The Protection From Harassment Social Work Essay

The 6-steps procedure is a development of an ethical problem-solving theoretical account and it is intended to move as a basic model when confronting quandaries and can be helpful in sing many possibilities before we make a determination ( Bond, 2000 ) . The 6-steps are:1 ) to bring forth a brief description of the quandary, 2 ) to supervise the boundaries of duties, 3 ) to see all available ethical rules and guidelines, 4 ) to place all possible classs of action, 5 ) to choose the best class of action and eventually 6 ) to measure the result. The BACP Ethical Framework ( BACP, 2010 ) acts as a usher for counselors to work by and helps to guarantee good working pattern. It is besides a beginning of referral when quandary arise. As a counselor working in this, I am required to adhere to the ethical codification of pattern in topographic point in this charity. I will necessitate to happen out what those regulations and policies are, how confidentiality is guaranteed and if they work in a multi-disciplinary scene. If there are struggles between the different codifications of pattern, myself and the other professionals in this charity will necessitate to look at our relevant codifications of pattern to see what consensus can be made. Therefore, I will be aware of the different stakeholders involved and be cognizant of possible struggle between the demands of Allie, the charity, the reding proviso and extra parties.

When I hear Allie depicting her opprobrious spouse, I have some concerns about her safety. It looks like the strength of the maltreatments has increased ; from verbal maltreatment to throwing i??thingsi?? at Allie. I face a quandary of whether to do a revelation to protect her from future injury or to maintain silent and keep my responsibility of confidentiality to her. One cardinal component back uping revelation is to happen out if Allie is in at hand hazard of serious injury. Her spouse can show his choler anytime and possibly following clip that this will go on the i??thingsi?? he will throw at Allie will do her serious injury. So, when is the following clip? There are assorted classs of actions: we can alarm the constabulary, I can mention Allie to an appropriate confidential professional advice for legal advice on torment or domestic force in order to help her to measure her state of affairs. But is she willing to name for aid? Does Allie hold the mental capacity to give or decline expressed consent at this minute in clip? I will hold to discourse this with at least three people: with my line director in this charity, with Allie ( if it is appropriate ) and with my supervisor. Should such a referral arise I would be congruous and explicate my grounds to Allie. To adhere to professional behavior, the BACP rule of non-maleficence ( BACP, 2010 ) which includes avoiding incompetency or malpractice reminds me of measuring my ain competency. I recognise that I have no experience covering with instance of domestic force. Therefore I am non competent with these affairs. By traveling in front and offering her guidance in this facet of domestic force, I may lose her trust in me if things go incorrect and this could forestall her seeking the aid she needs. In this state of affairs, the BACP rule of beneficence which i??directs attending to working purely within one ‘s bounds of competency and providing services on the footing of equal preparation or experience.i?? ( BACP, 2010 ) is non respected. Other results could be a harm my repute and the profession in general. In order to avoid a breach of responsibility of attention or carelessness, the best class of actions is to be proactive ; I would hold created a feeling of reassurance, we would hold agreed on a strong contract at the beginning to guarantee both parties are cognizant of what ‘s on offer. I will besides discourse this instance and my competency with my supervisor and my line director in this charity.

One of the purposes of Allie is to i??improve her relationship and to experience better about herselfi?? . Listening to what her spouse is making to her physically and emotionally and cognizing that she prefers to remain with him alternatively of being on her ain brings another quandary. My 2nd quandary is between Alliei??s right to be self regulating ( i.e. her liberty ) and my committedness to justness and to guarantee that her outlooks are 1s that have sensible chances of being met. I do non experience comfy being paid for a service I know will non ensue in my clienti??s expected result ( i.e. to experience happier ) if she decides to remain with her maltreater. This is where the 2nd measure of the 6-step procedure is utile ; my duty lies in the method I use and non in the result of the guidance. ( Bond, 2000 ) .The available class of actions here will be to authorise Allie so that she can take the determination she feels right for herself. I do experience the best class of action is to make and i??if necessary- to reexamine our contract. I believe that therapy based on a clear and chiseled contract can cut down Alliei??s anxiousness and advance her self-esteem but Alliei??s is the lone individual who will necessitate to do the alterations she longs for and I feel I can assist her in this by authorising her to do her ain determination.

