The Non Profit Organization Rebuilding Together Social Work Essay

The first house we worked on was owned by a widowed aged adult female named Ethel. Her house was in despairing demand of care. The pace was an obvious catastrophe. There were dozenss of dead subdivisions and awful looking shrubs around both forepart and back paces. Before I met Ethel, I thought she likely had a 1000 cats and was the type to shout at small kids as they walked past her house. Surprisingly, after speaking with her, in seeking to calculate out what she wanted done at her house, I found she was soft spoken and a really nice lady who truly missed her hubby. Her pace was the first precedence she wanted it cleaned up and new shrubbery and flowers planted. John divided the undertakings and gave us a four-hour clip line to acquire things done in the pace. I thought four hours sounded like plentifulness of clip and felt confident that this was traveling to be easy. My squad consisted of three Mexican work forces ( Juan, Jose, and Fernando ) and an African American adult male named Sam. Initially I thought, good the Mexicans are traveling to be great to work with and Sam will likely make respectable work, but non really rapidly. After about an hr into the occupation, I realized how incorrect I was. Sam and I were making the bulk of the work and Juan, Jose, and Fernando merely ne’er seemed to draw their ain weight. This finally led us to transcend the planned four-hour timeline that John had set for us. I assumed John was besides believing that Juan, Jose, and Fernando were traveling to be ace workers during the landscaping work. Once we finished the work in the pace, our last undertaking was to premier and paint two suites. During the picture, John asked me to travel catch a instance of H2O for the squad out of the truck. I did so volitionally with no job. About an hr subsequently while the primer was puting, John asked me to travel order and pick up bombers for the squad with money provided to us. I said yes of class and I went to buy bomber for the squad. On my manner to the shop, I was believing to myself why John would inquire me and non anyone else to make this for him. After I returned, we finished up the picture and regrouped to do certain all undertakings were completed and eventually returned to the hotel to rest up for the following place.

The following place we were assigned to work on was owned by a individual female parent name Marian who had two kids. She was eager to acquire her kitchen and household room renovated. The kitchen was where the bulk of my clip was spent. With the aid of some local charities, Marian received new contraptions and furniture for the kitchen. We installed those and set in new flooring and cabinets in add-on to cleaning the kitchen, which looked as if a bomb exploded in it. I was able to speak to Marian a batch during our work. She told me about how she had to work two occupations as a waitress and teller. Chiefly lasting off of the tips that she was given at the eating house. She explained to me how the male parent of her two kids was ne’er about and that she was merely focused on acquiring her childs an instruction to hopefully populate a better life. She said that even though she has to care for two kids and work two occupations, she tries to happen clip to take her kids to church every Sunday. After hearing her narrative, I could non conceive of all the adversities she must hold gone through during her life. I believed that we were meant to be at that place and holding that chance to assist her was the most rewarding feeling. Her narrative gave me even more drive to do certain that everything we did in her place was to the best of our abilities. I personally wanted to do certain we fulfilled everything she wanted done. After the work was accomplished, it felt good to cognize that I was able to convey at least a few positives to this household ‘s life.

On the concluding forenoon of our trip, the squad was rather exhausted after two long yearss of working. Fortunately, we found out that on this following place we would be working with a local squad of voluntaries. This was a large alleviation knowing there would be some excess work force on the occupation. We besides found out that most of this following squad was made up of building workers, pipe fitters, and linemans. This was a immense encouragement to the squad morale because we were wholly excited to hold a really experient squad assisting us on the last place. The place was owned by a retired coal mineworker, who unluckily became disabled during an accident in the mine. Both the inside and outside of the place needed major work done. As a group everyone seemed to work together really good on the last place, it was about as if we could hold been on that show “ Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. ” Many of the experient workers had entree to equipment that was unavailable antecedently. There was a strong sense of teamwork and everyone working together to acquire to that concluding end. Working around those professionals taught me some new techniques and influenced the quality of work I was making merely by being in their presence. This last place was by far the most labour intensive, but the teamwork played a large function in how good it turned out.

