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The Yankee Dental Congress is an annual gathering in which dental professionals share their latest and greatest, tried and true, or simply their most valued product for everyone to see. My favorite product was an entire line of amalgam separators made by a company called Solmetex. This product is installed in the vacuum lines, capturing solid waste as it leaves the dental unit, working like a filter. The waste that this product captures includes amalgam which can be potentially harmful to the environment. Solmetex has gotten its name out there by partnering with well known dental organizations such as the Dental Trade Alliance and Organization on Safety and Aseptic Procedure. This product appealed to me because it’s not like dental unit waste traps. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, to fit in small, or awkward spaces. New regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency requires that amalgam be recycled and not thrown away with other waste. Older dental offices may not be set up to fit a big bulky filter in the vacuum line. I would use this product in the dental office to make recycling amalgam easier and more worry free. This product company automatically ships the dental office regulated buckets to ship the used amalgam separators and all materials needed to ship the product. Not only that, they send reminders letting you know when it’s time to ship your waste out. Solmetex is changing the game of responsible waste disposal. With their automated system for amalgam recycling, all amalgam will be properly handled, saving the dental practice from possible fines issued by the EPA. This product is useful because you no longer need to worry about keeping up with regulations. The company keeps you up to date with all EPA regulations. A basic Solmetex amalgam separator original system starts at about $788. Refills cost around $378, which will last a small practice about a year. This is nothing compared to the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing the right thing for the environment.


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