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Alliei??s first counselor was male and she did non like him because he kept embracing her. If Allie brings this topic in the guidance room in the hereafter, I feel I may necessitate to reassure Allie that his behavior was non acceptable. At the same clip I think I need to acquire much more information before leaping to any decisions i?? it may be that the healer offered a benevolent clinch which was misinterpreted by Allie, in which instance it would be possibly really hapless and ill-conceived pattern instead than malpractice. I will look into this out exhaustively with Allie. I will besides take the chance to explicate that as a client seeing a counselor following the BACP Ethical Framework, Allie has a right to do a complain to the BACP following any unacceptable behavior I may show. Knowing her past hard experiences, I believe in the utility of a reparative relationship for Allie. A reparative relationship is defined by Clarkson ( 2003, p.113 ) as i??intentional proviso by the clinical psychologist of a disciplinary, reparative or refilling relationship or action where original parenting was lacking, opprobrious or over-protective.i?? Clarkson suggests that maltreatment is a type of hurt or shortage which may necessitate a reparative relationship. By utilizing this relationship, I am willing to be what Alliei??s phantasy demands. In this instance, I may turn into a male parent or other authorization figure, and Allie may regress into an earlier age province. I believe in a procedure which involves us making a safe and reparative relationship toward mending the hurting of childhood injury. This will be an chance to turn to diverseness issues with her excessively.

Knowing that Allie did non like her old male counselor for grounds explained above, I would wish to inquire her how she feels about me reding her because as a black African male counselor I feel this may act upon the curative relationship. I do non cognize how rural Suffolk looks like in term of cultural groups, spiritual beliefs, etc. At this phase, I do non cognize what Alliei??s experience with diverseness is. Based on my experience in UK, and possibly my bias, I am cognizant that black male counselors are non every bit common as white female counselor. These differences will non halt me to give Allie the same degree of quality of service as I would give to any other client. Although after 4 Sessionss, Allie trusts me more, she still feels that I do non understand her as Diane didi?? So, possibly, this will necessitate to be addressed in the guidance room if Allie wants to turn to this issue.

Allie felt that Diane, her old female counselor i??who was one of my co-workers – truly i??goti?? her. I would wish to clear up this with Allie and research to what widen their relationship has ( or is ) impacting Alliei??s life today. Was liberty ( i.e. regard for the clients right to be self regulating ) a world when Allie uses look like i??my counselor truly i??goti?? mei?? ? Was there a i??plannedi?? stoping of the Sessionss between Allie and Diane? Was it handled safely ( i.e. in the benefit of the client ) ? I may take those inquiries to supervising and happen out how I need to turn to that state of affairs. My 3rd quandary is between maintaining confidentiality and adhering to the rule of non-maleficence. If Diane has broken some ethical guidelines and regulations, should I unwrap her failures? Is this i??whistle-blowingi?? in the involvement of Allie or in the involvement of the Counselling profession? Should I dispute the mal-practice of Diane or Alliei??s 2nd counselor who was maintaining embracing her? The best class of action could be, harmonizing to the rule of non-maleficence, i??to challenge, where appropriate, the incompetency or malpractice of others ; and to lend to any probe and/ or adjudication refering professional pattern which falls below that of a reasonably competent practician and/or hazards conveying disrepute upon the professioni?? ( BACP, 2010, p.3 ) . I feel a supervising session will assist me covering with this quandary and I should non move on this until I have a clear thought on how much truth, truth or completeness there is in Alliei??s description of her relationship with my old co-worker. I feel that I need more information on how their relationship evolved. I am besides cognizant that I may be apt of slander or libel if Alliei??s description was untrue or if this revelation was non made in the public involvement ( Mitchels and Bond, 2011 ) . With the information I have at this phase, and before supervising, I can non see how i??whistle-blowingi?? is lawfully defendable in this instance.

There are issues about kid protection and torment that I would wish to discourse here. Sing the behavior of her uncle towards her when she was younger and the possible hazard he may show to other kids, I feel I need to equilibrate public involvements against my professional responsibility of attention, which includes confidentiality. I take Alliei??s studies earnestly and I will give careful considerations to those studies.

