included on the Olympic plan.

These athleticss are non considered Olympic athleticss, but they can be promoted to this position during a plan alteration that occurs in the first IOC session following a jubilation of the Olympic Games. During such alterations, athleticss can be excluded or included in the plan on the footing of a two-thirds bulk ballot of the members of the IOC. There are recognized athleticss that have ne’er been on an Olympic plan in any capacity, including cheat and surfboarding.In October and November 2004, the IOC established an Olympic Programme Commission, which was tasked with reexamining the athleticss on the Olympic plan and all non-Olympic recognized athleticss. The end was to use a systematic attack to set uping the Olympic plan for each jubilation of the Games. The committee formulated seven standards to judge whether a athletics should be included on the Olympic plan.

These standards are history and tradition of the athletics, catholicity, popularity of the athletics, image, jocks ‘ wellness, development of the International Federation that governs the athletics, and costs of keeping the athletics. From this survey five recognized athleticss emerged as campaigners for inclusion at the 2012 Summer Olympics: golf, karate, rugby brotherhood, roller athleticss and squash. These athleticss were reviewed by the IOC Executive Board and so referred to the General Session in Singapore in July 2005. Of the five athleticss recommended for inclusion merely two were selected as finalists: karate and squash. Neither athletics neither attained the needed two-thirds ballot nor accordingly was they non promoted to the Olympic plan. In October 2009 the IOC voted to instate golf and rugby brotherhood as Olympic athleticss for the 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympic Games.The 114th IOC Session, in 2002, limited the Summer Games plan to a upper limit of 28 athleticss, 301 events, and 10,500 jocks.

Three old ages subsequently, at the 117th IOC Session, the first major plan alteration was performed, which resulted in the exclusion of baseball and playground ball from the official plan of the 2012 London Games. Since there was no understanding in the publicity of two other athleticss, the 2012 plan featured merely 26 athleticss. The 2016 and 2020 Games will return to the upper limit of 28 athleticss given the add-on of rugger and golf.The host metropolis for an Olympic Games is normally chosen seven to eight old ages in front of their jubilation. The procedure of choice is carried out in two stages that span a biennial period. The prospective host metropolis applies to its state ‘s National Olympic Committee ; if more than one metropolis from the same state submits a proposal to its NOC, the national commission typically holds an internal choice, since merely one metropolis per NOC can be presented to the International Olympic Committee for consideration. Once the deadline for entry of proposals by the NOCs is reached, the first stage ( Application ) begins with the applicant metropoliss asked to finish a questionnaire sing several cardinal standards related to the organisation of the Olympic Games. In this signifier, the appliers must give confidences that they will follow with the Olympic Charter and with any other ordinances established by the IOC Executive Committee.

The rating of the filled questionnaires by a specialised group provides the IOC with an overview of each applier ‘s undertaking and their possible to host the Games. On the footing of this proficient rating, the IOC Executive Board selects the appliers that will continue to the campaigning phase.Once the campaigner metropoliss are selected, they must subject to the IOC a bigger and more elaborate presentation of their undertaking as portion of a campaigning file.

Each metropolis is exhaustively analysed by an rating committee. This committee will besides see the campaigner metropoliss, questioning local functionaries and inspecting prospective locale sites, and subject a study on its findings one month prior to the IOC ‘s concluding determination. During the interview procedure the campaigner metropolis must besides vouch that it will be able to fund the Games. After the work of the rating committee, a list of campaigners is presented to the General Session of the IOC, which must piece in a state that does non hold a campaigner metropolis in the running. The IOC members gathered in the Session have the concluding ballot on the host metropolis. Once elected, the host metropolis command commission ( together with the NOC of the several state ) marks a Host City Contract with the IOC, officially going an Olympic host state and host metropolis.By 2016, the Olympic Games will hold been hosted by 44 metropoliss in 23 states, but by metropoliss outside Europe and North America on merely eight occasions.

Since the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, the Olympics have been held in Asia or Oceania four times, a crisp addition compared to the old 92 old ages of modern Olympic history. The 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro will be the first Olympics for a South American state. No commands from states in Africa have succeeded.