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A stereotype is “ a belief about the personal properties of a group of people. Stereotypes are sometimes overgenneralized, inaccurate, and resistant to new information. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) We create stereotypes from our ain experiences and information that we take in from the outside universe. We are all perceptive psychologists, intending we have the ability to do our ain hypotheses, collect informations, and do decisions. Our stereotypes come from the hypothesis we create about a individual based on their group rank. Although, people are selective about the information they bring in because there is non adequate room for all the information at one time. We try to take short cuts when acquiring to cognize people, which allow us to utilize the least sum of attempt and clip. This forces us to prosecute in societal classification where we do non cover with persons individually, but merely as members of societal classs. In add-on, our tempers colourise how we judge the people we meet in our lives. When angry or in a really good temper we become more likely to do snap judgements and measure others based on stereotypes. A stereotype is our initial information about a individual we meet, but one time we get to cognize them we have the ability to take them from our stereotype and create or new one ( subgrouping ) or see them as an exclusion to our original stereotype ( subtyping ) .A

In relation to my experience during Rebuilding Together, my initial stereotypes in respects to Ethel, Sam, Juan, Jose, and Fernando were the exact antonym of what I had conceived in my caput. My first reaction after seeing Ethel ‘s house and cognizing it was owned by and aged adult females made me believe she was an angry old cat lady. Once I was able to really speak to her, I realized she was non at all what I had thought and she turned out to be a nice adult female. My stereotype blatantly wrong and I thought that she must be an exclusion to my original stereotype. This was my ain manner of subtyping the stereotype I associated with Ethel. With respects to Sam, Juan, Jose, and Fernando I used the slightly typical inkinesss are lazy and Mexicans are difficult workers stereotype. Yet once more, my stereotype was wrong. It turned out that Sam was the hardest worker out of our group during the landscape gardening. Although, this clip after I subtyped them off from my original stereotype, I convinced my ego, based on other experiences, that my original stereotype was still right.

The certitude phenomenon isA ” the inclination to be more confident than correct-to overestimation the truth of one ‘s beliefs. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) A defect of the certitude phenomenon is people who believe a certain undertaking will take less clip than what it really does. This is known as the planning false belief. The planning fallacyA is “ the inclination to undervalue how long it will take to finish a undertaking. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) These two jobs stem from people non being realistic about the undertaking or issue at manus. Our incompetency feeds our certitude as Just Kruger and David tormenting found when they studied pupils who scored low on grammar, wit, and logic were prone to overrating their cognition of the topics To rectify the jobs people should interrupt down their undertakings into subcomponents and from there gauge the clip required for each. In add-on, they need to have prompt feedback sing the undertakings. Finally, to cut down certitude people should believe of one good ground why their judgements might be incorrect, which forces them to see disconfirming information.

During work on the first place, both the certitude phenomenon and planning false belief came into drama. John had created a timeline of the undertakings to be completed on Ethel ‘s place. He was non cognizant of the work moral principle of the voluntaries he would be delegating to the undertakings. John was manner excessively confident in his approximately created timeline. He believed that everything would work out merely the manner he had planned. Obviously, he was wrong. I besides was a victim of being cocksure because of the stereotypes I had set in topographic point sing the Mexican voluntaries. I believed that we were traveling to rush through our undertakings because of the group of cats I was working with.

The foot-in-the-door phenomenon isA ” the inclination for people who have foremost agreed to a little petition to follow subsequently with a larger petition. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) This is a tactic used to acquire unsuspicious people to hold to incremental undertakings, each affecting more work than the last. It is a great tactic when used right. In some cases, it is used unwittingly. For illustration, when a kid goes over to a friend ‘s house and so subsequently asks to pass the dark. The pes in the door was acquiring to the friends house and now the kid basically opened it, when they were allowed to pass the dark.

In my experience, our group leader John used this on me. I am non certain if he deliberately tried to do this happen, but it worked on me. He foremost told me to acquire a instance of H2O out of the truck for the squad. Then subsequently he asked me to travel out to buy bomber for the full squad. I did both of these with no jobs. Although, after hearing him inquire me to acquire nutrient for the squad I was instantly inquiring myself “ why me? ” I know that the pes in the door phenomenon was at work in this state of affairs, but I besides believe some normative influences on my portion were involved.

