The Problems Faced By Women Asylum Seekers Social Work Essay

An refuge searcher is an person who arrives at the state ‘s port of entry with or without a valid visa and wants to be recognised as a refugee by the State ( Luibheid 2004, p.336 ) .In Ireland the facet of the jurisprudence that defines refugee can be found in Refugee Act ( 1996 ) . This Act besides reflects Article 1 of the 1951 Geneva Convention.

A refugee in Irish jurisprudence is an person who is, owing to tenable fright of being persecuted on evidences of race, nationality, faith or rank of a peculiar societal or political group in her place state and is unable or owing, to such fright, has prevented herself from the protection of her place state ( ) .Kanics ( 2007 ) stated that the figure of people seeking refuge in Ireland fluctuates. The highest figure of applications ( 11,632 ) were received in 2002 ( Larlor and Share 2009, p.420 ) . However, Ireland is non entirely in sing additions in the figure of people seeking refuge. It besides applied to other European states like Germany, France and The Netherlands ( Clement 2001, p.

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174 ) . In 2010 the entire figure of people that seek refuge was 1,660 in which 15 per centum were under direct proviso in Limerick ( ; cso.

ie ; )3.3 Gender Issues and the Asylum ProcessWright ( 1995 ) and Kay ( 1989 ) researched adult females refuge searchers and proclaimed that there had been a prejudice towards male refuge searchers. ‘Gender neutrality ‘ can impede the resources of adult females asylum searchers ( Hunt 2008, p.

282 ) .The gendered functions and division of labor accepted within most societies means that adult females ‘s functions will frequently be different from those of work forces. In many instances, adult females ‘s activities are non accepted as political activities by the governments make up one’s minding on refuge ( Freedman 2009, p.

177 ) .Baines ( 2004 ) argues that women’s rightists and faculty members are critical about the unsatisfactory handling of gender in relation to asylum searchers in international conventions and pacts. Crawley and Lester ( 2004 ) suggest that less adult females than work forces claimed refuge in Europe. Womans who experienced persecution may besides happen it hard to go forth because of their kids and fiscal jobs. Spijkerboer ( 2000 ) argues that adult females merely leave their households and state when they can no longer get by ( Freedman, 2009: 176 ) .Harmonizing to Bunch ( 1995 p.13 ) , the failure of the High Commissioner to imagine persecution on evidences of sex, makes adult females experience left out of the scope of those that can be granted refugee position.

A gender guideline for treating adult females asylum searchers ‘ applications was launched by the Human Rights Barrister Kennedy in the United Kingdom. The new guidelines aim to prioritize the experiences of adult females asylum searchers in the procedure of refuge ( Verkaik, 2000 ) .Most research conducted on refuge searchers in Ireland focal points on the jobs faced, based on their experiences in their place states.

Few of the research workers focus on the get bying schemes in the new environment refuge searchers find themselves ( Hunt 2008, p.32 ) .Surveies have shown the importance of the schemes and actions of the adult females during the refuge procedure. Berghahn ( 1995 ) conducted a survey on Judaic adult females flying Nazi Germany. Despite the fact that these adult females were from middle-class backgrounds, they engaged in unpaid domestic functions to back up their households.

Berghahn explained further that adult females are more able to set to a different position than work forces ( Hunt 2008, p.75 ) . McDonnell ( 2009 ) conducted a qualitative survey on adult females asylum searchers in Limerick and she stated that most of them developed schemes to get by with the state of affairs while the procedure of refuge reinforced the feeling of isolation and exclusion for some of the adult females ( McDonnell 2009, p.

101 ) .3.4 THE PROCESS OF ASYLUM APPLICATION IN IRELANDThe procedure of refuge differs from state to state.

In the UK, refuge searchers refer to those that do non hold a recognised abode position but alternatively have impermanent abode till the terminal of their refuge application procedure ( Clement 2001, p.177 ) . In Ireland, refugee applications are dealt with on the standards stated in the Refugee Act 1996 as amended by Section 11 ( 1 ) of the Immigration Act ( 1999 ) , and by Section 9 of the Illegal Immigration ( Trafficking ) Act 2000, and by Section 7 of the Immigration Act 2003 ( ) .Refugee Application Commissioner ( ORAC ) trades with refuge applications determination in the Irish refuge system.