The United States has hosted eight Olympic Games, four Summer and four Winter, more than any other state. The British capital London holds the differentiation of hosting three Olympic Games, all Summer, more than any other metropolis.The other states hosting the Summer Games twice are Germany, Australia, France and Greece. The other metropoliss hosting the Summer Games twice are Los Angeles, Paris and Athens.In add-on to the United States, states hosting multiple Winter Games are France with three, while Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Japan, Canada and Italy have hosted twice.

Among host metropoliss, Lake Placid, Innsbruck and St. Moritz have played host to the Winter Olympic Games more than one time, each keeping that honour twice. The most recent Winter Games were held in Vancouver, Canada ‘s 3rd Olympics overall. The following Winter Games will be in Sochi in 2014, Russia ‘s first Winter Olympics and 2nd Olympics overall.( hypertext transfer protocol: //en., 24 Nov, 2012 )London WinsBy 15 July 2003, the deadline for interested metropoliss to subject commands to the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) , nine metropoliss had submitted commands to host the 2012 Summer Olympics: Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, New York City, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. On 18 May 2004, as a consequence of a scored proficient rating, the IOC reduced the figure of metropoliss to five: London, Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris. All five submitted their campaigner files by 19 November 2004 and were visited by the IOC review squad during February and March 2005. The Paris command suffered two reverses during the IOC review visit: a figure of work stoppages and presentations co-occuring with the visits, and a study that a cardinal member of the command squad, Guy Drut, would confront charges over alleged corrupt party political fundss.Throughout the procedure, Paris was widely seen as the front-runner, peculiarly as this was its 3rd command in recent old ages. London was seen at first as dawdling Paris by a considerable border.

Its place began to better after the assignment of Lord Coe as the new caput of London 2012 on 19 May 2004. In late August 2004, studies predicted a tie between London and Paris.On 6 June 2005 the IOC released its rating studies for the five campaigner metropoliss. They did non incorporate any tonss or rankings, but the study for Paris was considered the most positive.

London was close behind, holding closed most of the spread observed by the initial rating in 2004. New York and Madrid besides received really positive ratings. On 1 July 2005, when asked who would win, Jacques Rogge said, “ I can non foretell it since I do n’t cognize how the IOC members will vote. But my intestine feeling Tells me that it will be really near.

Possibly it will come down to a difference of say 10 ballots, or possibly less. ”On 6 July 2005, the concluding choice was announced at the 117th IOC Session in Singapore. Moscow was the first metropolis to be eliminated, followed by New York and Madrid. The concluding two rivals were London and Paris. At the terminal of the 4th unit of ammunition of vote, London won the right to host the 2012 Games with 54 ballots to Paris ‘s 50. The jubilations in London were ephemeral, being overshadowed by bombardments on London ‘s conveyance system less than 24 hours after the proclamation.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //, 24 Nov, 2012 )Why was London chosen?A batch of available land to renewGovernment was in favourMany hotels and eating housesHas the right installationsA good conveyance systemIn Europe, near to many witnesss and possible jocksA good clime during July and AugustPre OlympicsPreparations for the GamesEconomicss of the GamesBy about any step, presenting the Olympic Games was large concern. Gross is generated from five chief beginnings:aˆ? Broadcast rights-the rights to air the Games in states around the universe. In recent times, the rights for the United States accounted for about 50 % and the rights for Europe accounted for 25 % of the entire broadcast gross.aˆ? International sponsorship-the rights for a company to proclaim itself an “ Official Sponsor of the Olympic Games ” on a world-wide footing in the four old ages taking up to the Games.aˆ? Ticketing-the tickets to the single Olympic events.

aˆ? Domestic sponsorship-the rights for a company to proclaim itself an official patron of the Olympics within the state hosting the Games.aˆ? Licensing rights-the rights to utilize the Olympic Son and hallmarks on points runing from casts and coins to jerseies and stuffed animate beings.Fixing For and Pull offing the GamesUsing its allotment of the Olympic grosss, the host metropolis London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games had to be after for, form, and pull off the 17 yearss of the Games, all within the contractual duties set Forth by the IOC. The major undertakings included:aˆ? Staging the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and featuring eventsaˆ? Arranging for the needed bowl, spheres, developing installations, and equipmentaˆ? Housing and feeding the jocks and functionariesaˆ? Anticipating and work outing possible transit jobsaˆ? Meeting the demands of the mediaaˆ? Providing security to guarantee a safe and peaceable Olympic gamessImportantly, while the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games was responsible for “ set uping ” for the Games ‘ substructure, duty for really supplying that substructure rested with the host metropolis and state.

