The Project Tasks and Resources Schedule

George Wright’s Project of Restaurant

Table of Contentss

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  1. Executive Summary 3
  2. The Duration of the Project4
  3. The Project Tasks, Duration, and Resources Schedule5
  4. The Resources of the Undertaking 6
  5. The Cost of the Project7
  6. The Entire Cost Calculating Formula 7
  7. The Project’s Gantt Chart8-9
  8. The Project’s Network Diagram10-11
  9. Conclusion12
  10. References13

Executive Summary

The thought of opening a eating house looks rather executable. It has a possible to pull clients as there is still a big vacant topographic point in the market for a good eating house. The undermentioned program of the undertaking will allow you cognize about the feasibleness of the undertaking. It has been prepared by sing all the indispensable factors that can play a significant function in any undertaking. In the inside informations of the undertaking, you will happen the continuance of the undertaking, resources will be used in the undertaking, the entire seashore of the undertaking, and effects of any hold in the undertaking.

The Duration of the Undertaking

The section of continuance in any undertaking plays a really critical function in the whole undertaking. If the undertaking does non finish in the estimated clip, the cost of the undertaking is likely to increase. In add-on, the contractor of the undertaking may lose its credibleness every bit good the undertaking might lose its concern because of the holds.

Harmonizing to an initial research, the undertaking of eating house will be completed in about 80 yearss. If we start the undertaking on October 17, 2005 (October 15, 2005 was on Saturday) it will be ended on January 4, 2005, and the eating house will go operational from January 5, 2006 – this is the earliest possible complete day of the month. This is of import to retrieve if we complete this undertaking within an estimated agenda. However, it is besides need to retrieve that Christmas and new twelvemonth vacations will surely detain the undertaking – these vacations would non likely to impact the cost of the undertaking as they are normally scheduled vacations.

The Project Tasks, Duration, and Resources Schedule – (Figure 1)

The undermentioned chart explains what is the continuance of the undertaking, the exact day of the months of the undertakings, and the names of the resources who will be responsible for finishing the undertaking.

In add-on, the undertaking will be reviewed on hebdomadal ( on every Friday ) footing to measure and analyse the exact place of the undertaking ; whether the agenda is being followed decently or non. If non so an pressing meeting will be conducted in order to avoid farther holds and additions in the cost – it will be the duty of each and every member to go to the meeting.

The Resources of the Undertaking

In this undertaking, 7 resources will be used to finish the undertaking. The names of the resources and their functions in the undertaking are the undermentioned:

George Wright– The Godhead of the thought and the proprietor

Patricia Edwards– An expert chef

Beth Thomson– A selling helper

Rob Chandler– An expert in forces hunt

Angela Williams– A forces trainer

PF Construction– A edifice building company

Mathew Morrisey– An internal ornament expert

In order to finish the undertaking successfully “Members of the undertaking squad should understand their ain single functions and duties every bit good as their coverage relationship to the undertaking manager” .

What is Project Management?

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Resources Name callings and their Charges – (Figure 2)

Resources Cost ( ? ) /hr Overtime/hr
George Wright 50 50
Beth Thomson 30 30
Rob Chandler 25 35
Angela Williams 20 30
Patricia Edwards 25 35
P J Construction 18 27
Matthew Morrisey 18 27

The Cost of the Undertaking

To finish this undertaking, extremely qualified persons and companies will be contacted as the employer does non desire to compromise over the quality of the eating house.

The undermentioned chart will allow you cognize about the complete estimated cost of the undertaking.

The Cost of the Project Chart – (Figure 3)

The Entire Cost Calculating Formula

The entire cost of each undertaking is calculated by multiplying resources per hr charges by figure of yearss worked.

For illustration,Complete Market Researchentire cost is ?64, 00.00. You will acquire this figure ( Entire Cost ) if you multiply George per hr charges by working yearss + Beth per hr charges by working yearss.

Entire Cost = 50 p/h * 10 yearss + 30 p/h * 10 yearss

Entire Cost = 50 * 80 ( 10 * 8 working hours per twenty-four hours ) + 30 * 80

Entire Cost = 4000 + 2400

Entire Cost = 6400

Note:8 hours work is considered in each working twenty-four hours.

The Project’s Gantt Chart

Today, the usage of Gantt Charts in the undertaking direction has now become a necessity as they will supply a clean sum-up of the whole undertaking In add-on, they are rather easy to understand ; even a individual who does non cognize about the undertaking direction can easy understand that how the undertaking will finish.

“A Gantt chart provides a graphical illustration of a agenda that helps to be after, organize, and path specific undertakings in a project.”

Gantt chart – a definition hypertext transfer protocol: //, ,sid19_gci331397,00.html

“Since the initial debut of Gantt charts, they have become an industry criterion as a key undertaking direction tool for stand foring the stages, undertakings and activities that are scheduled as portion of a undertaking Work Breakdown Structure or timeline of activities” .

Gantt chart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Sing this, the undermentioned Gantt chart (Figure 4) has been designed to supply stakeholders a clear image of the whole undertaking.

Note:The diamond symbol in the above figure shows that the undertaking will be done without passing a twenty-four hours ( 0 yearss ) . Therefore, it will be considered as a milepost.

Gantt chart Continued

The Project’s Network Diagram – The Format – (Figure 5)

The Project’s Network Diagram – (Figure 6)

Network diagram is used to lucubrate the nexus between the undertakings and their resources.

Network Diagram ( the first row of figure 6 ) Continued

Network Diagram ( the first row of figure 6 ) Continued


Harmonizing to the research conducting, it seems that the undertaking of eating house is reasonably executable. Good eating houses are still in demand in the metropolis and this add-on of eating house would give clients another good option for dining.

The work force selected for the undertaking is rather experient and would non make any job in the undertaking. The entire estimated cost of the whole undertaking is about ?12, 988 is besides sensible and low-cost. Please retrieve that the undertaking cost will non be the same if it will non be completed harmonizing to the proposed agenda.

It is besides need to retrieve that the holds would surely increase the cost of the undertaking – Christmas and New Year vacations will non be considered as holds.

In a nutshell, the undertaking of the eating house is really much feasible and this undertaking can be completed successfully if started on clip.


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