This office was established in 1996 under the Refugee Act 1996. The ( ORAC ) makes a recommendation based on the single application. This may take up to six months or longer before the applicant gets a determination on her application. In a state of affairs where the recommendation is negative, the applier can appeal ; such an entreaty will be forwarded to the Refugee Appeals Tribunal. Based on the recommendation of the court, the Minister for Justice and Law Reform will do a determination.

In some instances the applier may acquire the determination within a twelvemonth ( ) . However, in most instances, it will take longer than that.In a state of affairs where the applier is refused on entreaty, she can use for human-centered residence and this determination can take a twelvemonth or more. Refugee position will be granted if the applicant meets the standards in the definition of refugee as stated in the Refugee Act 1996. Refugee position will let the holder household reunion, entitlement to work, right to have a concern, full societal public assistance services and payment and educational services.

They can besides use for a travelling papers under the 1951 Convention ( ) .3.

4 SOCIAL POLICY AND ASYLUM SEEKERSForbes-Martin ( 2004 ) pointed out that most states do non hold policies and statute law in relation to asylum searchers and in some states the policies in topographic point are non implemented. That is, persecution claims by adult females asylum searchers are non accepted even though it has been a cosmopolitan argument ( Freedman 2009, p.175 ) .In April 2000 there emerged another policy in relation to the procedure of suiting refuge searchers in Ireland. Asylum searchers that arrived in the state after this day of the month are non entitled to full public assistance allowances but placed in an adjustment Centre. Three repasts are provided daily, a bed, and free medical services. In add-on, grownups are paid 19.

10 Euro and each kid receives 9.60 Euro every hebdomad as allowance ( Luibheid 2004, p.337 ) . However, surveies have shown that refuge searchers in direct proviso experience nutrient poorness which leads to unintended weight addition ; it takes off their control over nutrient picks, and consequences in a limited societal web that causes isolation and solitariness. This system deprives them of societal interaction chances taking to a deficiency of integrating ( Manandhar, 2006 ) . Prior to 26th July, 1999 refuge searchers had entree to instruction and preparation and post-Leaving Certificate classs.

Asylum searchers that came after July 1999 are non allowed full-time instruction or preparation but their kids under 18 are allowed primary and secondary instruction ( Irish Refugee Council 2001 ) .In Limerick, there are three asylum searchers ‘ adjustment Centres. One of these is for individual people and the staying two are for households ( ) .The 1956 Citizenship Act was amended in the 2004 referendum which withdrew the right of the parents of Irish-born kids to use for residence in Ireland.

The statement of the State was based on the premise that migratory adult females were coming to Ireland to give birth to Irish Citizens ( Coulter, 2004 ) .Hence, most adult females asylum searchers struggle to get by with their new environment and there is no specific continuance for the procedure of refuge application in Ireland which means appliers could remain longer than expected during this procedure. This reappraisal will now look at the demands of adult females asylum searchers.3.5 WOMEN ASYLUM SEEKERS ‘ NEEDSHewitt ( 2000 ) stated that ‘human needs represent a criterion of fulfillment different from basic demands and of import basic human demands ‘ ( Hewitt 2000, p.126 ) .Surveies conducted on refuge searchers have shown that their demands are complex. Some of these demand include good lodging proviso, equal wellness installations, entree to instruction, employment chances and entree to adequate information.