This included the bowl and spheres to present the events, the Olympic Village to house the jocks, the national and international transit systems to efficiently acquire people to and from the host metropolis, and the local transit systems to shuttle people to and from the events. If financess were needed to construct this substructure, they typically were raised through revenue enhancement, lotteries, and private investing. Chris Townsend explained:The costs of any Olympic gamess can be broken down into “ package ” or people costs and “ hardware ” or substructure costs. Software costs are the duty of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and include the disbursals associated with be aftering the Games, lodging the jocks, and running the events. In contrast, hardware costs are the duty of the host metropolis and depend greatly on the bing substructure.


The 2012 GamesGreat Britain was no alien to the Olympic Games. It was one of merely four states to vie in all 26 Olympic Games, keeping 3rd topographic point in entire figure of decorations won. It had successfully hosted the 1908 and 1948 London Games. And it had bid on the 1992, 1996, and 2000 Games.

Wining the rights to the 2012 Games was far from certain, nevertheless, with Paris, New York, Moscow, and Madrid besides in the concluding running. The procedure to choose the host metropolis consisted of a series of secret ballots, with each IOC member vote for the metropolis of his or her pick. After each unit of ammunition of vote, if no metropolis obtained a bulk of the ballots cast, the metropolis with the lowest figure of ballots was eliminated, and the staying metropoliss advanced to a new unit of ammunition of vote.By most histories, Paris was the front-runner to win the rights to the 2012 Games.

However, many believed the London command was aided by the add-on of Sebastian Coe to the London Bid Committee in2004. Coe was the 1980 and 1984 gold medalist in the 1,500-meter tally, was widely considered one of the greatest middle-distance smugglers of all clip, had served as a member of the British Parliament, and was widely respected both within and outside the Olympic community.In the terminal, the IOC seemingly was impressed by the proposal that the London Bid Committee submitted. As announced on July 6, 2005, to the joy of its many protagonists, London had won the rights to host the 2012 Games in a concluding, tete-a-tete ballot in which London received 54 ballots to Paris ‘s 50.The Plans for the 2012 GamesThe 2012 Games were scheduled to run from July 27 to August 12, with over 12,000 jocks from205 states expected to vie across 26 athleticss and 300 events.

In a perfect universe, the forming commission knew, their determinations would fulfill many standards.aˆ? First, given the importance of fining to the Games ‘ underside line, they had a strong inducement to maximise grosss.aˆ? Second, given that the full universe would be watching, they wanted to maximise attendance-not merely at the Opening Ceremony and swimming finals, which traditionally were easy sells, but besides at events like handball and table tennis, which were non.aˆ? Third, the wanted to make full the seats with right people- knowing fans who added to the energy and ambiance of the event.aˆ? Finally, tickets had to be accessible non merely to the universe ‘s elite but besides to mean Londoners, many of whom lived around the corner from the Olympic park.With 7.

9 million tickets up for sale, the LONDON ORGANISING COMMITTEE OF THE OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES anticipated an norm of 500,000 witnesss per twenty-four hours to go to the Games, with up to 800,000 on the busiest yearss. It estimated that approximately 30 % of all tickets would be purchased by Londoners, 25 % by United Kingdom occupants who lived outside of London, 20 % by people from the remainder of Europe, and 25 % by people from the remainder of the universe.In add-on, it expected 10,000 Olympic and political very important persons to watch some or all of the Games, 20,000 journalists and media forces to cover the Games, 60,000 security forces to guarantee safety, and 100,000 paid and unpaid workers to assist run the Games.Location and Venues A cardinal merchandising point in the London command was the program to construct the centerpiece of the Games-the Olympic Park-in East London. As stated in London ‘s command papers:Great Games leave welcome bequests. Consistent with London ‘s long-run program, the Games will excite critical economic and societal regeneration in what is now a deprived country. Creation of the Olympic Park will affect reconstructing big piece of lands of land in East London, with new green infinites and revived wetlands.

