The practical woman. She understands the relationship with

           The outcome has been that women are
defined not as a subject but as an entity in connection with man in his real
life or in his fantasy life. So the protogonist in the novel herself confused when
she has to confirm to rigid lay down by manners and etique5ts. The soceity
itself ,in those years when Rama Mehta has written the book was passing through
the birth pamgs of tradition from tradition to modernity . In such a period to give
a voice to the suffering of women and present injustice heaped on them is a
difficult task. Geetha the protogonist who plays rolls like daughter, wife, and
daughter in law, mother. It shows that she has no her own identity.Mahadevi Varma
points it out it.Women in Indian soceity face identity crisis. Rama Mehta shows
it through her characters. She explained characters name with there husbands,
forinstance, BhagwatSing’s wife , Sangram Sing’s wife, etc. Rama Mehta feels
that women have a tremendous inner strength she wants to translate this inner
strength into something positive a real strength.

            Here, Indian quite representation of
the basic Indian culture. It is a note of hope with the protogonist. She
asserts herself as an individual and putting an end to her doubt about herself.
She is able to hold her own in a hose hold full of tradition -bound, royal, dignified,
noble and well mannered numbers of her family in the haveli. It is a proof if
her individuality, she breaks traditional ground wherever she necessary.

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 She takes complete care to delineate her
presence as one shows it with courage and conviction of rationate and
accountability to be a mistress of the haveli. She emerges as an intelligent attractive
and wholly practical woman. She understands the relationship with all its
consequence and confident as well that she is not stretching her moral
obligations. It is suggested that a modern educated woman like Geetha should
pursue some meaning full activity with in the Presently of her household in
order to find happiness and contement as well as her rights , desires struggles
and victories all together . It is Geetha’s voice about her thoughts and
feelings that we near in India the Haveli. 


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