Other jobs identified include hapless linguistic communication accomplishments, deficiency of societal web support, small or no apprehension of the norms of Irish society, psychological jobs due to the procedure of refuge and deficiency of assurance due to racism experiences ( Kennan, and MacNeela, 2004 ; Hollander 2006 ; Lamba 2003 ; and Riemann 2003 )Kennan and MacNeela ( 2004 ) conducted a qualitative survey on refuge searchers and concluded that direct proviso system is like a strategic program to set an terminal to the proviso of adjustment for refuge searchers in Ireland. Their survey besides suggested that refuge searchers that fled persecution from her place state had to get down a new life in the state where she sought safety ( Kennan and MacNeela 2004, p.10 ) .In Ireland, prior to April 2000, refuge searchers were accommodated in private rented adjustment and they were given public assistance allowances as Irish citizens. This system was changed to a ‘Direct Provision System ‘ in April, 2000, when rental adjustment was replaced by asylum adjustment Centres ( Luibheid 2004, p.338 ) .

Furthermore, a qualitative research conducted by Veale and Fanning ( 2001 ) pointed out that ‘the method of supplying nutrient for refuge searchers in the direct proviso is non suited for adult females asylum searchers and their kids ( Veale and Fanning p.5 ) . Former Minister of State Donnell stated that ‘housing and adjustment is possibly one of the most of import things to acquire, as we work towards incorporating refuge searchers, ‘ ( Kennan and MacNeela 2004, p.14 ) .Women refuge searchers and their grownup kids could non go to full-time instruction or preparation, although some bureaus like FAS and VECs are working towards run intoing these demands in relation to instruction. These bureaus nevertheless, merely focused on English linguistic communication categories and skill preparation ( Stewart, 2006 ) .

Asylum searchers ‘ kids between age 5 and 16 old ages in the United Kingdom have the same educational right as other kids ( Reakes, 2007 ) . Asylum searchers ‘ kids that are minor can get both primary and secondary instruction like other kids in Irish society. These kids can merely entree instruction for the period of their parent ‘s refuge procedure and continuance of their instruction depends on their parent ‘s refuge application determination ( Irish Refugee Council 2001 ) .

Refuge searchers are among the cultural minorities that their wellness demands particular attending. Nolan et Al. ( 2002 ) , Cave et Al. ( 2003 ) , Collins ( 2002 ) , and Galvin ( 2004 ) suggest that the procedure of refuge, handiness and handiness of wellness service contributes to the wellness demands of refuge searchers ( Stewart, 2006, p.55 ) . In other words, cultural fluctuations can impede the advancement of run intoing the wellness demands of adult females asylum searchers, as the support workers might non understand their cultural beliefs. This can cut down adult females asylum searchers care proviso.

( Powell et al. 2004 ) .Physical and psychological demands of adult females asylum searchers arise from their experiences from the state they fled from. Such experiences include war, political persecution, anguish, favoritism, fiscal adversity and maltreatment.

( Powell et al.2004 ) . The Department of Health ( 2004 ) stated that feelings of isolation and insecurity experienced by refuge searchers based on deficiency of privateness can take to societal backdown, aggression, and depression ( Stewart 2006, P.54 ) .3.5 ASYLUM SEEKERS ‘ CHILDRENPringle ( 2006 ) outlines the demands of kids to include: love, security, congratulations, acknowledgment, duty and new experiences. These demands have to be met from childhood and through maturity ( Pringle, 2006 ) .

Veale and Fanning ( 2001 ) pointed out that refuge searcher ‘s kids that are placed in direct proviso ‘foster utmost kid poorness and societal exclusion within Irish communities. ‘ The Centres are non contributing for pregnant adult females and their kids ( p.14 ) . On the other manus, Manandher et Al. ( 2004 ) conducted a qualitative survey on nutrient proviso of refuge searchers in direct proviso. They suggested that the deficiency of privateness in refuge Centres prevents the adult females from suckling their babes comfortably ( p.45 ) .

The Irish Refugee Council ( IRC ) stated in their policy on the regional response of refuge searchers in Ireland that refuge searchers ‘ kids experience the same troubles as their parents. Their demands are similar to their parents in footings of wellness, lodging and psychological demands. Asylum searchers ‘ kids depend on their parents for developmental demands and this makes them more vulnerable ( Irish Refugee Council 2001 ) . This rule is underpinned in Children First ( 1999 ) , the National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children. It states that parents have the primary responsibility for the attention and protection of their kids ( Children First 1999 ) . Asylum searchers ‘ kids ‘s experiences in adjustment Centres are contrary to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child ( CRC ) ( 1989 ) . It besides opposes different bing Torahs in Ireland such as the National Children ‘s scheme, the Program for Prosperity and Fairness ( 2000 ) and the National Anti-poverty Strategy ( Veale and Fanning 2001, p.5 ) .