The Olympic Village will go a desirable and socially diverse new residential country, supplying 3,600 new places in a community transformed by the Games.The purpose was to develop 500 estates of bing industrial and waste land in East London into theOlympic Park. By 2012, this would include:aˆ? The 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium-for Opening and Closing Ceremonies and sportsaˆ? The 17,500-seat Aquatics Centre-for diving, swimming, and H2O Poloaˆ? The 12,000-seat London Velopark-for indoor path cycling and outdoor BMX cyclingaˆ? The 12,000-seat Basketball Arenaaˆ? The 15,000-seat Olympic Field Hockey Centreaˆ? The 17,000-bed Olympic VillageAfter the Games, the program was to cut down the size of several of the larger locales to suit with the environing community, to relocate several of the smaller locales to other parts of the state where they could be better utilised, and to change over the Olympic Village into 3,600 units of low-cost lodging, with an extra 5,400 new places to be built subsequently.The staying athleticss would utilize bing locales located throughout London and the UK, including Earl ‘s Court ( volleyball ) , Excel London ( judo, weight-lifting, wrestling ) , Hyde Park ( triathlon ) , the Millennium Dome ( gymnastic exercises ) , Wimbledon ( tennis ) , and Wembley ( football ) .

Transportation system A 2nd critical component of the London command was a program to do the 2012Games the first “ public conveyance ” Olympic gamess, with close to 100 % of ticketed witnesss going to the Olympic events by such agencies. To do this happen, bing transit links to and from the East London country were to be expanded and upgraded, turning it into one of the best-connected Communities in the metropolis. The most talked-about of these attempts was a 12-car metro bird called the “ Olympic Javelin, ” which would ferry riders from King ‘s Cross Station, in the bosom of London, to the Olympic Park in merely 7 proceedingss.These attempts were expected to back up the conveyance of up to 240,000 riders per hr into and out of the Olympic Park country. In bend, to promote witnesss to utilize public transit, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games had announced that the monetary value of every ticket to an Olympic event would include the usage of London ‘s public transit web on the twenty-four hours of that event.

Atmosphere eventually, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games hoped to prosecute and excite the British populace. While Sydney came to be called the “ Laid-back Games, ” and Beijing had been on the side dubbed the “ No Fun Games, ” the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games wanted the bequest of the 2012 Games to be one of inclusiveness. Toward this terminal, Sebastian Coe noted:Whilst London will be the chief locale, it is the full United Kingdom which will be the host. The London 2012 Games will be Everybody ‘s Games. London 2012 will be the most accessible and participative Games of all time. Puting on Everybody ‘s Games, we are clear that our stakeholders are the 60 million people populating in Britain.

Delivering the 2012 gamesThe two groups responsible for presenting the 2012 games were the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which staged the Games, and a quasi-governmental organisation called the Olympic Delivery Authority, which built the substructure.The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games ‘ prediction budget was $ 3 billion. Approximately $ 1.2 billion of this came from its portion of the broadcast grosss and international sponsorships. London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games was responsible for the remainder, with a planned $ 1 billion coming from about 60 domestic patrons, $ 650 million from ticket gross revenues, and $ 150 million from licencing fees.The Olympic Delivering Authority ‘s entire disbursals were projected to run approximately $ 12 billion: $ 6 billion for the edifice of the Olympic park, $ 4 billion for the transit ascents, and the remainder for smaller undertakings, eventualities and revenue enhancements. Approximately 60 % of these financess came from national revenue enhancements, 15 % came from London metropolis revenue enhancements, and 20 % came from the National Lottery.Selling tickets to the gamesHired as caput of fining in September 2007, Paul Williamson was no alien to big featuring event.

Previously, he had helped put fining guidelines for several FIFA World Cup Finals, the Cricket World Cup etc. He was good cognizant of the challenges that London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games faced:Ticketing for the FIFA World Cup was a great experience, but it pales in comparing to the Olympic Games. For a World Cup Final, you sell three million tickets to 64 lucifers played over 30 yearss in 10 or 12 major metropoliss. The squads were all of really high quality, the bowl were all good established, and football was the most popular athletics in the universe.

