The relationship between social and health problems


The term Social Problems is a misnomer and is an admittance of the fact that the existent nature and fundamental law of the state of affairs has non been deliberated at deepness. When senior people see that the regulations and behavioral forms they have held so beloved are acquiring challenged they term it as creative activity of jobs.

Knocking the societal order that is emerging is the easiest manner to acknowledge licking. The brave and reasonable manner is to accept the challenges and happen ways and agencies of retaining the value system – may be with certain alterations – that has been followed for coevalss. In this manner the immature coevals can set to the societal alterations and yet remain healthy and flourish in life.

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The present twenty-four hours wellness issues are really closely related to the current societal set up and coming into being of a new set of societal norms and values. While most of the societal norms and values are traceable to and closely related to the economic factors yet there is a tendency of acquiring carried off by foreign civilizations and their different societal bearings. The force per unit area on the present twenty-four hours young person for being economically successful is really high and this gives a curious dimension to these ‘youngsters’ manner of life which is tremendously different to the type of force per unit areas felt by the old coevalss.

While on one manus parents expect their kids to go successful – which is a nice manner of stating that they earn pots and pots of money – on the other the male childs and misss are expected to follow the same set of societal regulations which has been followed by the ‘elders’ for coevalss. Therefore the societal jobs have many causes but one important ground is the inability of the older coevalss to accept and set to the alterations in the society which is inevitable.

The chief job that surfaced is that old coevals weighed the societal construction of today by the norms and values that were taught to them quite a few decennaries back. The land world has changed quickly and the senior coevalss are still acquiring guided by the regulations of the game of pasts. The universe is altering faster than it of all time did before and the alterations are non merely really broad and rapid but are besides really deep penetrating. Thus the alterations are in consequence doing societal ‘evils’ as seen by the old mentality but in world the developments of the universe is traveling on for centuries and what is being called as societal jobs is a manifestation of the inability to alter and set to the new life order.


As stated in the debut above, it is apparent that there is demand to confront the social alterations that are coming up every twenty-four hours. In order to analyze the state of affairs in deepness, three coevals of society were interviewed to acquire to the underside of the job. The first were the coevals of grandparents – who learned their ways of life some fifty to sixty old ages back.

The following set consisted of parents i.e. male parent and female parent group of today’s childs and they learned what they believe to be right societal norms some 25 to thirty twelvemonth back. The concluding subset consisted of turning male childs and misss of today and consisted of college and university pupils. These are the people who are bearing the brunt of the societal jobs which in bend is holding a serious consequence on their wellness.

The first set of people dwelling of grandparents carried fixed and set thoughts about what the social norms and beliefs are supposed to be. They saw no ground for altering those norms and beliefs. The behavioural norms were really purely defined and centered about simple life and high thought with really small accent and importance – if any at all – being paid to the economic advancement and good being.

They had lived their life in a really definite manner and steadfastly believed that what was good for them is besides god for their grandchildren today. Above all, their house belief that ‘one size tantrums all’ construct every bit far as societal behaviour is concerned was much excessively steadfast for suiting any updating necessitated by the present twenty-four hours life manner. This brought about the terrible position of the present twenty-four hours societal interactions and the end point jobs. They knew that they had lived their life and were in no temper to suit or even digest the altering form of societal values and norms. The best thing is that – in fact it should be called the worst thing – is that his set of people failed to see the few really good facets of the altering forms of societal behaviour. They constantly were speedy to indicate out the drawbacks without for a minute admiting the good and good facets of the emerging new societal order.

The 2nd set of people who were interviewed represented the parents. This group had its ain jobs. They to the full appreciated the good facets of the alteration but were hesitating to acknowledge the same since it clashed with what they were taught as the ideal manner of societal behaviour. They excessively saw the jobs of the present societal apparatuss and behavioural forms but at the same clip knew that there is no fillet of the alterations coming approximately.

Further they saw the new order did convey new jobs but at the same clip it encouraged the democratic establishments so really necessary for the well being of the future coevalss. They wanted to interrupt away from the traditional societal order and acquire into the flow of development of the new order. However, they had reached an age where they were unable to be adventuresome and were cautious about accepting the alterations.

This gave rise to a really imbalanced province since while in their bosom of Black Marias they knew that what was seen as societal jobs were more of aberrances of their sing the results than doing troubles for the new coevalss.

Yes, they wanted their kids to bag high-pay occupation offers but at the same clip wanted their kids to lodge to the ‘five supplications a day’ agenda despite the demands of their occupation conditions. This sort of state of affairs is prevailing non merely in the Middle East but such state of affairs besides exists in most of the emerging economic systems like Brazil, India, China, Pakistan etc.