Normative influence isA ” conformance based on a individual ‘s desire to carry through others ‘ outlooks, frequently to derive credence. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) We try to conform to the petitions of other people. When we see others in our group behaving in a certain manner or doing peculiar determinations we want to be accepted by them ; hence, we feel the demand to conform. We fear rejection so we try to “ travel along with the crowd ” in our hopes to be accepted and possible peers. Family and friends have the most normative influence. There is a combination of normative and informational influences involved with household and friends. Informational influence is “ conformance happening when people accept grounds about world provided by other people. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) We receive information from friends or household and accept it as world because of our desire to conform and want of credence in our group.

During the full weekend working on each place, I was affected by normative influences. The normative influence came from working along side experient building workers. I was ever seeking to run into the outlooks of the more experient workers and seeking to larn from them. At the clip, I did non recognize how much I was seeking their credence. I was seeking to be like them or at least look to be like them. After I told them I was go toing University to acquire a grade in Electrical Engineering, I could state they had high outlooks of me while I was working. Since the bulk of voluntaries in my groups were the experient workers, I was invariably seeking to carry through there outlooks.

Altruism isA ” a motivation to increase another ‘s public assistance without witting respect for one ‘s opportunisms. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) Altruism is the ability to disregard your wellbeing and concentrate entirely on the well-being of person else. We feel motivated to assist others, while we neglect ourselves. Feeling of trueness and responsibility can spur selfless behaviours. In add-on, strong emotional or sympathetic feelings can do selflessness. Empathy is one feeling that may motivate selfless behaviours. Empathy is “ the vicarious experience of another ‘s feelings ; seting oneself in another ‘s places. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) When we feel empathy towards a individual, we feel the demand to assist them without having any personal benefits. This empathic concern is “ when we value another ‘s public assistance, perceive the individual as in demand, and take the individual ‘s position. ” ( Myers, 2010 )

When meeting and speech production with Marian I felt rather empathic towards the adversities that her household was traveling through. I tried to conceive of what it would be like to be a individual parent working two occupations seeking to back up two kids, while holding to populate in such a run down old place. I seemed to link with Marian and understand plenty about her life to experience the demand to assist her. What struck me during our conversation was whenever she talked about where she lived she ever called it “ our place ” or “ my place ” , which I found really compelling because she did non of all time say it was merely a house. That to me means she does non see the edifice as merely a topographic point her household resides in. She views her place as a topographic point her kids will experience safe and be able to bask their lives while populating their. It basically follows the expression of “ place is where the bosom is. ” My empathic feelings influenced my selfless behaviours after talking with Marian. I had the feeling of no affair what I wanted to do certain I was traveling to assist this household out to the best of my abilities, without worrying about my ain involvements.

A group is “ when two or more people interact for more than a few minutes, affect one another in some manner, and think of themselves as “ us ” . ” ( Myers, 2010 ) When working in a group sometimes societal facilitation becomes a factor.A Social facilitation presently means “ the strengthening of dominant ( prevalent, probably ) responses in the presence of others. ” ( Myers, 2010 ) While executing undertakings in a group we are about or energized more so than when alone. Chiefly dominant and simple undertakings are what receive encouragements to public presentation while done in a group. The simple presence of others affects our public presentation and work ethic. On a side note, sometimes group work causes the participants to set in less attempt. This is seen in Ringelmann ‘s survey ( 1935 ) when attempt in a group drawing on a rope was less than an single pulling on a rope. I merely experienced any of these societal idleness behaviours during work on the first place. Partss of my squad ( Juan, Jose, and Fernando ) were exhibiting this societal idleness while Sam and I were seting in the most attempt. Otherwise, the societal idleness consequence was unobtrusive in my groups during the remainder of my work.

On the concluding twenty-four hours, we worked on the place of a retired coal mineworker. Our squad was joined by a group of experient workers dwelling of building workers, pipe fitters, and linemans. They brought along tools and equipment that we did non hold entree to before. Everyone on our squad became energized when the workers arrived at the place with their equipment and machines. I could see a leap in everyone ‘s measure as they began working on their initials undertakings. I associated all this energy in the squad with the societal facilitation construct. I besides felt affected by the presence of these workers. While working in portion of the place I felt that these work forces would be judging my work, so I wanted to affect them every bit much as I could. They were able to learn me a few new techniques in some of the occupations I was making that I will ever retrieve.


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