With the Olympic Games, they were seeking to sell about eight million tickets to 26 different athleticss played over 17 yearss, with some athleticss wildly popular and others a complete enigma to the mean individual. In world, they were running 26 universe titles in a two weeks.While many fining issues were still up in the air, some had already been decided. In peculiar, it was known that:aˆ? A sum of 7.9 million tickets would be available for sale across all events.aˆ? In late 2010, international and domestic patrons, the 205 National Olympic Committees, the International Federations, and other IOC affiliates could put petitions for tickets- stipulating how many tickets at each monetary value point they desired for each event. All would pay full monetary value for any tickets finally received and, jointly, these groups would have no more than 25 % of available tickets.

aˆ? In the spring of 2011, the general populace could likewise put petitions for tickets, via an on-line ballot, stipulating the event, figure of tickets, and monetary value point they desired.aˆ? In the summer of 2011, ticket petitions from both the IOC affiliates and the populace would be processed and persons would be informed as to whether they had obtained tickets.aˆ? Subsequently in 2011 and into 2012, any staying tickets would be offered for direct sale.aˆ? During the Games, tickets still non sold would be available for purchase at box offices throughout London.Williamson noted that those using for tickets were bespeaking entry to a peculiar event within a certain monetary value grade. Not until tickets were matched to petitions, in the summer of 2011, would clients happen out where they really sat in the bowl or sphere.

Pull offing Ticket GrosssWhen it came to pull offing ticket grosss, Williamson and his squad looked to the 2000 SydneyGames for inspiration:While the 2004 Athens Games and the 2008 Beijing Games were fantastic events, they do non supply a great ticketing benchmark for the London Games. Athens was hampered by the little size of the metropolis and the limited capacity of the locales. And Beijing tried difficult to do tickets low-cost for its domestic population, ensuing in ticket monetary values that were unnaturally low. But the Sydney Games were staged in big locales in the largest metropolis of a affluent, sports- loving state. Peoples were willing to pay to go to events and the consequences reflected this fact.The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games besides viewed sufficient ticket grosss as critical to the bequest of the 2012 Games. As Chris Townsend noted:With so much money involved in the Games, it is easy to see ticket gross revenues as a bead in the pail. What is $ 650 million when the Olympic Delivery Authority is passing $ 12 billion to construct the Olympic Park and the Olympic Javelin? But seting things in position.

Last twelvemonth, Manchester United generated about $ 150 million in ticket grosss over a nine-month season, while the New York Yankees sold $ 120 million in tickets over a six-month season. They were looking to convey in four to five times those sums, which will hold a major impact on the fiscal bequest of these Games.But Williamson knew that maximising ticket gross meant more than merely bear downing high monetary values Peoples ‘ willingness-to-pay for a given event will depend on many factors. There ‘s an outlook about what a ticket should be based on other featuring events in and around London.

There ‘s the planetary entreaty of a athletics, with swimming and gymnastic exercises being really popular around the universe. There ‘s the local entreaty of the athletics, frequently driven by the host states past success in that athletics. There ‘s the event phase, with most people desiring to see those phases where the gold decorations are awarded. And so there ‘s a peculiar squad or athlete that makes the difference.

Williamson besides reasoned that the pricing of tickets at past Games provided merely limited counsel for the pricing of the London Games:First, every host metropolis possesses alone gustatory sensations, civilization, and atmosphere. While beach volleyball may be large in Australia, table tennis is king in China. Second, the range of the Games varies by location. Given the troubles in acquiring into China, tickets to the Beijing Games were mostly limited to the Chinese. Give the propinquity of London to the remainder of Europe, they anticipate a much more international crowd. Third, this will be the first Games where fining will be done via the Internet, which may change demand for some events. Finally, with the current planetary fiscal crisis, London 2012 is come ining chartless districts.

Pull offing AttendanceThe London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games besides wanted to make full the many locales during the games. As stated in the London command papers, “ Great Games generate echt enthusiasm. This will be demonstrated by full bowl across a broad scope of events.

” Given that organisers expected close to five billion telecasting viewing audiences to watch some portion of the 2012 Games, the last image the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games wanted broadcast to the universe was that of half-empty spheres.Everyone at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games understood the possible radioactive dust from attending deficits. Pinned to a nearby bulletin board were several articles from recent games.