This group, like the old group of grandparents, besides rapidly saw the societal jobs – but with a difference. This group at the same time tried to happen a solution which would suit the societal alteration and at the same clip maintain a balance with the yesteryear so that the wellness ( both mental every bit good as physical ) jeopardies were contained. This is a really healthy index of the alterations in societal order being easy accepted and though it is a slow procedure but it is a certain procedure. The present societal norms have taken centuries to develop ; it is really likely that the new societal order will take some clip to settle down.

The last group consisted of the people of the below 25 age group. The first precedence for this group was a better and more comfy manner of life. They valued democracy in all walks of life. They carried no negative feelings for the age old systems and gave full recognition to the societal order which has seen their predecessors to make the current province.

Yet when any of the societal behavioural forms got into the manner of their accomplishing the end they so cherished they did non waver to put aside the bing societal norms. They were ready to fire the midnight lamp if that meant acquiring higher classs which would interpret into their landing better occupations. Yes this was a possible wellness jeopardy but it besides promised attainment of their dream ends. These groups wanted to do it large and for accomplishing this they were ready to take on with a ‘no-holds-barred’ state of affairs.

Good wellness is basic pre- necessity of good life. Without holding good heath one will lose the really capacity for any human chase – from the grossest to the subtlest. He will non be able to bask the fruits of his labor. Health does non intend absence of diseases but it implies the ownership and cultivation of a physically fit, morally strong and mentally watchful person who is able to run into the physical demands of life chases with full energy and enthusiasm.

The present twenty-four hours society seeks amenitiess, comfortss and freedom from ploddings and wants to avoid working on humdrum, back-breaking and boring jobs from morning to dusk – except out of irresistible impulse. They prefer freedom from all hinderances and take democratic manner of life. Democracy for them is non merely a simply signifier of authorities but it is a foundational social value and hence they prefer a democratic society. In such a preferable democratic society values of freedom, equality, regard for the person, corporate determination devising and the right to dissent should be inbuilt into the societal agreements and minutess. The immature people with a democratic set of head respected the rights and freedoms of other people.

They treated people at the degree of equality and were tolerant of the positions and sentiments which were different from their ain. When they were invested with authorization they would utilize it with attention and that excessively for the common benefit of people. Alternatively of enforcing their positions on others they would look for a consensus solution for doing any corporate determination. While the first group ( grandparents ) stood out by their intolerant attitude, this group of immature citizens were endowed with refined, broad and humanistic values.

Though the members of the first group found the immature people as Godheads of all problem and labelled them as ‘rebels’ the younger coevals were accepting their new found position of that of a Rebel with dismaying easiness and comfort.

They knew that if they stuck to the ways of the senior citizens so the possibilities of their gaining their dreams of doing it large would ne’er happen. There is ample historical grounds which go to turn out that alteration – be it societal, economic, technological or even environment – are all here to remain. Either one makes himself capable to set to the alteration or the procedure of alteration will extinguish them for good.

Now, SOCIETY is an administration for concerted working to guarantee human development, through production and distribution of sharable societal goods. Society is made up of assorted components like persons, different categories and groups, societal, economic establishments and many more. In UAE and other Middle East states the single ends and the corporate ends are frequently in struggle with each other.

Yet the chief aim of any development and healthy society is to guarantee human development which is non restricted to societal, political, economic issues but besides the development of the members on a entire footing which would include wellness, formality and above all the value system of life.

As stated earlier, one of the major purpose of any society is to guarantee production and distribution of sharable societal goods like roads, transit, H2O, electricity, wellness attention and a host of other installations. Opportunities and agencies of paid employment, occupations, calling and other rightful and legitimate agencies of seeking personal economic improvement are besides to be treated as portion of sharable societal goods.

Therefore, the societal alterations taking topographic point in every state and in every society purpose at supplying better chances and agencies of paid employment and suited occupations to the members of the society. There is no injury if the immature people of today seek better criterions of life and are prepared to disassociate themselves from the societal norms which prevent their promotion in life.


To sum up the full image it is necessary to understand that the so called Social jobs are the consequence of the failure to appreciate the wisdom behind each and every alteration that is taking topographic point in the universe about.

Older people who have lived their lives may handily name such alterations as ensuing in jobs doing wellness jeopardies but such alterations are for ‘GREATER GOOD’ and hence should be accepted if non welcomed. The budding Engineer or Manager or Professor faces an acclivitous undertaking and shying off from sharing the additions available today is surely non wise. Though the terrible challenges may turn out to be a wellness jeopardy in the short tally but over clip people will larn to get by with it and emerge the victor.

Therefore happening mistakes with the societal jobs is the weak person’s manner of managing the alterations taking topographic point in the surroundings. A strong and healthy person will take the bull by its horns and will surely win in commanding the societal alterations to his advantage.


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