The North and South of the Civil War Essay

The United States Civil War started when civil agitation in the South led to political desires to splinter from the Union. During a clip of unrest due to slavery. the North and South were divided about which way the state should continue. The North and South each had their ain comparative strengths and failings such as entire population. size of army’s. industrial capacity. resources. communicating abilities. and military preparation. In 1860. there were a sum of 32 million Americans and merely nine million lived in the South ( Axelrod. 1998 ) .

Of the nine million life in the South “ . . . one tierce of all Southerners were slaves. which automatically disqualified them from military service. although some did battle in the war. . . ( Hagen. 2005 ) . ” The North had the advantage of Numberss over the South when it came to calculating the Numberss of work forces that were of combat age. The North had 1. 556. 000 soldiers functioning in the Northern ground forces. The South had 850. 000 work forces functioning in the Confederate ground forces. about half of the work forces of the North.

The North had big sums of industry on which they could trust on for supplies. Northern mills could bring forth big measures of guns and ammo. The South depended chiefly on the agribusiness industry to prolong life. yet there were some mills and railroads the South used for supplies. In comparing. the North outweighed the South in sum of industry used to prolong the Civil War. Based on the industrial capacity. resources for the North were more plentiful than for the South.

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The Southern provinces were focused on large-scale cultivation of harvests such as rice. anil. baccy. and cotton ( Axelrod. 1998 ) . The focal point on agribusiness increased the demand for slave labour to work the harvests. In the North. industries such as steel and coal were being developed. When clip for the Civil War came. the North had the resources of the current industries to bring forth needful supplies for war. The South merely had harvests and break one’s back labour. which were non of much usage in war. The South did hold the advantage of “ . . . contending on their ain land to support their manner of life. . ( Hagen. 2005 ) . ” Contending conflicts closer to place offered obvious benefits in the country of communications in a clip when phones and wirelesss were nonexistent. The North had to calculate out how to travel big Numberss of work forces and supplies into enemy district. while the South would hold to transport less over shorter distances. The North had one communicating advantage that ended up working against them. the media. Northern general Winfield Scott had originally wanted to put up naval encirclements in the South to environ and insulate the Confederacy. Unfortunately. word of Scott’s thought to set up a naval encirclement leaked out to Northern newspapers. which criticized him for non holding more assurance in the Union military personnels ( Hagen. 2005 ) . ” The media in the North worked to split and oppugn all the determinations by Union senior leading. While the North housed the chief authorities and senior advisers to President Lincoln. the South did hold advantages in military preparation. “Southerners. brought up on plantations siting Equus caballuss and hiting guns most of their lives. felt they would do better soldiers than the tradesmans and husbandmans of the North ( Hagen. 2005 ) . Many Southerners attended military schools. which meant that the Confederate officers had military preparation. In fact. President Lincoln’s senior adviser Northern major general Winfield Scott was from the South. but refused to back up the South in sequence and felt strongly about supporting the flag. At the beginning of the Civil War. the North and South each had advantages and disadvantages that affected scheme into the War. Although the North was clearly advantageous in Numberss and industry. the South had military cognition and home-field advantage.


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