The Professional Capabilities Framework And Standards Social Work Essay

This essay will show a clear apprehension of what the societal work function is by reflecting on my shadowing experience and utilizing this experience to supply a position of the differences between societal work and societal attention.

On October the 11th I was able to shadow a societal worker on the sensory services squad in Gloucestershire, whilst shadowing I was able to detect the societal worker on two place visits. The first visit required the assemblage of information from a carer to make full out a Carers Emergency Scheme program. The 2nd visit involved the completion of a Carers Assessment.

Explain the function of the societal worker observed, the difference in the societal work function to that of a attention function

The function of my societal worker was to measure the demands of the service users and besides the demands of their carer ‘s. She was besides able to give them some equipment such as a twenty-four hours light lamp to heighten the ability to read, nevertheless, I was informed by the societal worker that she was in a different place than most societal workers and that the ability to supply specialized equipment is an unusual chance for societal workers.

The function of a carer would contrast from this as a carer would hold been able to back up them with practical aid.

Skills for Care ( 2010 ) stated that ‘Social attention work is about assisting people with their lives. Peoples who have physical or psychological jobs frequently require practical aid get bying with the mundane concern of life. Social attention provides this practical attention. ‘ ( cited in Trevithick, 2012 ) . IFSW ( 2006:9 ) depicts that ‘The term ‘social workers ‘ refers to those workers trained to buttockss and respond to people with complex personal and societal demands. It is a protected rubric and can merely be used to mention to those who are qualified and registered and keep a societal work making recognised by the General Social Care Council ( GSCC ) …Social workers carry out a assortment of undertakings, including casework, moving as an advocator, hazard appraisal and working as a attention director. As a profession, societal work promotes societal alteration, job resolution in human relationships and the authorization and release of people to heighten well-being. ‘ ( cited in Trevithick, 2012 ) .

These two definitions show a clear contrast between societal attention and societal work but there is an apparent convergence with the two functions, nevertheless, the professional answerability and legal demands of a societal worker implies a high importance that these two functions have clear differentiations.

Where possible penetrations gained into service user ‘s and carer ‘s experience/perceptions of the service provided by the bureau

At the terminal of the first visit the lady was ill-defined on what a she was supposed to make so my societal worker sat back down and explained to her that she had nil to make and that she had nil to worry approximately, this remark was repeated by the service user but I believe that this made the service user relax.

On my 2nd visit the gentleman that is caring for his married woman got his calendar out to repair a day of the month for the societal worker to see once more, he told my societal worker that he was busy on the twenty-four hours that she wanted to see but said he would call off his programs as he would much instead see her, I found this remark heart-warming. On this visit my societal worker was able to supply the lady with a twenty-four hours light lamp to help her sight when reading, I believe this was a good experience for the service user as she seemed really impressed with the lamp and read us her paper without the usage of her magnifying glass. The gentleman besides comment a few times about my societal worker make fulling in the signifiers for him and that he would look at the following signifier but would wait and allow her make full it in whilst she read out the inquiries, I think this showed that he had assurance in the ability of that societal worker and that he trusted her.

Discussion points raised about the work of the bureau, its legislative and policy context

When I spoke to the societal worker about statute laws and policies I was informed that this was a difficult inquiry to reply as there are legion statute laws that have to be consider when working for the centripetal squad, declaiming them all would non be possible. I was told that the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 was one that could be remembered and so I was offered a printed transcript of their policy that related to appraisals. Harmonizing to Horner ( 2006 ) the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 sought to alter the balance of attention with four key waies which gave the local governments the duty to do programs to run into the demands identified in partnership with user and carers and to measure the demands of those bespeaking attention. Davis ( 2012 ) provinces within the usher to adult appraisal in Gloucestershire that people are put at the center of the determination doing with autonomous support, this allows pick and control over services that are received and who provides it. The carers assessment subdivision seems relevant to my shadowing experience as this is what I observed, this subdivision remarks on the chance for the carer to give their position about the service user, nearing the designation and direction of hazard positively, processs of safe guarding are explained and followed if this is an issue, set uping if support is available and would be maintained and an encourage treatment for carers to hold a Carers Needs Assessment.

Outline how the experience links to the Professional Capabilities Framework and Standards of Proficiency

The societal work reform board developed the professional capablenesss framework ( PCF ) to supply foundations for societal work instruction and to back up development after making. The PCF sets out the capablenesss required, at every phase of calling, for societal workers in England ( The college of societal work ) . Social work cognition, understanding and abilities are set out within the criterions of proficiency, which was developed by the wellness and attention council alongside the professional affair group. In add-on to this the PCF and the criterions of proficiency both describe the outlooks of societal workers when they reach the terminal of their preparation and get down practising ( Health and attention professions council ) . The shadowing experience links to the PCF as it allowed me to derive a better apprehension of the societal work function it besides enhanced my ability to pass on on a professional degree with electronic mails and face to face conversations. This experience would besides associate to the criterions of proficiency due to the cognition and apprehension gained by detecting a qualified societal worker.


There are of import differences between societal work and societal attention and it is of high importance that these differences are non overlooked.

Service users

Policies and statute laws used within an bureau seem complex and legion nevertheless, the policies of a peculiar country allow these complications to be simplified

PCF and criterions of proficiency have many immeasurably positive links to the experience and chance to shadow a societal worker.


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