I understand that as a professional I have a duty to go through information to Children ‘s Social Care when I become cognizant of possible kid maltreaters holding contact with kids. Based on Alliei??s disclosures, I may see his uncle as a possible kid maltreater but Alliei??s study will transport greater evidentiary value i??if there is extra collateral grounds for the affair reported ( i.e. others have said the same thing, or there is some other physical collateral grounds of the behavior reported, for illustration the presence of contusions, back uping an allegation of unsmooth handling or assaults ) i?? ( Mitchels and Bond, 2011, p.101 ) . I will besides take into history the Sexual Offences Act 2003 because this Act protects kids from i??the hazards posed by person who do non needfully hold a old strong belief for a sexual or violent offense but who have, on at least two occasions, engaged in sexually expressed behavior or communicating with a kid or kids, and who pose a hazard of farther such harmi?? ( Mitchels and Bond, 2011, p.133 ) . If Allie reveals other occasions where her uncle had similar sexually expressed behavior or communicating wither, so farther treatments with my line director and my supervisor will be necessary. If she wishes to describe any behaviour yesteryear or nowadays, I will back up her through that and signpost her to the right bureaus who can move as advocators for her.

The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 provinces that i??a individual may non prosecute a class of behavior a ) which sum to torment of another and B ) which he knows or ought to cognize sums to torment of the otheri?? ( Mitchels and Bond, 2011, p.104 ) . A i??course of conducti?? is defined as an action on at least two occasions. If the actions are separated by several months with no causal link between them, set uping a i??course of conducti?? is more hard than when actions are close together, e.g. within three months of each other ( Mitchels and Bond, 2011 ) . Based on Alliei??s studies, her unclei??s perennial opprobrious phone calls and her spouse repeated verbal maltreatment and physical force may amount to harassment.

Allie exhausted clip re-reading the contract. Allie seems afraid of reprisals as a consequence of any revelation, and this may explicate why she reads attentively the contract and its paragraph on confidentiality i?? My 4th quandary is between her liberty and me being more directing in my Sessionss. I understand that my duty lies in the method I use and that my clienti??s duty lies in the result of the guidance ( Bond T. , 2000 ) , hence I am confident to utilize CBT tools and techniques ( for illustration ) to assist her better her emotional and mental wellness. I would emphasize the demand for psycho-educational work, for illustration, informing her and possibly giving her literature about domestic force. It is of import for Allie to cognize that it is non her mistake and it is non acceptable behavior. I will spell out clearly i??in different Sessionss, if necessary- the clauses in confidentiality. Another class of action is to inform Allie that I would ever seek to discourse any concerns exhaustively with her before transgressing confidentiality. The best class of action for me at his minute in clip will be to discourse with my director and in my supervising whether these offenses should be reported, if so, whether Alliei??s consent is required, and to whom the study should be made and how. The expected result is to protect Alliei??s involvements and to keep the curative confederation.

As a decision, my overall feeling with this instance is that I would boom to authorise and back up Allie within the context of the therapy. I will work with Allie and I will assist her doing her ain opinion and taking her ain actions about her relationships and allow her happen ways to make the relationships she wants and experience better about herself. The instance of Allie involves few legal and ethical quandary. By using Bondi??s 6-steps attack and with the aid of the BACP ethical model I think I found ways to consistently face those quandaries. I explained how being trustworthy will assist to develop the curative relationship and aid Allie move closer to her purposes. The rule of liberty reminded me that I was non Alliei??s savior. I found that in order to advance Alliei??s wellbeing it would be better to authorise her so that she can happen replies to her ain issues. Non-maleficence was an of import facet in this instance as it addressed the mal-practice of other counselors and how I present my position on these mal-practices to Allie. The rule of justness highlighted the facet of differences in the guidance room. This instance reminded me that I am at the early phase of my reding calling ; I need to utilize supervising for appropriate personal and professional support and development, and to seek preparation and other chances for go oning professional development. I besides reflected on my advancement and apprehension of reding. This has increased my self-awareness and my self-respect.


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