The Mystery of the Mona Lisa Essay

As Donald Sassoon emphasizes in Becoming Mona Lisa. the Mona Lisa has managed to keep its position as the world’s most recognizable work of art. The writer notes that many who visit the portrayal find themselves inquiring merely what makes it so particular. The lady in the portrayal is non peculiarly beautiful and the painting itself is get downing to look its age. Yet despite all this. art historiographers continue to compose and reason over the picture. and tourers continue to see it in droves.

Sassoon suggests that historiographers continue to be drawn to the picture because of the enigma environing the individuality of the Mona Lisa. He claims that because the media pounces on any intimation at the Mona Lisa’s existent individuality. art historiographers are motivated to go on look intoing it and maintaining it relevant. Even people. who are non art historiographers. are attracted to the Mona Lisa because of her enigmas. such as her individuality. the secret of her smiling. the unusual place of her carpus and her evident deficiency of superciliums.

While this may hold been the instance centuries ago. I believe that the Mona Lisa’s popularity can non be attributed to them any longer. After so much clip. the enigmas environing the Mona Lisa. while go oning to be explored by the ever-hopeful historiographers. have for the most portion been deemed as insolvable and merely function to lend to the portrait’s appeal. I believe there are other factors. such as the Mona Lisa’s alteration in position from art to a cultural icon and humanity’s captivation with famous person and celebrity. which are much more powerful incentives.

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I will research these factors in my response. First. I argue that the Mona Lisa. while still respected by many as a work of art. has become. by its visual aspect in the media. a pop civilization icon. As such. it is referenced with easiness in vocals. such as Nat King Cole’s. “Mona Lisa” . and films. such as “Mona Lisa Smile” . The Mona Lisa has besides made legion visual aspects in ad runs. Many ad runs take advantage of the popularity of the Mona Lisa by doing something markedly different about her. Their unexpected takes on the Mona Lisa are intended to be humourous.

For illustration. an advertizement for the Audi Q7. shows a full-body portrayal of the Mona Lisa. alternatively of the half-length it really is. with the tagline “A chef-d’oeuvre with much more” . An advertizement for Pantene Time-Removal shows the Mona Lisa featuring juicy hair underneath her head covering. with the tagline. “Restores age-damaged hair” . These advertizements take advantage of altering what the spectator is anticipating and turning it around to bring forth a humourous consequence. Not merely has the Mona Lisa herself become a cultural icon. but the secret of her smiling has besides become an easy recognizable figure of speech.

An advertizement for Caramilk. produced in 1973 and inducted into the Clio Hall of Fame. shows “Da Vinci” painting the Mona Lisa and discoursing Caramilk cocoa. When Mona gets her manus on some of the cocoa and tastes it. her iconic smiling comes over her face as Da Vinci tells her to keep the airs. A more recent ad by McDonald’s besides features a defeated Da Vinci seeking to acquire his theoretical account Mona to smile for her portrayal. The pouty Mona Lisa sneaks a bite of a McDonald’s Big Mac and the instantly recognizable smiling visible radiations up her face.

Both of these advertizements produce a humourous consequence by feigning to work out the world-renowned enigma of Mona Lisa’s smiling. All of these advertizements highlight the Mona Lisa’s position as a pop civilization icon. The Mona Lisa’s position as a pop civilization icon. instead than its position as a beautiful work of art. is responsible for her continued popularity. Sassoon states that despite the fact that brassy picture taking of the Mona Lisa is prohibited. tourers systematically take images of it. Even the guards who are supposed to protect the portrayal have for the most portion. given up.

This type of behaviour is non declarative of the regard and attention expected to be shown to a delicate work of art. instead it is the type of behaviour exhibited around famous persons and members of the royal household. The image of the Mona Lisa is widely available. so the purpose of these images is non to take away yet another precisely image of the Mona Lisa. Alternatively. the exposure is meant to capture the visitor’s experience of being near an object that is so celebrated and well-known. The Mona Lisa. by going pop civilization icon. has lost some of its significance as a work of art. but has ensured its topographic point in history forever.


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