In mention to the 2004 Athens Games, one New York Times headline read, “ Summer 2004 Games: Seatings May Be Empty, But Not the Beaches. ” And in respect to the 2008 Beijing Games, the Los Angeles Times proclaimed, “ Empty Seatings Are a Mystery at Beijing Olympics. ”Williamson broke down the challenge of maximising attending into two parts.

“ First, you have to acquire people to purchase the tickets. Second, you have to acquire those who purchased tickets to really utilize them. Neither of these was a fiddling undertaking. ”When it came to acquiring people “ to purchase the tickets, ” Williamson had no semblances:You merely ca n’t sell every ticket to every event. The Opening Ceremony? Sure. The concluding twenty-four hours of path and field? Sure. Michael Phelps in any of the swimming events? Certain.

But what about a preliminary unit of ammunition of handball, table tennis, or archery? The demand is merely lower for certain athleticss.The world is, there were three categories of events they managed. First, there was large four-swimming, artistic gymnastic exercises, sports, and the ceremonies-where demand historically far exceeds supply and which probably sold out at about any monetary values. They expected approximately 40 % of ticket grosss to come from these four athleticss. Second, there was football, with about two million tickets across 58 work forces ‘s and adult females ‘s lucifers.

If there was any individual athletics with which they obsess, it was football. On the one manus, football is the most popular athletics in Europe, which worked in their favor. On the other manus, unlike the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic squads were mostly limited to participants under 23 old ages of age, extinguishing some of the biggest names in the athletics.

They hope to bring forth another 10 % of ticket gross from football. Third, there were all the other athleticss, where supply historically exceeds demand and where they had to work hard to maximise gross revenues.But the challenge did non stop with simply selling the tickets.

As the Beijing organisers discovered, acquiring people to utilize the tickets that they had purchased was every bit tough. Commenting on one field hockey lucifer in Beijing, the Los Angeles Times noted:Tickets were in such short supply for Friday dark ‘s field hockey lucifer. At the box office, clerks told defeated ticket searchers that the game was “ sold out. ” But inside the 17,000-seat Olympic Hockey Stadium, the bases were a sea of blue-the coloring material of the rows and rows of empty plastic seats. When the game began, merely a one-fourth of the seats were filled. It ‘s one of the great enigmas of the Beijing Olympics: In what are reportedly the first sold-out Games in Olympic history, many locales are far from full, with the sweeps of empty seats giving events a slightly forlorn visual aspect.

The Los Angeles Times article went on to state that Beijing organisers attributed this deficiency of attending to the big figure of tickets purchased by patrons, set aside for IOC VIPs, and provided to the media, many of which went fresh. Others noted that witnesss may hold purchased tickets for a day-long event, such as tennis, but stayed for merely one or two lucifers. And still others speculated that a big figure of Chinese citizens may hold purchased a ticket to an event, ne’er meaning to go to the Games and usage that ticket, but as a low-cost keepsake from the Games.In a funny response to this deficiency of attending, Chinese Olympic functionaries admitted to snoging in local voluntaries in an effort to make full empty seats and to better the ambiance at locales where attending was thin.Pull offing PerceptsA 3rd concern for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games was the feeling its ticketing policies would make among the really many groups that the Games affected. In peculiar, to assist present on its end of doing these “ Everybody ‘s Games, ” the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games wanted to affect and prosecute the local citizens. At the same clip, the Torahs of the European Union ( EU ) prevented the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games from offering monetary value price reductions to the local community that it did non besides offer to other EU citizens.The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games besides were sensitive to the feelings its pricing policies made among the jocks, the National Olympic Committees, and the International Federations.

While all could accept the fact that swimming was more popular than table tennis in the United Kingdom, the monetary value derived function between tickets to the assorted events was a delicate issue for those involved.Third, given his many old ages in ticketing, Williamson was concerned with the secondary market for tickets to the 2012 Games. After all, while he felt that the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games should non be held responsible for unscrupulous resellers, he knew that much of the populace would differ. As such, Williamson planned to publicise the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games ‘ purpose to prosecute those persons and entities reselling either existent or deceitful tickets over the Internet.