Hence, adult females asylum searchers demands are complex but their basic demands are met but base on different persecution they have experience there is demand to undertake their psychological jobs. Besides, refuge searchers kids in direct proviso experience are contrary to bing Torahs in Ireland.3.6 ASYLUM SEEKERS ‘ VIEW OF THE PROCESSThe survey conducted by the European Agency for Fundamental Right ( EFR ) on refuge searchers in Europe has shown that refuge searchers in Ireland have mixed experiences. Ireland is one of the states that have the refuge process on the web site which is self-explanatory and cusps are available where they can acquire entree to free legal assistance. Besides, the cusp is translated into about 20 linguistic communications compared to France where the cusp is translated into five linguistic communications ( Kjacrum, 2010 ) .

The questionnaire for refuge application in Ireland is hard to finish because most of the refuge searchers do non hold cognition of the regulations and ordinances. Asylum searchers in Ireland besides complain of the linguistic communication barrier when speaking to canvassers ( Kjacrum, 2010 ) .In add-on, some of the appliers complain that they are non cognizant that they can hold a ‘gender specific interview. Some of the refuge searchers complaint about holds in the refuge procedure which can do mental emphasis ( Kjacrum and Frewen 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Rowley, the concern is that some of the adult females who have been in the system for two old ages, still conflict with the quandary of being deported. Hence, despite their experience of injury, they are left in such an insecure province ( Macormaic, 2008 ) .3.

7 The Role of Support Workers and the Challenges they FacedA support worker is an single trained in motivational interviewing procedure techniques to be able to take part in the decision-making of issues that concern their client ‘s life ( Territo and Kirkham 2010, p.189 ) . Hennesy ( 2002 ) provinces three rules that govern the services provided by support workers as: ‘self-determination, engagement and authorization.

‘ An scrutiny of these rules in relation to working with adult females asylum searchers entails service users being involved actively in the activities that influence decision-making on services provided for them ( Lalor, and Share 2009, p.343 ) . ( See appendix 1 for the function of support workers ) .Looking into support workers challenges, Pedersen ( 2000 ) refers to civilization as the values, beliefs and behaviors shared by certain groups of people in society and multiculturalism as the ‘fourth force ‘ in the procedure of back uping the clients ( Corey and Corey 2006, p.16 ) . Most of the adult females asylum searchers are from different background, civilization and faith belief, support workers demands to encompass multiculturalism in order to run into their demands. Pederson ( 2000 ) pointed out that non all African or all American have the same civilization despite the fact that they are from the same continent.

Besides, those that have the same civilization, have different experiences ( Corey and Corey, 2007 p.186 ) . Lee and Ramsay ( 2006 ) argue that alterations in the demographics in society brought approximately new forms for the assisting professions hence, it is of import for support workers to encompass a wide multiculturalism attack in order to understand diverse clients ( Corey and Corey, 2007 p.189 ) .

However, the differences in beliefs, values and cultural backgrounds can forestall support workers from supplying sufficient and proper attention required from them ( Lalor and Share 2009, p424 ) . From the literature presented above, one can see that there are many issues impacting adult females asylum searchers. Therefore, there is a demand for support workers who understand the complexness and diverseness that refuge searchers present with.In decision, this literature reappraisal has shown the demands of adult females asylum searchers, the procedure of refuge application and the position of the refuge searchers of the procedure.

It has besides explored refuge policies, the experience of refuge searchers ‘ kids in way proviso, and the challenges faced by the support workers. Finally, it explains the functions of refuge searchers ‘ support workers.Based on the above literatures review, the research worker ‘s position that the demands of adult females asylum searchers depends on the experiences from the state they fled from, every bit good as the procedure and continuance of refuge and the refuge policies in topographic point in the host state.