Time to DecideAs Williamson considered the undertaking before him, he wondered about the tradeoffs he might be forced to do. For case, if he could take between two outcomes-exceeding his ticket gross marks by $ 50 million with 70 % attending or coming up short by $ 50 million with 90 % attendance- which should he take? Would it do any difference if he were have oning an IOC chapeau as opposed to a London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games hat? Would it do any difference if he were the caput of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games as opposed to its Head of Ticketing? And would he experience otherwise during or after the Games than he would 18 months before the Games?As he took a concluding expression at the burgeoning Olympic Park, Williamson observed, “ When the 2012Games are over ; we will non hold gotten everything about fining right. We accept that.

But, given that we know we are traveling to be incorrect, what do we hold to make to be ‘least incorrect ‘ ? ”Factors impacting the locationEconomic – money, concernSocial and Cultural – adjustment, tourers, regeneration of countriesPolitical – authorities comes togetherPhysical ( environmental ) – pollution, clime, available land, transitEconomicThere are 5 international airdromes in LondonLondon metropolis is located really near to the Olympic VillageThe rail web in London is really effectual. Newham is connected by the resistance, overground, mainline rail, Docklands light railroad and EurostarTonss of the locales such as: Wembley, Lord ‘s, Wimbledon and the O2 sphere already existedThe authorities was in understanding to cover the cost of the OlympicsThe Uk as a whole has a great record when it comes to hosting major featuring events such as: The European football titles in 1996 and the Commonwealth Games in 2002The metropolis of London is a universe metropolis so it is easy for them to pull people for patrons and to publicize at the localesSocial and CulturalBoth London and the UK have traditions with athleticss. They have places for cricket, tennis and rugger. Besides has other celebrated locales in the capital.

Poor countries could be regenerated and locales would be left there for hereafter usageMany famous persons were endorsing their metropolis, Lord Sebastian Coe ( former Olympic title-holder ) and David Beckham helped with the command procedure30 of the concluding 100 command squad in Singapore for the ballot were locals from LondonAll the locales will be able to be used after the OlympicsIn London there are many hotels and suites available for peoplePoliticalLondon had the support of the local and national authorities.Tony Blair was the lone leader to go to the command determination.The former city manager of London, Ken Livingstone, came together with Tony Blair to to the full back up the London command.Physical ( Environmental )In Newham there were many countries of land that could be used to build the Olympic Village.East London is built on a flood plain which makes the land level and easy to construct on. Besides the East of London should be protected from deluging by the Thames Flood BarrierThe clime during July and August in London is usually really good for take parting in and sing athleticsLondon is in Europe which means it is close to many of the Olympics possible jocks and witnesssProblems with the locationTakes off opportunities for less developed metropoliss like Havana to developOne of the World ‘s most expensive metropoliss to see and populate inSome concerns had to be closed and relocated in order to do room for the Olympic VillagePeoples wonder if the conveyance web can manage the inflow of visitantsHazard of terrorist onslaught, the twenty-four hours after London won the Olympics it experienced a major terrorist onslaughtConveyanceLondon ‘s Transport seemed as though it could be a job but since they wont the right to host the Olympics betterments have been made to their conveyance systems. About $ 17 billion has been spent since the ballotTypes of conveyance:London Dockland ‘s Light RailwayContains no driversCovers a big country of East LondonWill hold direct links to the Olympic Village, London City airdrome, the north Greenwich sphere and ExCel sphereOverground and MainlineThere is an estimation that 80 % of witnesss will get by trainA train will get at the Olympic Village country every 15 secondsMain East London line is traveling through major betterments and extensions that will be ready in clipSome new trains have besides been introduced in order to transport visitants from cardinal LondonThe new trains are known as Javelin trains and will take less than 10 proceedingss to go from Cardinal LondonUndergroundThere are 3 belowground lines: the District, Jubilee and Hammersmith and metropolis travel out to the East of LondonThese will play an of import function in transporting witnesss between localesEurostarNew terminus for Eurostar built in Stratford, right following to the Olympic VillageHas direct connexions to paris and BrusselsBrands connexions to European rail web easierAirportsFive international airdromes: Stanstead, Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow and London CityLondon City is the closest airdrome to the Olympic Village and is connected by the Docklands Light RailwayHeathrow is the universe ‘s busiest international airdromeSpectators and jocks will be able to go to London from about any state in the universeRoadssDo non desire anyone to get at the Olympic Village by autoMany park and drives strategies will be set up around London where people can reassign onto trains and coachsApproximately 15 % of witnesss will get utilizing this park and driveThe London congestion charge will besides deter people from desiring to drive into London at any point during the gamesWalking and MotorcyclesMany people are encouraged to walk around the Olympic localesMany paseos around the Olympic VillageCable auto is being constructed across the Thames to link the Village to other localesMajor has introduced a motorcycle strategy where witnesss can borrow motorcyclesApproximately 5 % of witnesss will walk or utilize motorcycles to acquire to localesThe current city manager of London has besides late introduced a motorcycleWhere is the money coming from?Government, London council revenue enhancement remunerators, National Lottery – 6 billion lbsIOC Television and Selling trades – 560 million lbsSponsorship and official providers – 450 million lbsTicket grosss – 300 million lbsLicensing – 60 million lbsLondon Development Agency – 250 million lbsCostss15th March 2007 the authorities announced that the budget for the games had risen from e.

4 billion lbs to 9.35 billion lbsNew locales will be about 3.1 billion lbs. These new locales would be: Olympic Park at Stratford and the jocks ‘ small town1.

7 billion lbs will be spent on regeneration and substructure600 million lbs spent on excess securitySet aside 2.7 billion incase the costs rise once moreThe Olympics will stop up holding to pay an 840 million revenue enhancement measure390 million lbs will be spent on other things: the Paralympics and community athleticsIncome will come from: London council revenue enhancement remunerators, National Lottery, IOC, sponsorship and official providers, ticket grosss, licensing, London Development AgencyTickets9.6 million tickets for sale – 8 1000000s for Olympics and 1.6 million for the Paralympics75 % of tickets will be less than 50 lbs and will offer free conveyance in London82 % sell-out rate for Olympics and 63 % for ParalympicsTickets for sports will get down at 15 lbs and 20,000 tickets will be at 10 lbs for the Olympic park ( watch events on large screens )Short Term Positive

Social and Cultural

Local occupants have chance to watch athletics on their doorsillA new school/college has been built on the site of the Olympic Village to be the media centreJobs will be created selling ware, tickets, nutrient, etc at the locales.


Hotels and eating houses will see a monolithic addition in concern before and duringOlympic ware being sold will increase gross from the gamesSponsorship should cover many costs


Government will acquire promotionPrime Minister will be I the limelightIncrease in revenue enhancement gross during the games


Air pollution will non be every bit high due to less autos driving because of public transitShort Term Negative Effectss

Social and Cultural

Road closures doing more trafficAttractive clip for terrorists and may go a mark


Cost of hotels and eating houses will increaseSome concerns may hold to shut due to entree and jobs ( bringings )


Government will hold less money to set towards: infirmaries, schools, roads etc while paying for the Olympics


Addition in flights into the UK=increase in air pollutionMore energy in hotel localesAddition in litter and waste due to increase in witnesssLong Term Positive Effectss

Social and Cultural

Venues will be available for the hereafter increasing jocks subjects etcOlympic Village adjustment can turn into other adjustmentEquipment will be given to charities for freeValuess of house may increase due to regeneration of the countries


Infrastructure will profit locals for old ages afterImage of London will be enhanced doing people to desire to make concern in London


If the Olympics are successful the authorities will be seen in a good visible radiation and may hold a opportunity of re-electionBetter the UK ‘s international standing


Cause people to utilize public conveyance more than their ain conveyanceAreas have been cleaned from pollutants left over from millsRivers have been cleared and cleanedLong Term Negative Effectss

Social and Cultural

Increased revenue enhancement measure for 10 old ages to pay for the OlympicsMany of the occupations are merely for short term doing unemployment to lift after


Oversupply of hotels after the games. 15,000 are being added for the OlympicsIncreased demand for installations generated for the games may make rising prices


Government may hold to pay long term debt to pay for the games


More constructions, hotels and adjustments will increase the state ‘s C footmarkCreation of impermeable surface may impact the hydrological rhythm